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Keeping Rabbits Out Of Yard


I'm ready to plant my garden next week. I have a problem with a rabbit that eats my plants. How can I get him out of my yard?

By poppy5



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By Darlene Schaefer 3 05/19/2010

Try planting marigolds. They have an odor that is naturally offensive to rabbits. It works for me.

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By Elaine 173 890 05/22/2010

The marigolds help but if you want to be sure you have to fence the garden in. I have to every year and it is a pain. One day I pulled up to my house and I could see 5 bunnies at once so you know they are thick around here.

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Archive: Keeping Rabbits Out Of Yard

I have a friend who just lost an entire trellis of morning glories. Seems a rabbit is making him or herself at home in her yard. Are there any safe ways to repel rabbits without harming them?

Sharon from Clearwater, FL


RE: Keeping Rabbits Out Of Yard

Please, please do not harm the rabbits. All they are doing is trying to stay alive.

I've read that dried blood meal or human hair sprinkled around plants can deter rabbits from consuming. Fencing the area or putting vulnerable plants in hanging baskets is another option.

I just lost a little cottontail bunny last night that was rescued because it's mother had died. ( I have 19 years of experience keeping house rabbits, so my field of knowledge is pretty wide.) He was precious, but only lived two weeks. I saved him from certain death from the prey animals in our rural community. I would do it all again to give him a chance.

Please respect the animals.

Melody in WA (06/11/2008)

By rabbit10mom

RE: Keeping Rabbits Out Of Yard

You can also sprinkle cayenne pepper around the outside of your plot or around your plants. I use it regularly to discourage them "munching" in my garden. (06/13/2008)

By doccat5

RE: Keeping Rabbits Out Of Yard

I use a mixture of fresh chives that I grow and I cut up. I add to coffee grounds, used. I read this on the computer last year and tried it. Not only did it keep away rabbits, it also worked on insects and snakes. Go figure. (06/15/2008)

By DeniseW.

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