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Making Curtains Longer

long curtains

If the curtains you already have, or the ones you really want to buy are too short for the windows, perhaps you could lengthen them. This is a guide about making curtains longer.


Solutions: Making Curtains Longer

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Tip: Adding Length to Curtains

Here is a tip to add a little pretty length to curtains so you don't have to spend to replace them if you move and they no longer fit. Add ribbon or trim or how many even rows of yo yo's needed to make them the right length. You could even add width to them the same way.

By melody_yesterday from Sedalia, MO

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Here are questions related to Making Curtains Longer.

Question: Lengthening Draperies 9 Inches

How can I add 9 inches length to my drapery? Bullion fringe is my first choice, but priced too high or 100 yds minimum order. Any ideas? I only need three yards. Thanks!

By Yvonne G.

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By Frugal Sunnie 11 1,654 05/19/2013

The Amazon site for the US lists it per yard but WOWSA is it pricey:®-B ... ringe-Decorator-Fabric/dp/B0084H1JOW

I tried Joann USA but they no longer carry it; Hancock carries fringes but not the bullion at their online site: ... imary&Ntt=fringe&x=0&y=0

You might try a search on eBay USA for it, you might find the three yards you need at a better price. can either give up on the bullion fringe altogether and go with a pieced insert (as suggested by the previous posters), or try yard sales and thrift shops for old curtains and drapes you can 'harvest' the fringe from.

I hope you find something that works:)

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Question: Making Curtains Longer

I have a sliding glass door in my bedroom apartment that goes from ceiling to floor. It is approximately 94 inches in height and is 144 inches across. I bought some curtain/panels that I absolutely love and were on sale, but they don't touch the floor. They are 10 inches too short. Are there any suggestions on lengthening from either the top or bottom?

By Nyree from Honolulu, HI

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By ChloeA 10 134 07/31/2008

If the fabric isn't too heavy, I think you could sew an additional piece of fabric in a contrasting color or print onto the bottom of your existing drapes. The key to getting a finished look may be to cover the seam with some sort of braid or trim. Assuming the original drapes are a solid color, I'd probably look for a print that has the color in it, then use a second color of trim, also selected from the colors in the print.

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By Kim Churchman 3 1,277 08/01/2008

You could put a panel of different fabric in the middle of the curtains for an interesting effect. Also you could sew contrasting tabs on the top of the curtain to lengthen a bit.

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By Corene 3 52 03/04/2010

Generally, on purchased draperies, there is a very generous bottom hem. You can let it down, or shorten the hem. If you can't do that, add a coordinating fabric to the bottom of the drapes. That seems to be all the rage now.

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By Jill 4 738 03/04/2010

Other options, lower the curtain rod so that the panels are the length you want them, then add something else to the top. This could be a matching or contrastng curtain valance, a box valance, or something ornamental.

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By Karen 8 03/12/2010

Perhaps adding the 10 inches to the bottom would be the simplest/easiest. After doing this, make a 4-5 inch curtain tie back with matching fabric. Would the area to the side of the door allow for this? Using the tie back would add light into the room as well as coordinating with the fabric that gives new length.

From the feedback, you have many solution ideas . :) Karen

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By Cyinda 214 1,287 03/04/2010

1) To add length to your curtains, all you need to know how to do is sew a straight line: Cut the curtains Vertically across the middle. Cutting about 2/3 from the top & add in the correct amount of fabric in a matching color (plus a 1 inch seam alowance) to give you the correct length. If your fabric curtain is a solid color, go for a fabric that is a print or, check or plaid... If you'd rather, you can simply add the fabric to the bottom instead of sandwiching it in between the top & bottom of the curtain.

2) Another idea is to hang these curtains on a rod but move the rod down far enough so the curtains touch the floor, then take another set of matching curtains or fabric that will look good with the curtains & hang this on top of the window. It will look like a large "cafe' curtain" or a valance on top & the curtains underneath. But if you do this option, you won't be able to walk through that sliding glass door!

3) A third option would be to add a lace inset or add lace or a fancy trim or a ruffle to the bottom, but adding fabric would look better & be less expensive.

4) Also, if your curtains are wider than they need to be & there; is no fabric "nap" or grain or print on the fabric you'd have to match, you can simply cut some of the fabric off of the side then add it to the bottom.

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By Renee Strange 8 28 03/05/2010

You don't say how the curtains hang from the rod, either by tabs, gathered on rod pocket hems, etc. I would add a strip of open weave fabric, either coordinating or even contrasting, to the top of the curtains. Cut off the tabs if necessary, add the new fabric, hem and hang the finished curtains from clip-on rings which slide easily. Being at the top, the open weave fabric will let in light without sacrificing privacy. Use more of the same fabric to embellish other items in the room, such as pillows, bedding, wall art, a folding screen, even an upholstered headboard.

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By Lisa 2 656 03/05/2010

I don't know the difference between the length of the curtains and the glass door. I'd suggest hanging the curtains so the bottoms are where you like them, and then add a cornice or valance to the top, covering the gap.

I had my husband make me a cornice box several years ago. He used wood to make the box/frame, then we covered it with thick batting (like you'd use for a quilt), and then we covered the whole thing with fabric. I don't remember what kind of hardware we used to hang it, but if HE could do it, just about anyone can. :-) Depending on the style you choose, valances can be easier. They could be purchased, or if you need a custom length (to cover that gap), they can be easily made and hung from a second rod, like the curtains. If you do a google search, you should be able to find information for both cornices and valances.

Best of luck! I have some odd-sized windows, and I know how frustrating it is to find the right curtains. I was just looking at mine in the living room, and I think I'm going to go buy some fabric during spring break and make new ones.

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By Lisa 2 656 03/05/2010

Whoops, I now see where you said that they're 10" too short. Silly me! :-)

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By gbk 45 368 03/05/2010

You didn't say if you sewed or not and if you don't you might just want to hang them up at the top with the 10 inches left at the bottom. If you do then just buy a single panel that will contrast with the ones you have and sew it to the bottom. If you sew it to the top you will have to make another slot for the rod.

You can use even a solid color if you want. Hope this helps but as you've figured out by now folks that sew think oddly sometimes or I do. I have to do wiith what I have and sheets make pretty addages.

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By peggy 22 03/12/2010

I saw this on one of those makeover shows on HGTV. They added wide pieces of ribbon in the same color at the bottom. You could use a hue of the curtain color also. They were beautiful and really updated the look of the room.

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By Sandi/Poor But Proud 449 2,080 03/12/2010

If you don't sew or don't want to add some fabric that won't match, why not do this? Simply get some clear, but prism'd contact paper in either Walter Drake, or the kind you cut from a 5' roll at Walmarts and either peel and stick or tape it to the bottom. No one can see through it.

You can put some teddies, fake or real plants, or other decorations in the side that is stationary, and still be able to open the other side. If you don't sleep so the late summer light keeps you awake, you will enjoy it soon enough.
Good luck!

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