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Remedies for Sciatic Nerve Pain


My father has been suffering from sciatica for the last three months. A month ago he underwent a surgery and after surgery he is still feeling pain and numbness in his left leg. Any medications that the doctor has prescribed for him do not seem to have any positive effect. Can you please help find a solution to relieve sciatica pain?



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By nightrain71 (Guest Post) 08/13/2008 Flag

I started to have the same problem with sciatic nerve making my leg go numb while I was pregnant. I still get it if I don't get enough rest or if I lift too much heavy items. I rub bengay on my butt cheeks being careful not to get it where I don't want it. Let it rest and it goes away. I know it sounds crazy but it works for me. I am 47.

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By Artlady (Guest Post) 08/22/2008 Flag

I've also been suffering with this for three months. I've been to a Neurosurgeon who told me I needed back surgery. I've been to six weeks of physical therapy. But, nothing changed. After doing a search on the internet I found a book called "Healing Back Pain. The Mind Body Connection" by Dr. John Sarno. I found it on Amazon. It had hundreds of excellent reviews. I've been reading it for the past two days and already my back is getting better! The whole premise behind the book is we think we're injured and that in and of itself causes us tension and consequently pain. Dr. Sarno hits the nail on the head in describing everything everyone has told me, from don't bend, don't twist, weak adominal muscles, need for surgery, etc. I very much believe in the power of positive thinking and can relate this to my back as well. I am confident my back problem will be a thing of the past within a few more days. My whole foot had gone numb and I was walking with a limp. But, now I'm walking normal again. For less than a $10 investment, you may want to give this a try.

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By Vikki (Guest Post) 09/02/2008 Flag

I have been suffering from sciatic nerve pain and by the dictionary it involves the central nervous system weight, injury like slip and falls, alcohol, epson salt, and an extensive allergy to insecticides increased my pain. I am looking forward to several weekly visits to the chiropractor. I feel that if I lose weight and walk and ride my bike daily to rid myself of the associated stiffness then this may help and also help me to firm up my muscles and lose those unwanted pounds.

I know that I walked for several weeks and the pain lessened I did not even notice it anymore just short sprints of 5 to 6 short walks a day. And bike riding 4 to 6 times a week. The muscles need to be used and sedetary positions such as sitting and even sleeping aggravates my pain. Once I am up and on my feet I feel better. It is sort of a stiffness so I tried Arthritis Pain Reliever I figured the pain was like bursitis.

Good Luck and let the Holy Spirit bless u all. I really have no actual support everyone tells me they are in pain to and they just deal with it. Well my tolerance for this pain is just not there. I pray everyone's strength in the Lord and deliverance from this menacing disease. Blessings to all.

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By Monica (Guest Post) 09/16/2008 Flag

I have been with excruciating sciatic pain in my left side. It goes from the waist all the way down to my toes. I use biofreeze and helps out a lot. Also lots of stretches exercises. Nothing will cure it unless you have surgery, and that is not even guarantee.

Don't sit or walk for long periods of time. Put a pillow under your thigh and moist heating pad. Hope I can help some of you out there

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By Nicole (Guest Post) 09/20/2008 Flag

I NEED YOUR HELP. I have had sciatic nerve pain (just diagnosed) for over 9 years. It is getting worse and worse and I am at the end of my rope. I have had multiple MRIs, physical therapy, chiropractic services, etc. over all the years and still no help. The good news is that I seem to be very healthy structurally other than a touch of arthritis on the spine (L5), which the doctor says is pretty normal at my age 38. in his eyes not significant. Also I really believe this last doctor has the right diagnosis- sciatic nerve pain. My pain is around my hip but deep in the buttocks and radiates down my leg to my knee and when at its worse my ankle too (the whole left leg) . I have a lot of weakness in my leg (left) when there are flare ups. The flare up always occurs during 3-4 days before my menstral cycle each month and at other times that I don't understand. I need help and I am truly running out of hope. Does anyone else suffer the pre-menstral flare ups? What can I do? I sort of feel like this is my last shot at getting it right.

I have taken one of a series of 3 epidural steroid injections - no relief, but I am clinging to hope that the others may show signs. I keep wondering if I am suppose to be doing some other type of treatment but can't seem to ever reach anyone without an appointment. Crazy.

I am all over the place on this and I really am scattered just trying to figure out what to do next. It's been so long without a diagnosis now I have one, but still don't really know what options to explore. I don't want to give up - I miss my life truly and need a light. Please provide any advice that you can. I have taken not of what has been offered so far -thanks a million. Any other proven remedies, or does anyone relate with my situation.

Thanks so much for this blog. I will get back to my very active life - I have to, I just have to. My kids don't ever recognize this new inactive me - things have become really bad in the last 18 months.

