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Remedies for Stinky Feet

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Stinky Feet on Hardwood Floor
Avoiding unpleasant odor and embarrassment when removing your footwear, can be accomplished. This guide is about remedies for stinky feet.


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March 2, 2011

When smelly feet were brought up at a recent podiatry appointment for a man, the doctor told the wife that feet have sweat glands too. Foot odor can be helped. He advised her to use spray deodorant on them. She bought deodorant and the smell subsided from the feet. The amount you use can be controlled if you need more or less. Washing your shoes often will also cut down on smelly feet.


By Gem from VA

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May 29, 2012

Keep an inexpensive container of solid deodorant where you first put on your shoes in the morning. Just quickly rub the deodorant stick over the bottom of your feet (soles and toes), before putting on your socks or shoes. This keeps feet, socks, and shoes free of odor. And you'll never be embarrassed to take off your shoes. All you'll smell is a pleasant deodorant scent.

By Steph from Cincinnati, OH

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July 29, 2011

To remedy stinky toes, soak your feet in a pail of warm black tea many times. Wear sandals and air your feet.

By Dorothy from Durban, KZN


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June 12, 2012

I went to a foot doctor with my stinky feet. He gave me prescription for an antifungal to rub on the bottom of my feet. After a few applications, I was cured. He also said if my feet ever stink again to put underarm deodorant (either spray or solid roll on) before putting your socks on. That will help a lot too. That works especially well when you are wearing anything that is not cotton. Non cotton socks do not breathe, which leads to "stinky feet".

By sallyravon from Brookfield WI

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June 19, 20131 found this helpful

I have visited my doctor more than five times. I used different treatments such as: Ketoconazole cream and shampoo, Itraconazole tablets for a month, and clotrimazole cream and powder for a long time. In addition to this, I would change my shoes and socks a couple of times very day; I washed my feet two times a day. But I didn't get any solution. It smells even with in an open shoe. So please I need your experience.


By Solomon B

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June 19, 20130 found this helpful

Here is a link I found that answers this question, as a matter of fact, there are many answers on this link.  Rid-of-Foot-Odor

Blessings, Robyn from Tennessee

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May 21, 20110 found this helpful

After I take my shoes off my feet and shoes smell awful. It stinks up the whole house. What can I do?

By Sue K.

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May 22, 20110 found this helpful

one thing I have found that works is ater you wash your feet wipe them down with Watkins Red Liniment. It really helps cut down on the smell.

http://www.watk  p;ECredit=375559

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May 22, 20110 found this helpful

Baking soda in your shoes every night and a medicated powder in your socks every day. If your feet sweat, take a few extra pair of socks to change during the day. Before you change socks, dry your feet well, sprinkle more powder on your feet then put on dry socks. It's really not good to wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. Alternate If you can.

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May 23, 20110 found this helpful

Soak your feet in a strong solution of black tea and the hottest water you can stand for 20-30 minutes. Use inexpensive teabags (cheaper the better) to make the tea solution and leave them in while u soak. Every once in a while, rub your soles over the bags in the water. As others have said, do not wear the same shoes more than two days in a row. You also might try that clinical strength underarm deodorant but put it on your feet.

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May 23, 20110 found this helpful

My husband's feet were the same way. He bought "ODOR EATERS" placed them in his shoes and his shoes and feet have been odor free.

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May 23, 20110 found this helpful

When you are in the shower, scrub your feet good with a soft brush, such as you would use for your back. It gets the pores open. Be sure to get in between your toes.

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May 24, 20110 found this helpful

Just sprinkle baby powder inside your shoes before you put them on each day. Your feet won't smell ever again.

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May 24, 20110 found this helpful

Check the type of socks you wear. My husband's foot odor was eliminated when we switched him to cotton socks. After experimenting he can wear socks that are at least 80% cotton mixed with other materials but not more than 5% nylon. Spandex doesn't seem to be a problem but still, the more natural fabric, the better. Oh yeah, the new socks made of bamboo work well, too and they wear like iron! Also, try to wear shoes made from breathable materials when possible. Plastic or vinyl shoes just hold in moisture and promote odors.

