Fixing a Glider Rocker That Squeaks


I have a glider rocker and it squeaks terribly. I think it is the wood, not the bolts. Help please.

By Barb from Venice, FL


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By Tatorbug 5 22 11/17/2009

Take WD-40 or even kitchen non-stick spray and spray the wood where it is rubbing and see if it helps. Another option is to take a candle or beezwax and either melt it on there or rub it on there. This works great for kitchen or bathroom drawers that stick and don't slide well too.

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By Cajun 59 327 11/18/2009

Parafin wax (candle) is best applied by rubbing it into the wood, melted wax will only pop off very quick.

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By mediaman812 1 05/22/2010

Been having some trouble with my glider. It was creaking and would randomly stick. Discovered the sticking was a design flaw having to do with the locking mechanism (to keep it from rocking). Repaired that, but now, weeks later, the creaking has become much worse. The gliding mechanism is due to 8 bolts (like axles)--4 to a side. I have oiled all 8 bolts, but have seen absolutely no change in volume. Anyone have any other ideas?

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Archive: Fixing Glider Rocker That Squeaks

We have a glider wooden chair in our living room, it came with a gliding stool. The rocker squeaks so loud that you can't sit in it and watch TV or have a conversation. HELP! My husband wants to get rid of it, but we have a lot of company and no other chair to replace it.

Connie S from Swansea, MA

RE: Fixing Glider Rocker That Squeaks

Try candle wax, or bees wax which will help wood in so many ways. The candle wax would be a little more resilient and might help the glider slide along easier, but personally, I would treat the area with bees wax and then add the candle wax on top of the bees wax because bees wax is very good for dry wood and then the candle wax would aid in the ease of gliding. Basically the bees wax would treat the wood from being so dry and the candle wax help it glide smoothly. I know candle wax is good on stuck dresser drawers, and since the area being treated is not visible, there would not be any harm done if it does not work. Good luck! (11/13/2007)

By trbrown22

RE: Fixing Glider Rocker That Squeaks

If the wax route doesn't work, try some talcum powder or cornstarch where the wood rubs. I put cornstarch under a carpet where floorboards squeaked and it worked great. Susan (11/13/2007)

By susan matthews

RE: Fixing Glider Rocker That Squeaks

You can also stop a squeak by using spray cooking oil. (11/13/2007)

By imaqt1962

Archive: Fixing Glider Rocker That Squeaks

I have a wooden glider rocker that I can no longer use because of the horrible squeaking noise it makes as it rocks. I have tried WD40, spray graphite, and even Pam cooking spray to no avail. Does anyone know how to make the squeaking stop?

Crystal from Muncy, PA

RE: Fixing Glider Rocker That Squeaks

Check carefully where the squeak is coming from. If it's a loose screw or joint, no amount of oil will fix it; you'll have to tighten or reconnect it. If none of your lubricant applications have helped the problem, this is probably what you're dealing with.

You might also check if it's the chair itself squeaking or if the squeak is coming from the floor beneath the chair when you're sitting. A very tiny floorboard movement can make big noise. (09/13/2008)

By NY Mom

RE: Fixing Glider Rocker That Squeaks

Try putting some Vaseline around all the joints (where wood joints come together). Put a little Vaseline just above the joints, then, using a hair dryer, heat the Vaseline until it runs down into the joints. Before doing this, put an old towel or something absorbent under the area. The Vaseline will seep into the joint and will stay there as a lubrication. Simply wipe off the excess and it will not discolor the wood. I found that it worked for me. I wish you a squeak free day. Al (02/19/2009)

By Uncle Al

Archive: Fixing a Glider Rocker That Squeaks

I have a glider rocker that squeaks. It is the seat springs that are squeaking though, and not the wood or screws etc. Any idea how to fix it?

By punkrocker11413 from TN

RE: Fixing Glider Rocker That Squeaks

Try using WD40, or some other oil, and put on areas where movement is. This should help the squeaks disappear. (08/11/2009)

By Lorelei

RE: Fixing a Glider Rocker That Squeaks

White Lithium grease may last longer. It's probably squeaking where the springs hook into the framing. Love gliders! Enjoy. (08/13/2009)

By suem1009

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