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By B.J. in Oregon (Guest Post) 09/20/2008 Flag

After 6 months of misery from Sciatica and limited results with chiropractic treatments, I have found relief with a combination of an herbal formula called Back Support (Acute) by Evergreen and Magnesium Taurate by Cardiovascular Research Ltd. The amino acid Taurine transports the magnesium straight to the muscles which helps relax the muscle spasms. No side effects.

I am back on my feet, but not quite back to prior health. Do also google "Sciatica and Castor Oil" for a very inexpensive treatment, which addresses a common, although not well known, underlying cause for Sciatica. I will be trying it myself starting tonight. (No, not orally'). Will check in later with results - hoping other brave souls do too.

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By Irene (Guest Post) 09/28/2008 Flag

My sister has been suffering from sciatica for years she is now so heavily drugged that she sleeps 20 hours a day and when the morphine has worn off is in excruciating pain again, a never ending problem. What can be done? She had her esophagus and part of her stomach removed recently and she has not eaten anything for 3 weeks. Help

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By mary (Guest Post) 10/26/2008 Flag

I bought a book titled Doctor Morrison's Miracle Body Tune-up For Rejuvenated Health. By Marsh Morrison. from . Get the used book section, it's cheaper. A retired Chiropractor wrote it so you can do the exercises at home when ever you need to. check page 59 at the top, and chapter 8. I hope this helps someone.

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By mary (Guest Post) 11/02/2008 Flag

This is an exercise I do for pain in butt, down leg to ankle. If floor is too hard try laying on your bed, do this just before sleep so it rest through the night. Lie on your back raise right knee, press to chest gently but firm, then lower and do the other leg same way, then lower, now bring both knees up and press to the each night till you get relief. Hope this helps it does me. Since 1997 when it flares up, which it does off and on.

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By TexasProf (Guest Post) 11/10/2008 Flag

I went to a licensed medical doctor in San Antonio who is also an acupuncturist. He put me through three 20 minute sessions. The needles were fine and did not hurt, though laying still on a hard medical bed for 20 minutes with the needles in was tedious. After the three sessions, I no longer had the pain.

About four months later the pain was back. I have been through one session, but I am still hurting. I have two more sessions to go. The sessions are very cheap. I pay cash.

This approach has zero side effects.

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By Bob G. (Guest Post) 11/10/2008 Flag

In my case, I had a fall which resulted in a tilted pelvis....causes all sorts of problems. If you don't have a tilted pelvis, sciatica is probably being caused by piriformas syndrum. You can try the stretches, they may help. Or you could get an injection right in the piriformas muscle, reducing the inflammation, and allowing you to begin an exercise routine. It should eliminate the sciatica within 3 days. if nothing else works, try Lyrica.

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By shahid (Guest Post) 11/13/2008 Flag

Better to go physiotherapic treatment, but it should be taken continuously as it takes time to recover and in your father case should be from good physiotherapist.

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By Riad (Guest Post) 01/10/2009 Flag

I hear Acupuncture is the way to go.

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By yasmeen (Guest Post) 01/30/2009 Flag

Calcium and bed rest helped me. Also apply/massage oil very lightly (Add some crush garlic and camphor in mustard oil - heat until the garlic turns black - apply when little warm). You can also take turmeric with little hot water at night.

Few of the yoga asanas for relief of back pain and pranayam - you can follow aastha channel in the mornings. You will sure get relief and you can lead a normal life. Of course it will take time to get rid of this pain ompletely.

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By Max T. (Guest Post) 02/07/2009 Flag

I would have intense tightness in my lower back when playing tennis. It would fell like two rubber bands being wound up. I saw a foot doctor at a State Fair exhibit and he told me it was sciatic nerve pain and to put these orthopedics in my shoes, The pain instantly went away. I immediately got fitted for orthopedics and was pain free until my orthopedics started wearing out. I suggest to try this. It's much cheaper than surgery or physical therapy!

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By janis (Guest Post) 02/26/2009 Flag

Go to I have a herniated disc that causes acute sciatic nerve pain and I invested in this machine from Randy about 5 weeks ago and I cannot believe how it helped the pain. At first it was tough because it worked on the inflammation and I was sore but I can sleep at night and very few flare ups and I still have the herniated disc. Honestly, it's worth the money. Janis (from Texas)

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By ele244 1 01/25/2014 Flag

I had severe sciatica leg pain for two months from 6 pelvis fractures and 3 back fractures. Absolutely nothing helped. I then went to my home doctor (I had been seeing the back and leg specialist from a larger town in my state) and he said he had the exact same problem. He placed me on cymbalta (an antidepressant and nerve calmer) and I had absolute no nerve pain a week later. Try it, I promise you won't be dissatisfied!

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