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August 2, 20110 found this helpful

Use Zeasorb AF Super Absorbent Antifungal Powder on your feet and in your shoes. Expensive medicated powder found online and at Walgreens.

Wear cotton socks. Alternate your shoes or boots.

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December 16, 2010

My feet stink even after a shower, scrub, and massage, nothing helps?

By crazy eddiy

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December 16, 20100 found this helpful

Soak your feet in Brewed Black Tea. Ten days of soaking for 15 minutes and then soak as necessary! Just saw it on Dr. Oz the other day

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December 17, 20100 found this helpful

My son had such stinky feet, once on vacation we threw his shoes out the car window but we learned

Degree deodorant spray used for a few days stops it for months. Lots of luck.

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December 17, 20100 found this helpful

Soak those feet for a min of 15 min in 2 quarts of water, 1 cup of kosher salt and 1/2 cup lemon juice. No need to wash feet after you soak. Just pat them dry. Make sure you wear 100 percent cotton socks so your feet can breathe. foot powder helps (i use my own homemade stuff which is baking soda and talc). Also, try not to wear the same shoes every day and keep a pair filled with foot powder while you are not wearing them. Wash tennis shoes and slippers often using washing soda along with your detergent. If your feet start getting dry from the lemon juice or powder, simply apply glycerin lotion before you put on the foot powder

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December 18, 20100 found this helpful

I read on thrifty that rubbing alcohol works for under arm odor, works great, might work for feet.

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December 19, 20100 found this helpful

A friend once told me "Zinc if you stink!". I'm not sure if it works but it's safe to try it!

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February 5, 20110 found this helpful

I tried Pedisolix from germany anti foot odor product. Its realy amazing. 1 Appl. last up to 4 Month.

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February 17, 20120 found this helpful

A very new way to cure stinky feet is the use of antifungal cedarsoles (insoles made from natural cedarwood). It works very well and is comfortable to apply! Unfortunately, you just find them in the internet.

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March 21, 20140 found this helpful

My feet smell bad. I think that it is because of sweating too much on my feet. I have tried different medications and home remedies, but it is not working. What do you advise me to do? Thanks.

By David from VA

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June 2, 20120 found this helpful

My feet will stink at work even though I change shoes every day. They stink more with my shoes on and most of the time my shoes and socks don't stink at the end of the day. I suspect it is an internal problem. What can I do?

By Art

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June 3, 20120 found this helpful

Maybe try some baking soda or cornstarch sprinkled into the shoes or sprinkle onto feet?

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June 3, 20120 found this helpful

You may have athletes foot or some type of fungal or bacterial infection. I know a 5 year old girl that has the same problem. Even if she goes around barefoot in the house, the smell is huge problem. I would try seeing a doctor.

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June 4, 20120 found this helpful

My girlfriend's son had this problem. It turned out he had a dairy allergy. When he cuts all dairy from his diet, the problem goes away. If his feet stink, his family knows he had some ice cream!

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June 4, 20120 found this helpful

I read on a web site just a few days ago about this. Wash your feet and dry with a clean towel. When dry rub with stick deodorant bottoms, tops, and between toes. The person writing the article said it worked fine. Worth a try and it is inexpensive.

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March 2, 20110 found this helpful

Stinky feet? I use the same deodorant that I use under my arms on my feet. It does the same thing. I like the spray type best for under the arms and feet.

Source: Me, I am cheap and have smelly feet.

By Gingerlilymay from New York, NY


Solution for Stinky Feet

I use spray deodorant to keep my feet dry and to keep them from sticking to sandals and flip flops in the summertime. Works like a charm! (01/07/2008)

By kelynsh

Solution for Stinky Feet

Amen! I've been doing this for years. It always gives me a laugh when I see a recommendation to use some expensive specialty spray or powder on sweaty feet, when regular old underarm deodorant works just as well for a fraction of the cost. Of course, it lacks the antifungal agents of the foot sprays, but if you keep your feet dry and don't go barefoot in public places, you won't need an antifungal. And underarm deodorant is available in whatever scent you want -- or no scent at all. (01/07/2008)

