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My dog started messing in the house.

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My 4 year old Husky, Leea, started messing in the house when I leave. She started doing this a few months ago. We have had her about 2 years now. She was abused and abandoned. Now she is a very loved baby girl. My boyfriend is not to happy with this new behavior. Help,

Lisa of Michigan



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By (Guest Post)02/13/2006

My female (spayed) has been great for two years in that she asks to be go to the toilet and I let her out. Even at night she wakes me up to let her out which I dont mind. Lately, the past two months she has been peeing on on one particular spot on the carpets. The only thing thats changed is that its been raining quite heavily since December 2005 and she is afaid of the thunder. My carpets now stink and are saturated with dog pee and she is still peeing. Any suggestions on how to get her to stop peeing in the house? Should I feed her on the spot where she pees? Also is there a way to clean those carpets to eliminate the odour? Please email me at cheryl @ mindset. co. za

By Vic (Guest Post)12/16/2005

Mary, why isn't this dog being treated by a vet??? Why wasn't he? If the teeth are bad, the problem started a long time ago. This poor dog is sick & miserable & probably has an infection in his gums. He also needs proper nutrition. Is he trying to kill the poor thing?? Because it sounds like he's succeeding! He needs to go to a vet immediately!

By Mary. (Guest Post)12/16/2005

My boyfiend has this husky/german shepherd mix. When I met him and his dog, the dog had two years of under coat and he would be feed human food until the dog became very over weight. The dog has very bad breath, and on top of that he has very bad teeth. The gums on the back teeth have over grown over the tooth. The dog is having bowel problems and the dog is pooping liquid all over the house. Is the problem happening because of his teeth. The dog is a male and 8 years old. Is his teeth causing his problem?

By Rita (Guest Post)08/12/2005

Hi, it's Rita again. I'm sorry for being against some opinions, but I'm against dogs being in crates or leashed while on the house. Dogs who are treated this way (particularly the last one), tend to develop a antisocial behaviour for not being free, and the most common things is that they attack somebody anytime. I'd seen this behaviour (unfortunately) in my city (not in my dogs). People "tie" dogs, and when they're released that people wait for their pets to be "social"... well, somebody will get a "no-social" bite from the dog for sure. Good luck and a pat on the head of Leea! Be patient!

By Rita (Guest Post)08/11/2005

Hi, first time here. I'm from Argentina. I had a Siberian Husky, Brandon, my first OWN dog. He's passed 2 yrs. ago, and still hurt not having him around the house, even though we have other dogs. He was very loved, but huskies have a special temper. If she hasn't any medical condition, she just doesn't want to be abandoned. It's simple. Huskies are dogs who like to be in groups. She just can't stand being alone for a lot of time. Leea wants somebody around the house. What about another dog? Good luck!

By Maryeileen [76]08/08/2005

Call the vet first. Then go from there.

By Vic (Guest Post)08/08/2005

I'm the resident/realist "bad guy". I wouldn't be with someone who who wasn't an animal lover. All my dogs are rescues & my boyfriend loves them regardless of any issues. They are first, period. There's a reason for her doing it. It's either emotional or physical.

By (Guest Post)08/08/2005

Sounds like to me she is having some sort of anxiety and or seperation problem when YOU are leaving. Are you sure that your boyfriend really loves her as much as you do? Just curious? As he been with her for the whole 2 years that you have had her? Reason i ask is that perhaps her former terrible so caller owner was a male he was the abuser? And perhaps she is having flashbacks? How long is she alone for when these accidents are happening? There are so many factors to consider here, ya know ? But i am so against keeping any animal in a crate. I think it is terrible. What life is this for them. I hope i have helped maybe to give you some ideas to go on. And I wish that there were more people like you and i who truly love the under dog so to speak. I rescue and care for stray and abused animals myself.

By Chris Ellyson [2]08/08/2005

First, make sure there is no medical problem.

Next, you must completely get rid of scent that may bring the dog back to same inside spot. Commercial products are worth it to save the $$ cost of carpet, etc.

Last, consider crating the dog when you have to leave it. They get used to having their own little "den" [the airline type carrier] and will not mess where they live/sleep.

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