Can I Freeze Raw Meat and Vegetables Together?


Is it possible to freeze uncooked meat and veggies together so that I can cook them at a later date?

By Maz from Brisbane, QLD


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I personally wouldn't risk it! It's easy to cut them up and place in separate individual portion containers for freezing.

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By Candy Killion 10 408 06/29/2010

Agree with Deeli--even if you've washed the meat carefully, there's going to be some fluid "weep" into the veggies; unsure if taking them immediately from the freezer to the cooktop would kill any bacterial issues going on there--and if they're going to be defrosted in the fridge before cooking, the veggies are sitting in even more of that.

To be on the safe side, I'd keep them separate, too.

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By Janice 2 06/29/2010

I feel better not having the meat juices coming in contact with the veggies. But I like the convenience of having them in the same package. So I put the meat into a seperate baggie then place it in a bigger ziploc with the veggies. Label and freeze. Then just pull the readied bag from freezer. Mine goes straight from freezer and into the crockpot.

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By maz 1 1 07/01/2010

Thank you all for the input and I will put the veggies in a separate bag. Thanks, maz

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