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Free Printable Labels

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I would appreciate being directed to where I can find a printable, free label template for my glass spice bottle. I would like one for the top of my round lid and for the bottle itself.

Thank you.

By nmcl from Ontario, Canada


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Try surfing Martha Stewarts website for printable crafts, too :-) I just saw a spice jar label there this past week but did not save the link :-(

By Bev07/08/2009

Try They have a lot of free printable things.

By charlotte [2]07/08/2009
has printable lables for spice jars

By Mary Lou [14]07/08/2009

try If you sign up for their newsletter they let you know when they come out with new printables everything from froms to coloring pages

RE: Free Printable Labels

By Liz [15]07/06/2009

There are some at
Click on one of the templates and it will display labels with the spice names printed on them. Good luck!

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