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Hole Punch for Vertical Blind Slats

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I am looking for an oblong hole punch for a vertical blind slat.

Bob from Agoura, CA



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By Eric (Guest Post)01/07/2009

If you are building a lot of blinds, I bought a pneumatic slat punch from B&B manufacturer in Wisconsin. It was $1500. I can punch slats for fabric inserts or standard at a rate of 200 per hour.

By Leo7451 (Guest Post)10/11/2008

Ebay vender magnumtools sells a MALCO TNHP Trim nail punch for vinyl and aluminum siding that makes a 1/8 X 1/4 hole (slot is 5/16 w X 1/8). I plan to get one myself for blinds, and siding trim. about $ 37 inc ship.

By Beth [25]08/20/2008

Craft stores often have hole punches in various shapes.

By Cyinda [214]08/15/2008

You might need to use a leather punch. These come in many shapes & sizes. Just Google "Tandy".


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Archive: Hole Punch for Vertical Blind Slats

I am looking for the tool that punches the oblong shaped hole at the top of vertical Levelor blind slats. Can you help?

Anzamink from Anza, CA

RE: Hole Punch for Vertical Blind Slats

Buy a heavy-duty paper punch. I bought a cheap $4.59 paper punch at OfficeMax today and it worked great (for one slat). I'm taking it back tomorrow (it's totally deformed) and looking for something a little more durable. I'll let you know if I find one that lasts for more than one squeeze. (08/18/2006)

By Punchdrunk

RE: Hole Punch for Vertical Blind Slats They offer a solution that uses adhesive tabs. 5 tabs for $6. A lot cheaper than a heavy duty hole punch. (12/13/2006)

By Matt

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