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Painting Plastic Patio Chairs

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I have green plastic patio chairs that are faded. What kind of paint can I use to refresh them?

Arcy from Bloomer, WI


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By Sherry B (Guest Post)04/21/2006

You might also want to consider doing a decopage treatment on the chairs, there are all kinds of cheap gift wrap papers at the dollar stores that you could purchase inexpensively and decopage on; and then spray on a sealer coat once it had dried. Even tissue paper comes in lots of colors and designs, and don't worry about wrinkles, it gives it character.

By Dick (Guest Post)04/20/2006

Kylon makes a paint specially for plastic- comes in many colors- be sure to lightly sand and clean all lthe surfaces to be painted

By SL Edens [1]04/20/2006

There are paints made especially for plastic....Krylon Fusion, to name one.

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