Sam_I_Am (Polydactyl Cat)

Sam I Am

Sam I Am

Sam_I_Am is 4 years old. He is a short haired polydactyl, which means he has more toes than normal. My late husband got Sam for me when I was going through a medication change in 2004. He was the last kitten in the pet store and my hubby felt sorry for him and I was going through withdrawal on epilepsy medication so they could change me to another one, it was like withdrawing from heavy drugs. So, Sam became my best pal.

Sam loves to torment Maggie, my 17 yr old mixed breed dog. He loves to lay on the floor upside down and call me to acknowledge him. He pet me on the face also. He weights 25 pounds, sleeps on my shoulder at night, loves to ride in the car and owns me as any good cat should.

By Artena from Tahsis, B.C.



By Janet 1 21 05/09/2008

Great cat picture.

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By lavonneann 6 214 05/09/2008

Sam is a treasure. Don't you just love the face pets even if sometimes they can be painful?

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By Pat Giles 05/09/2008

Well, Sam is a special treasure! I just love the way cats pet you on the face with their paw - my Miss Kitty does that to me, too. I'm so glad he was there for you in your time of trouble - hope you're doing much better now. Thanks for sharing Sam_i_Am with us and God bless you!

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