Removing Pine Tree Sap from Carpet

How do I safely and cheaply remove pine tree sap from a short pile carpet?

By Jill from London, England

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My suggestion would be to toss some ice in a plastic bag and place it on the sappy parts of your carpet. Pitch is similar to gum, and to remove gum off clothing you freeze it and simply peel off. Never run into the pitch problem but that is what I would first try.

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Just used cutters insect repellant, sprayed it on the car where the sap was, rubbed very hard, it all came off!

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To remove pine sap from the painted surfaces and the windows of your car. Use a product called PB Blaster. This is rust loosening aerosol that can be purchased at most auto parts stores. Spray a little on a soft rag and rub. It takes a little elbow grease, but it does not harm the paint.


By Bob from Carpentersville, IL


Removing Pine Tree Sap

Baby oil is much less expensive and you don't have to wear gloves. It has always been the way we've removed pine sap from our hands. Give it a try. (10/28/2009)

By kimbe37

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How do I remove pine tree sap from my car?

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How do I remove pine tree sap from my



Removing Pine Tree Sap

Try Pine Sol or Pine Oil. I had a drop of sap fall into my hair and that's how I got it out.

I've heard it works on clothes, etc. (08/28/2003)

By Verue

Removing Pine Tree Sap

You might try mayonnaise, as a former florist, we used it in our shop to remove pitch from our

hands. (09/02/2003)

By ThriftyFun

Removing Pine Tree Sap

Rubbing Alcohol or Simple Green, although I am not certain how Simple Green would affect your

paint job. Be sure to read the label. (05/07/2004)

By Tawnda

Removing Pine Tree Sap

I've used plain baking soda on a damp rag and it has worked well. Rub some into the pine sap.

It is gentle so it won't hurt the wax or finish. Keep applying it until you can remove it.

You can buy large bags or boxes of baking soda for cleaning purposes, but it is the same as

in the small boxes. (07/12/2004)

By ThriftyFun

Removing Pine Tree Sap

How do I remove tree sap from my car or clothing?

Pine pitch can easily be removed from almost anything by using a water-soluble paint brush

cleaner. The best thing, which is also harmless to skin, paint, and hair, is bacon grease or

lard. Just rub it on, and off comes the sap. To get pine sap off of your hands, simply rub

mayonaise on them. Then wash it off. It works great. To remove pine tar or almost anything,

apply lighter fluid, gasoline, or WD-40 to the stain. Plain old rubbing alcohol also works


Avon Skin So Soft (oil) removes it just like that. It also will take the sap off cars and



By vicsul1

Removing Pine Tree Sap

I simply use butter to remove sap from my daughter's hands and feet in the summertime. If you

do this in the bathtub there is no greasy mess to clean up. (01/28/2005)

By Suzie

Removing Pine Tree Sap

My lab got pine sap all over her head this afternoon and I had no idea what to use to get it

off of her safely. After reading the previous entries, it sounded to me like anything really

oily would do the job. I decided to give baby oil a try. It worked like a charm. (06/04/2005)

By Jeannette

Removing Pine Tree Sap

Do not use any alcohol based solvent on finished surfaces. Especially your car. It will ruin

your paint.

For hands, feet, and clothing, I use Goop or a similar hand-cleaning formula found at most

hardware and drug stores. It also removes grease, tar, and generally any oil-based resin.

Safe, and washes off with water. (06/05/2005)

By wbr

Removing Pine Tree Sap

I discovered by trial and error:

This works fantastically. Beacon floor wax remover, removed heavy thick, spots of tree

sap, the car was covered. It took about 30 minutes to completely remove off both cars. Other

brands of similarly constituted floor wax remover will probably work equally well.

By Robert E. G.

Removing Pine Tree Sap

Try the Murphy's Oil soap. It is gentle on the car, but cuts through practically anything.

Try it non diluted, and use a plastic scraper (like a spatula) (03/22/2006)

By camo_angels

Removing Pine Tree Sap

"OFF" works wonders on removing pine sap from my car. There is also a lotion form that works

as well. (04/23/2006)


Removing Pine Tree Sap

HEET, the stuff you put in the gas tank in the winter to prevent freeze ups.

Works very well for removing tree sap from cars. (05/23/2006)

By skiziks

Removing Pine Tree Sap

I tried all of these suggestions. What finally worked was superglue remover on a textured

cleaning cloth. Came right off. Additional comment on superglue remover. I used it only on

the windshield, not on paint. I don't know what it would do to a painted finish. (07/21/2006)

By Hermit

Removing Pine Tree Sap

Absolutely works. I used a Cutters pump type. It also took road tar off my lower door panels

with the same ease as it took the pine sap that had been on my hood for over a month,


By Bill D.

Removing Pine Tree Sap

My experience with pinegum and my Dad told me this to use peanut butter. Tis the oil

that desolves the gum. Rubbing it in well works, but leaving it on overnite makes it come off

really easy.


Removing Pine Tree Sap

I have a pair of navy dress pants that I'm going to try, but let me warn you. I was at my car

dealership and my trade-in from 3 years ago was sitting there and the dealer told me that the

paint job had been ruined by the kids and their bugspray. Don't leave it on there. I don't know

how ruined it is, but sounded like it was going to need a re-paint. A little sap would be better

than a big swipe of bad paint. (07/25/2007)

By Karensue

Removing Pine Tree Sap

Try Rain X for removing pine gum off your car, works well for me (08/08/2007)

By Bob P

Removing Pine Tree Sap

Hand sanitizer did it for me. Had some pine tree sap on a nylon tent and after reading all

the good advice on here, tried hand sanitizer and it took it right out (incidentally,

mayonnaise didn't work for me). Many thanks for the advice. Bob (05/13/2008)

By Bob

Removing Pine Tree Sap

DEEP WOODS OFF worked great. I got pine tree sap all over the seat of my favorite blue jeans.

I tried the OFF the next day and it came off perfectly. (06/28/2008)

By Sheryl

Removing Pine Tree Sap

I just removed tree sap from my hair by applying Goo Gone. It worked instantly. (07/15/2008)

By Nancy

Removing Pine Tree Sap

I used hand sanitizer in my son's hair to get the sap. It worked great. (07/28/2008)

By Hoilley

Removing Pine Tree Sap

Got some pine sap on my pants and carpet I used Grease Lighting and it all came off my pants

after a wash and it came out of the carpet using a nylon scrub brush. (09/28/2008)

By Butch

Removing Pine Tree Sap

I had pine sap on some new wood molding that I was installing. 70% isopropyl alcohol worked

great to remove it. (10/12/2008)

By Richly Blessed

Removing Pine Tree Sap from Carpet

Mayonnaise worked for me. I rubbed some into the sap spot and massaged the carpet. Within a

few minutes it started loosening. This was fresh sap. I put a little more on until I

couldn't feel any sap anymore, then soaked up the mayonnaise with paper towels then soaked

the carpet with Pet Stain remover. I just checked the spot, completely clean and no odor.


By Stu

Removing Pine Tree Sap

Mayonnaise easily removed sap from my Golden Retriever's head. Thanks for the tip.


By Sharon

Removing Pine Tree Sap

I read these posts and saw that someone used OFF on their yoga pants to get sap off. I just

tried it an dit works like a charm. Thank you for posting. (07/21/2009)

By Alyssau

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