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Is Replacing The Springs On a Sofa Worth It?

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I have a not-so-old (5 years) but clearly not-so-good-quality sofa on which the springs have lost their tautness. These are low quality S-springs. Is it worth getting the sofa "resprung"? Anybody know how much that tends to cost (3-seater) - as much as buying a new set of furniture? Apart from the springs it's in great shape, and there is a matching loveseat which has no problems at all, so it's a bit of a shame to have to junk the whole set on account of the one set of springs.

Thanks ever so much.

Adrienne from DC



Recent Answers

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By Carrie [2]10/31/2007

The thing about springs, I have always thought, is that they are 15th century technology.

Futons are better support, but the cushion design doesn't match--more like spring sofas.

Maybe a combination of futon frame and memory foam fillings (If you don't want to pop for down) are the way to go.

Any other ideas?

By Danielle (Guest Post)07/19/2007

Well I have tried the seat saver deal that goes under the cushions but It doesn't work. Yeah, it is only about $20 but it only works for about a month and then it gets all bent out of shape. I am the only one that usually uses the couch so putting too much weight on it isn't the problem. I'm going to have to find some other way to fix it or get a new one even thought it's only 3 years old.

By whole sale s-spring from China (Guest Post)07/16/2007

See this link: ... I/China-Spring-Support-for-Sofa.html

By Joey Lawrence (Guest Post)12/07/2006

To Jim Sherman and others,

I have some extra 55 cm s-springs I ordered through a connection in Hong Kong. I'm happy to sell them to you at cost, plus shipping.

By Jim Sherman (Guest Post)10/31/2006

Where can you find the springs, I have two broken ones and have removed them but can not find replacements, they are the "S" type spring

By Rebekah [1]01/17/2006

Sorry to clog this up but here's the Seat Saver I was talking about ...

Put "Seat Saver" in the search box on their site.

By Rebekah [1]01/17/2006

I, too, have had to add support to a sagging couch .. I like the "sofa savers" that Gayle mentioned. I added some velcro so it didn't slip around too much under the cushion, especially when my 2 year old jumps on it. I got mine from carol wright gifts and it was around $20. It makes such a difference.

Good Luck!

If you do decide to replace it, why not just get or make a coordinating slipcover for your loveseat since it's in good condition still. I did that when we got a new loveseat.

Good Luck to you!

By Gayle (Guest Post)01/17/2006

I use to manage an upholstery shop so i know what we would have charged for replacing springs and its not cheap. most of the fabric has to be removed to get to the springs and then reattached. It is almost as time consuming as just reupholstering the sofa. Maybe 200-400$ depending on shop reputation. I have the same problem with my sofa and found a product on the internet that you place under the cushions and it gives more support. go to google and type in "sofa" "spring" "support". I think it was only about 20$

By joann (Guest Post)01/08/2005

do you have any sort of warranty?...perhaps speaking with the place you purchased it from would gain you a discount on a new set, or they could help you find a resolution to your problem?...if you were interested in a new furniture set (if replacing the springs is too costly, or the board doesn't suit you) sometimes it is beneficial to just ask...remember, the squeaky wheel gets the oil, and a reputable store will do what they can to make you happy!

By Linda L. [33]01/07/2005

This really depends on how much the sofa cost new, how much it will cost to replace springs, and how much a new sofa will cost!

By Kayla [3]01/07/2005

What I have done with a sleeper sofa, is cut a piece of board to fit under the cushions, to keep them from sinking. This may help. It'll be easier, cost effective , and keep you from having to buy a new sofa. You can also cover the board with fabric and batting for a little extra protection should someone "bounce" down on the sofa a little too hard!

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