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Acetone Damage on Eye Glasses

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How can you repair eye glasses with acetone damage?

By carlsgirl2009 from Vivian, LA


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By Bob [7]07/22/2009

You can get replacement prescription glasses starting at $8 (plus $4.95 per order) from - I have been using them for years and they are great! I have two $8 dollar pairs: one for reading and one in my car. I have two $20 pairs: one for my office and one for home. I have a $40 pair (titanium) with my bi-focal prescription but I do not use them any more. All of the glasses are great. The $20 dollar pairs are nice as they have the nice hinges.


Sadly, you can't :-(

By Bailey36 [7]07/22/2009

No, if they are plastic the acetone eats into it.

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