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Does a Metal Spoon Ruin Amish Starter Bread?


What happens when you use a metal spoon with the Amish starter bread recipe? Does it ruin your starters? I read the part about not using a metal bowl, but missed the metal spoon.

April from Michigan



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By Ariela 33 265 11/26/2007

I did some research on this and every web site said DONT use
a metal bowl or a metal spoon. None of the sites said why tho. Sorry.

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By Grandma J 54 1,041 11/26/2007

This goes back along time ago--that metal spoons and some baking/cooking--the chemical changes. Think about the old aluminum containers like plates, glasses, pitchers, etc of yesteryear--you could absolutely taste the metal. Also, with some recipe ingredients, it DOES change. My grandmother told me to always use cold water (from the well or tap) to cook pasta, OAT MEAL, etc and to never stir it with a metal spoon, swish the pan. Try the spoon? You get mushy oatmeal. Swish? You get crispy crunchy delicious oatmeal--not the glue. This goes without saying, if the recipe says use glass dish/bowl, no plastic ware, etc. DO IT.
As we all know, metal and microwaves don't mix, there is a reason. Chemical reactions do happen. Think about vinegar and baking soda. Simple by themself, explosive when you mix them.
Grandma J

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By Crystal (Guest Post) 11/27/2007

It kills the yeast is what I've been told, so your bread doesn't rise/dough doesn't grow.

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By Beth 25 1,120 11/28/2007

You can't use aluminum bowls or spoons. Stainless steel is fine. Think about commercial productions. Everything they use is stainless steel. The companies that make the bread you buy in the market in your area aren't using plastic and wood!

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By Mary Koehler 8 270 11/28/2007

I just used a stainless steel spoon on mine yesterday and it turned out great. Come to think of it, may have used a metal wish on it a little too. I Might add that I used only 1/2 cup oil and 1/2 cup of cinnamon applesauce in mine instead of 1 cup of oil. Really tasty!

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By Juanita 6 58 11/29/2007

I use the Amish starter all of the time & I use a stainless steel spoon to stir it with & have never had any problems--just make sure your utensils, bowls & pans are STAINLESS STEEL though! I think what they mean is the other types of metal--like silver, aluminum, copper, etc, because of the reaction between the food & metal. Stainless steel is non-reactive, won't leave a 'taste' behind & won't cause the color, etc, of the food to change. Also, the food doesn't change the color of the stainless steel either. If the utensil is aluminum, silver, copper, etc, sometimes certain foods--like tomatoes--will change the color of the utensil & leave a heavy, horrible metallic taste in the food. Stailess steel prevents this.

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By April (Guest Post) 11/30/2007

I just wanted to thank all of you for your input. My bread turned out great and the cinnamon applesauce is a great tip. I will be baking next on monday, hope it turns out as well.

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By dadstiger 1 13 12/05/2007

What is Amish Starter Bread? Can you share the receipe? Thanks

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