Ground Beef and Rice


A really cheap and nutritious dinner.


1 pound ground beef for every box of chicken Rice a Roni.


First, follow the box directions to make the rice. While that is simmering, brown the ground beef. When both are finished combine the two. If you like, while browning ground beef you can add fresh or canned mushrooms.

By ldonston


By brenda newton 6 344 10/19/2004

Instead of buying Rice a Roni why don't you use plain raw rice, wouldn't it be a lot cheaper? I have in the past bought Rice a Roni on double coupon day, but it was still so expensive, plus I needed at least 2 boxes for each meal (5 in our home). Add plain rice, ground cooked meat, chicken soup base and some mushrooms, a few spices, etc. throw together, cook a bit and voila. Why not use the chicken soup base from the bulk container at the supermarket to be the substitute for the chicken Rice a Roni? What do you think?

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By Lisa C. (Guest Post) 10/19/2004

I fix this dish often for my family. They really love green beans as a side dish with it. Great budget stretcher!

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By Brandie. (Guest Post) 03/03/2005

We have a dinner like this in our family but we call it poor mans stew....
I use
2 cups uncooked plain rice (not minute rice)
1/2 to 1lb ground beef
1 family sized can cream of mushroom soup
1/2 can of milk
1/4 to 1/2 red onion finley chopped
garlic powder-salt-pepper all to taste

While makin rice per pkg directions, brown your hamburger with seasoning and onions. Drain and add soup put on low heat. Once rice is done add to soup/meat mixture.
We have even tried it with cooked chicken (instead of cream of mushroom I use cream of broccoli)

My hubby and sons love to add shredded cheese on top.
This will usually make enough for two meals...never tried to freeze it though cause they love it and want it again the next night.

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By Ginny (Guest Post) 07/14/2008

Instead of white rice, why don't you use brown rice. It is much more nutritious and takes almost no extra time to prepare--especially with a rice cooker.
General tip: The more processed food is, the less nutritive value.

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By Trish 1 3 12/13/2010

I have a recipe just like this posted on here. Cheap and easy for sure!

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