By chretienne

Solution for Stinky Feet

Yep! I do the same for my daughter as boot season can be smelly! Some on her feet and away she goes! (01/07/2008)

By michawnpita

Solution for Stinky Feet

I was just watching Dr Oz on Opra. He suggests having a foot bath with warm water and teabags. The teabags have tannin in them that eliminates the odor. A guest was on the show that verified this works. (01/07/2008)

By Pennypacer

Solution for Stinky Feet

LOL! cracks me up - but cool tip! thanks! (01/07/2008)

By Lily 59

Solution for Stinky Feet

Bad case of smelly feet? I would call this remedy a CURE. Soak your feet in warm water to which you have added about 1 ounce of "DETTOL" You can find this at most pharmacies or even some grocery stores.
Add about one ounce of dettol to approximately 2 or 3 gallons of warm water in the foot bath . Soak for 1/2 hour or so. Clean toenails thoroughly.

I wiped out All his shoes in the inside with a strong solution of Dettol. And then I gathered up ALL his socks and washed them in the washing machine--again with dettol in the water. I had to do this again 3 or 6 months later, but guess what? This was several years ago, and no problem since. Good Luck! (01/11/2008)

By bbleackley

Solution for Stinky Feet

Just read about using BodyMint from or trying Chlorophyll supplementsfrom health-food stores of drugstores. The best buy howerve, was Now Chlorphyll 100mg $10 for 90 capsules from the health food store. (01/19/2008)

By Deb

Solution for Stinky Feet

I have tried teabags, deodorant, everything. It just doesn't work. I need help. It's affecting my life. (02/28/2008)

By nuraan


How can they not smell their own feet smelling so bad. It is awful, almost too much to bear. I am going to try all the above. I will let you know in a few days. Thanks for the suggestions. (03/28/2008)

By Nell

Solution for Stinky Feet

i know this is several months later, but I just read this thread. My father in law had the same problem and soaks his feet in Listerine mouth wash. Use the regular. If you use the blue, it will turn your skin blue. It cures everything. I get the off brand and it works the same on my husband. If you do it several days in a row, when your feet start feeling cool, it means that the fungus is gone and it is working. Revives the feet too!! My husband just uses the same bowl of stuff, don't dump it out as it kills the bacteria and fungus (10/24/2008)

By moekelly24

Solution for Stinky Feet

I was told that foot and shoe odor is caused by bacteria and microbes. It took me almost 10 years to really get rid of this problem. For a long time I thought it wasn't really possible and that I had to live with it. This is how I solved it:

1. I use antibacterial soap to wash my feet twice a day.

2. I buy high quality shoes that I clean and vent.

3. And as of recently, I kill all the bacteria inside the shoe with UV light using a shoe tree that emits UV light to kill 100% of the bacteria. (02/21/2010)

By johncarpenter

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December 16, 20100 found this helpful

I am looking for a remedy for feet that stink.

By anonymous from Merced, CA


Remedies For Stinky Feet

Just add some baking soda to your powder that you use. If not that, mix some soda with cornstarch and use that. It will keep your feet dry and take care of the smell. (11/15/2010)

By 1hotgrannie

Remedies For Stinky Feet

The one I've heard about is soaking your feet in strong black tea. The tannic acid in the tea is antibacterial, antifungal, and an astringent which works on the organisms that cause the ordor. Good luck. (11/16/2010)

By merlene

Remedies For Stinky Feet

Dr. Oz says to sprinkle some Epsom Salts in some warm water and soak your feet. (11/16/2010)

By Linda :o)

Remedies For Stinky Feet

Also, make sure your shoe insoles aren't contributing to the problem. You make need to perodically put baking soda in your shoes or add insertable insoles. (11/18/2010)


Remedies For Stinky Feet

I don't know if it is the "best" method but I have stinky feet! This is what I do:

I keep charcoal shoe inserts in my shoes and change them often.
I also use stick deodorant on my feet each morning (they sweat a lot).
Finally, I soak my feet at least once a week in warm (not hot) water and vinegar, about 1/2 a cup to a gallon of water.

