In Praise of Windex


Windex (original blue only) is the greatest all around cleaning product for a lot more than just windows. I use it to spray on spots of dirty laundry. It's really great for greasy spots. Also the carpet, the car seats, anything. It is safe too and doesn't hurt fabric. Also for feet after walking in sandals, while out and about, also the backs of your shoes or the bottoms to help keep carpet clean. There is no end. I love it!

By Mymie from Jackson Beach, FL


By wendee (Guest Post) 03/01/2006

Hmmmm...I'll try it on laundry, I have a couple t-shirts with spots on them. I've used it on the carpet and you are right, works great. Thanks for the other ideas.

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By 1bigmama 2 11 03/01/2006

Awesome i also love it, better than home made glass cleaner. However, it is rather expensive. how do you save on cost?

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By Kelly 20 512 03/01/2006

We used it all the time at the kitchen store I worked at, gets coffee stains off EVERYTHING! But, I end up using store brand, and I think it works just as well, except for removing adhesive. Wal-mart's is usually a dollar for both spray and refill.

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By (Guest Post) 03/02/2006

Your post reminds me of the movie, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". Her father used Windex for everything--even pimples! :-)

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By scooby (Guest Post) 03/30/2006

A little something from the cat corner. My 17 year old daughter started a feral cat feeding program which soon turned into a rescue. The "rescue" became my home. If she could catch them she brought them home for medical care and taming and adopted them out. In the mean time uncared for cats expel body fluids from every opening until they are wormed and got their shots. I tried many spot removers to no avail until one day a big gray had a big vomit on my newly installed carpet and I was out of carpet cleaner. We grabbed the Windex and some old white towels, no stain at all. If you have a cat you know that they up-chuck and that cat food companies use a lot of orange coloring in their food to make it look appealing to us humans so we think that we are giving out kitties wonderful food because it looks so good, all it's good for is to stain when kittie up-chucks. Also, if you are patient and take your time it will bring up old stains completely (be sure to use white towels). And nothing will shine a hardwood floor like Windex, it is a little expensive so mop your floor first to get it clean with whatever you normally use then go over it with Windex and a towel strapped on to a push broom for the shine.

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By (Guest Post) 09/30/2006

Windex may be good for many things, but one thing it is not good for is windows - its intended use. No matter how many times I do the interior front window of my car with Windex, it comes out WORSE than when I started - streaked and filmy. This has been my experience with Windex for a long time, but no more. I'll use ANYTHING else.

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By fishingal (Guest Post) 09/30/2006

As for the guy in no praise of windex--did you wash the outside of your windshield first, or just smear mud and bugs with the windex?? If you put it on after washing off the "thick" stuff it works great. I learned as a youngster to use old newspapers or coffee filters when cleaning glass to get that "streak-free" shine.

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By (Guest Post) 09/06/2007

Windex is the greatest. We have about ten bottles of it in my house- one for every bathroom and hall closet. It's not that it doesn't work on windows; you probably just suck at cleaning windows. Mirrors are a pain but that's just because they're mirrors. Exteriors of windows need to be done a couple times to get all the crap off, as was said.

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By melissa (Guest Post) 12/10/2007

I know this is an old post, but thought I'd share anyway. Windex is great, the price not so good. Several years ago, I found a recipe for home made windex in the Hints from Heloise section of Good House Keeping. It's soooo simple, and I find it is exactly like windex in every way. and it's about 1/20th the price. Mix equal parts water, rubbing alcohol, and lemon amonia. I also like to add a few drops of lemon juice. voila! home made windex.

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