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Cooking Loose Popcorn in the Microwave


My loose popcorn microwave method: 1/4 cup corn in 2+ quart Pyrex measuring bowl. I preheat bowl with 2 = 3 kernels corn, covered with saucer.

While preheating, I also heat a mug of water in a separate container, providing a load for the microwave. As soon as any corn pops, I add 1/4 cup corn, and set timer for 1 minute. If still popping at end, I add 1/2 minute.

After pops slow down, I count slowly to 5 after last pop, starting over with each additional pop. I may add another 15 seconds, if still popping at end.

I use the mug of hot water to melt coconut oil (liquefies at 75-80 degrees F) in a small juice glass, and pour over popped corn.

Note: Organic virgin expeller-pressed coconut oil is very beneficial, and is a good source of Omega 3. It has a high smoke point (180 degrees C/360 degrees F), making it excellent for cooking; but no need with popcorn, just liquefy and pour.

USA banned coconut oil in popcorn machines in theaters, but this was a mistake.

Only the processes that chemically treat, or over-heat, or homogenize, cause coconut oil to be unhealthy.

Coconut oil has many benefits when used topically, including dry skin and other cosmetic uses, and has healing & anti-fungal properties.

In the USA, good coconut oil can be found in Spanish markets, Trader Joe's, and some other grocery stores.

By Jason from NY


By Elaine 173 890 01/29/2010 Flag

I make mine in microwave too but don't do all the things you do. I put 1/4 cup in a brown lunch size bag, roll the top down a bit and set on popcorn setting. I usually use the spray butter to cut down on calories. It is just as fast as using the microwave popcorn and much better for you.

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By Pat 8 69 01/30/2010 Flag

I am going to try this in my hot air popcorn popper and put the coconut oil in the little plastic butter melter on top. Thanks!

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By Teresa Tart 1 345 01/14/2011 Flag

Sounds good but a lot of trouble and dishes to mess up. There is a lot of healthy microwave popcorn out there and all you have to do is pop it in the microwave. I guess it just depends on how much time you have and how often you eat popcorn.Thinks for the idea!

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By merlene smith 4 311 01/14/2011 Flag

Thanks for the information, this sounds way healthier than any microwave popcorn I've ever seen. You can totally control fat quality, quanity and sodium. If you have anymore healthy suggestions or recipes please share. :)

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By Patricia 2 12 01/14/2011 Flag

Hi Jason
Your recipe for your pop-corn is excellent with the coconut oil , which is the truth about this coconut oil,
but you are killing all the goodness by using the microwave to cook anything in, as it zaps all the minerals and vitamins in the food that is cooked in those machines , Which should be band. no wonder there is so much illness and death, cancers.

Please use an air-force popper.
Please everyone do your homework and Google all kinds of questions, by asking the truth about everything when you Google, ex. (the truth about.) in place of those dots put in your questions you will be amazed and angry about the stuff that you will find. I know that I have been awakened by the info that I have brought up.

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By Carol 5 40 01/14/2011 Flag

I agree with you about coconut oil. We order ours from the tropics. Do a search for Tropical Traditions and you will see where you can buy it by the gallons and where you can buy the book and see many, many benefits. It is close to olive oil in benefits. The hand lotion caused me to grow my first natural nails in 65 years.
This is one of the best tips here ever. It is true. Real alternative doctors who have done their homework see this. It is a very interesting study.

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By strwberriesgd 2 06/25/2011 Flag

Great idea, using coconut oil for the popcorn. My husband and I just discovered the great benefits of coconut oil. We just got our first shipment a few days ago. We are still learning. Thanks.

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