Keeping Cats Off My Fence

How do I keep the neighbor's cats off the top of my fence? It has a four foot lattice with a top rail and it's covered in wisteria but the cats next door manage to sit up there and tease my dog. Consequently the dog spends most of his day barking and whining and getting scolded for his behavior. Please help. The neighbor is not at all cooperative.


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I'm no expert on cats but try spraying them with the hose every time. It should work. If I could catch my neighbor's cat when she sneaks over I would do the same. It infuriates me that people are allowed to let their cats roam. I feed the squirrels etc. & she comes over & sends them up the tree. I want to have a safe place for the critters so it really fries me.

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the methods I'd suggest are :

1: - get a water gun and keep it primed and ready to shoot-(even with some pet repellant diluted in it so that they don't like the smell. If that fails to deter them. then go to step 2.....

2: - put some barbed wire along the top or the railing for a while to deter them- just tack it down - you don't want it looking like a maximum security prison fence. As you and the neighbour share the fence, you'll need top be discreet about this one.

3: Also you probably need to investigate some behaviour modification training for your pooch- poor harassed boy.

Hope that helps

Kiwi dog lover (and yes I have cats too)

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I would also suggest spraying them with a water bottle. Does your town have an ordinane about cats roamly freely? You might find out about that. I wouldn't reccomend putting barbed wire on top as that could seriously injure the cats(and you could also get in trouble). I am a cat lover but agree with you that the cats should be on a leash or kept indoors. Sorry that they are bothering your dog.

Good luck!

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Poor pooch! I'd try spraying the fence with straight vinegar, but first find out if this will hurt the wisteria. If not, soak the fence, lavishing attention on the top rail. Most, if not all, cats hate vinegar. The smell will dissipate, so you will have to do this often for a while (if you find it keeps them away) - at least every other day and when it rains. Hope this helps, and good luck to you.

Terry from ChilliOH

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I'd call an pet shop or a vets office and ask them what they'd use. They deal with animal's all the time so I'm sure they know, but be sure to explain what kind of fence you have

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the water gun approach is good and I would suggest you try to put tin/aluminum foil crinkled up on the part where they jump, they do not like the sound or the feel.

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Sticky doubled sided tape put on where they jump will help. Cats don't like their paws messed up.

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Cats will always check out their neighbourhood, but I can't see them jumping up there deliberately to 'tease' your dog. That's a wierd statement. Anyway, to deter them, bang in a couple of nails across the flat surfaces, making sure that there's not enough room for pussycat feet to go around. Cats won't like a spiky surface. They also hate aluminium foil under their paws, so you could maybe alternate the two?

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The water pistol works every time - only one direct hit needed usually - cats are smart and learn pretty quickly! This doesn't harm the cat just gives it a fright - behaviour modification training for the cat and then the dog won't need it!



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amonia... I use this to keep cats from setting off my car alarm,, I just poured a little near my car and they dont get near it anymore

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I just read some place to use a squirt bottle of cold water to keep cats from going where you don't want them. Or/and I would plant climbing roses and train them to go straight up and along the top. You can also buy wire baskets that hang, then you just set a plant in the basket. Roses or maybe cacti. I had a cat that used to use my plants for a litter box till I got a couple of cacti. Now, he goes outside he will not even use the litter box!

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I just soaked the top of my fence with straight vinegar. I also outlined the yard with it too. I will let you know how it goes.....

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Our neighbors cat is too stupid. I'm not saying cats in particularly are, but I shoot it with the hose and it thinks its having a special rain treatment. We don't have a fence so she comes into our yard coming closer and closer right into my dog's face and scratches and hisses( my dog isn't very stranger or animal friendly which helps). the neighbors' watch us from there window too!! It scratches our cars when it goes into the garage. It uses our sandbox and garden as a litter box. We can't go outside freely with our dog or by ourselves. The neighbors have asked us if the cat is bothering us..... but what can they do? They can't keep her inside. Please answer this problem and what is a cheap afordable to keep her out.

Very frustrated,


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i need a qwuick solution for cats

this girl drove int omy parked car and until her insurance settles I need to keept the stray cats from entering my open car....i am opreventing fleasa nd peeing and overall cat smells

please help....the car dorr wont close

iread that cats hate tin foil..thats cheep may =be i could rig up a foil gate in the hole

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Cats are very useful to keep vermin such as mice, snakes out of our yards.

I use mothballs around the area where I park my car.

They don't like the smell so they stay away.


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Mouse traps.

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I had the most amazing reaction from my cat when it saw a snake on my patio. It really freaked out and wouldn't come back to that area for at last six months. I placed a rubber snake on my back steps and the cat wouldn't come on them at all. I had to go outside to place her food and even after a year since "the snake", she looks very carefully at the steps then come uphard against one edge constantly looking over her shoulder in case it's there.

Perhaps string a couple of pretend snakes on the fence & watch its reaction. Good luck

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I have heard cats hate citrus smells and tried appling lemon lemon flash diluted near the bins and that worked for a while. I've even bought a pair of black tin cats that have realistic eyes and positioned them in the grass that worked for a while too,until one of the cats tried to mate with them! Growing plants they hate the smell of is my next plan as water squirting seems to make no difference. I wish someone would come up with a foolproof invention to keep the cats out.

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valleyrimgirl; what caliber do you find the most effective? Actually, I have a friend who keeps a 12' Boa in his backyard. Very effective, I must say! Haven't seen any cats (or squirrels, for that matter) lately. lol! Just kidding! :) The rest of you, don't freak now and start sending me a bunch of hate mail! I am sincerely just kidding! I would never hurt any animal, human or any other living thing. Best of luck to you all. I have learned to just ignore the neighbors pesky cats. So lighten up.

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I was going to suggest bird goo - the silicone caulk that stays sticky when it dries - and then I saw that you have a plant growing up to the top of the fence. The goo might work on a naked fence though. Water gun or hose with a good strong stream of water may work, unless this is one of those mutant cats that like water. Good luck!

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How to keep cats from walking on top of my block wall? My dog goes nuts.

By Joe B.

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As a cat lover, I feel I understand them. They don't seem to care if you don't want them to do something. They see your efforts to deter them as an obsticle to overcome. To keep them off your wall you must make it so they don't want to get up there. I am curious though as to why you don't want them there.

Feral cats, and also cats that are allowed outdoors seem to have regular paths that they take when they are out for their nightly (or daily) prowl. I once lived in a town where a favorite cat path was right across my yard.

You didn't show a picture of your wall but if the top is flat you can cut a piece of "chicken fence". If you don't live in the states this is a light weight wire fencing that bends easily. Cut it in a strip as wide as the top of your wall and lay it across the top buckling it often so it doesn't lay flat. Secure it with a brick here and there. The cats won't like walking across it and will soon change their walking path to another place.

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