Every once in a while I think my stinky feet problem is completely gone and will stop my routine only to have the problem come back within a week. (11/19/2010)

By Brique

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November 14, 20100 found this helpful

Are there any concoctions out there for smelly feet while in the shoes?

By Gail from Richmond, VA


Remedies For Stinky Feet

My grandmother used to tell us to sprinkle some boric acid powder in our shoes, swish it all around and leave it in there overnight. In the morning just dump it in the trash. It's non-toxic and reasonably priced at any drug store. It really works! I would wear socks with the shoes after treating. (05/11/2010)

By dnapolitan

Remedies For Stinky Feet

It depends on what the bad smell smells like. My husband had really awful smelling feet for years. I wouldn't let him keep them (shoes) in the house. When the doctor started treating him for candida over-growth, it got better and went away. We threw out the old shoes. (05/11/2010)

By c t

Remedies For Stinky Feet

Correction: Boric Acid is VERY toxic, poisonous, so be EXTRA careful using it openly, around pets or children, and wash hands well after touching it. Do NOT breathe it or suck it up into the vacuum because most bags leak dust right back into the air, filtering only the chunks of dirt and debris from the carpet/ floors.

Advise your boyfriend to:

Wash feet in the "clean" bathtub or shower gently with soap. Towel dry, then "blow dry", being extra careful not to step onto anything dirty, or to step back into the same stinky shoes. Wear only "washable shoes" as much as possible. If not, try the following.

I have used the recommended "urine" treatment for feet health, and place some on a cotton ball and wipe inside every shoe about three-four times a year. When dried, it has little to no odor and also helps to eliminate fungus that is responsible for athlete's foot. It truly works even if the shoe is dirty inside, although better if not so dirty.

Remember "not" to go barefoot on the floors and to wear shoes outside, then to wash your slippers and socks with a little bleach or hydrogen peroxide and vinegar often. Do not wear socks around for slippers then expect it to protect your feet from fungus or smelliness. Dirt mixed with the natural moisture of your feet, combined with the dirt that drops off dirty socks when placed inside a shoe, is just asking for stench. Odor usually comes from dirt and garbage off the floor, mixed with sweaty less clean socks.

Wash socks daily, buy socks that have cotton in the fabric, add 1/2 borax washing powder, and 1/2 cup of bleach to white sock washer water. Don't wash them with linens or clothing, but separately in warm only water, not hot.

If you have very dry feet, after soaking a while in the bath tub, try scraping the dead skin off your feet before finishing and getting outside the tub onto a dry clean surface.

Applying urine directly to your feet while in the emptying tub about once or twice a month also keeps the flora and fauna of your feet skin more neutralized and natural, I understand. Do not use harsh soaps on them or too hot water which both destroy the natural protective qualities of the skin anywhere on the body, even the feet.

Do not use your towels for any other purpose than for bathing. Wash out the tub often with "the Scrubbing Bubbles" bath cleaner, or vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.

God bless and help you, : ) *-* (05/11/2010)

By lyndagayle62

Remedies For Stinky Feet

Stinky feet can be soaked in a foot bath with 1/2 to 1 cup baking soda (odor absorber) and fungus/bacteria fighting essential oils such as 10 drops of lavender, tea tree, or lemon essential oils.
Use one or all three oils for a nice clean scent.

This will kill the foul odor and it will kill any fungus/bacteria causing the foul odor.

Very important: after the foot bath you must dry your feet completely. Dry between your toes and let your feet air dry. Keep them out of shoes for awhile (overnight). Even powder them with baby powder or foot powder of your choice.

Wear breathable materials on your feet. 100% cotton or wool socks. 100% real leather shoes. Avoid synthetic materials at all costs. Synthetics harbor fungus and bacteria.

For the Shoes: Sprinkle baking soda inside the shoes while not wearing them. Dump the baking soda out and sprinkle a little bit inside while wearing the shoes. (05/12/2010)

By Carly34

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May 10, 20100 found this helpful

What is the best remedy for your boyfriend's stinky feet?

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April 2, 20100 found this helpful

My granddaughter is 10 and has such stinky feet. I have tried everything I can think of.

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