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Repairing a Microwave That Won't Heat

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My microwave does not heat up. Can it be repaired?

By Maria from Upland, CA


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By Joan [13]10/25/2010

You would have to contact a service person about that. Myself, a lot of things like that are so inexpensive now that it is sometimes cheaper to buy new. Labor on repairs is horribly expensive.


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Archive: Repairing a Microwave That Won't Heat

I have a fairly new microwave that has stopped heating, the lights still work but it doesn't heat. Could it be a fuse? Where is the fuse located?


RE: Repairing a Microwave That Won't Heat

If it is 'fairly new' it should still be under warranty. Check out the paper work and ring the manufacturer. (02/19/2005)

By Jo Bodey

RE: Repairing a Microwave That Won't Heat

If under warranty, use the warranty. Otherwise, it's probably the microwave (magnetron) tube, and isn't worth fixing. Microwaves are usually cheap, so just replace it. (02/19/2005)

By Linda

RE: Repairing a Microwave That Won't Heat

My microwave, less than 2 years old, but out of warranty and by a major appliance manufacturer, burned up while I stood there hungry and horrified. It was the magnetron, and the inside of the microwave was melted.

I went to Sears instead for the next one and bought their counter-top microwave/convection oven. It is wonderful. It was a little more expensive than my other one at about $250, but I use it for everything (including baking cakes and brownies) and don't have to heat up the large oven or the house. It's great when it's 95-100 degrees outside and it's hard to keep the house cool anyway. I think it saves on electric bills, but my family laughs at me. I think our electric bills have gone down tremendously by using this and a plain old clothes line outside! (02/21/2005)

By guest

RE: Repairing a Microwave That Won't Heat

Toss it, it's toast. It's also no longer safe (06/23/2005)

RE: Repairing a Microwave That Won't Heat

I have a GE Microwave that won't heat up. The light and everything is working fine, but it just won't heat anything up. Any idea what could be wrong? I would appreciate it.

Editor's Note: This site has lots of repair information and parts if you need them. This link is to the microwave page. (12/04/2006)

By bob

RE: Repairing a Microwave That Won't Heat

It's definitely fixable. Newer microwaves have a little wire that shorts out on them. About 50-75 dollars to get someone out to fix it. (07/12/2008)

By Dave

Archive: Repairing a Microwave That Won't Heat

My microwave oven seems to work fine, except it won't heat up. Is it fixable?

By Jackie

RE: Repairing a Microwave That Won't Heat

Personally, I would just replace it because it could end up costing as much to repair as to replace. (11/13/2009)

By Deeli

RE: Repairing a Microwave That Won't Heat

Had the same problem for a microwave I really liked. Toke it to a local electronics handy man and he replaced a metallic sheet kind of thing. It worked fine after that. Repair cost about $20. You can always take it to a repair shop and tell them to check it out and call you before they repair it. Get a quote and compare the price to buying a new microwave. (11/13/2009)

By Suntydt

Archive: Repairing a Microwave That Won't Heat

I have a Tappan TMV151FB microwave oven that sometimes won't heat up. Any ideas?

By Danny from Louisville

RE: Repairing a Microwave That Won't Heat

You need to discard this safety with the recycling part of your trash system. Don't mess around with opening things yourself. Microwave repair for consumers is in changing the lightbulb. Other than that, the megatron, etc. should be professionally repaired. The cost of fixing the microwave is more expensive than purchasing a new one. I replaced my $400 top of the line with a $70 one from Target, I found I was just as happy. I did not need the fancy stuff I had presumed I did. (06/25/2010)

By T&T Grandma

RE: Repairing a Microwave That Won't Heat

OMGoodness. Buy another one. These days, you can buy a fancy one for under $100, or even a strong, reliable one for half that. If you try to repair that one, you will be dealing with outdated, worn parts and some parts that are specific to your model will be obsolete. I agree. Recycle responsibly and get another one. It'd be tragic to start a fire due to something so simple to replace. (06/27/2010)

By KLS8800

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