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Removing Nail Polish from Clothing

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I had a drop of nail polish get on a pair of khaki pants and tried nail polish remover to get it out and it didn't work. Then I tired soap and water and that didn't get it out. How can I get the polish out even after the polish has dried on the pants?

By Pumpkin


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By Vi Martin [4]12/18/2011

"Awesome can be bought at Family Dollar Stores. It is in the cleaner department.

By Carol [4]01/13/2011

I am able to get paint out of my clothing by using a small scrubber paint brush. A small one, by dipping it in paint remover. Kut-zit or any paint stripper and letting a drop sit for 1 min. then scrubbing it off with the brush. Sometimes it comes off with one try and sometimes it takes a few tries by wiping it off with cloth and repeating it, then wash garment. Hope this helps.


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Archive: Removing Nail Polish From Clothing

How do you remove nail polish from a little girls dress? We tried nail polish remover (just the cheap stuff from Walmart). What can we try now? It's just so cute. Can it be saved?


RE: Removing Nail Polish From Clothing

Oh, this is a rough one :-( Especially once the fabric has been hit by acetone remover (cheap brand of remover or not) it might not be removable. However, how about some really small cute appliques from a fabric store sewn on over the polish stain? It would 'dress' the dress up and make the dress even more heart warming for the effort. (07/23/2008)

By Deeli

RE: Removing Nail Polish From Clothing

Carol, last year I spilled red nail polish on a brand new white knit blouse. I was crushed. I looked up online and they said nothing could be done. I experimented and my blouse was as good as new with no trace of polish. I used "Awesome", let it soak, then I scraped what I could with my fingernail, washed it and still some remained. I kept repeating the process. I bet I washed it 5 times. Awesome works and scraping what you can. I ended it by washing in vinegar. Don't rub it together because the color will spread. Painstakingly, take your time and use Awesome, scrape, blot and wash and repeat til clean. I was amazed that I got my white blouse cleaned, it was the first time I wore it and I could have cried when it happened, but miracles do happen! Good luck to you. (07/24/2008)

By maureen b

RE: Removing Nail Polish From Clothing

What is Awesome and where do I get it? (08/11/2008)

By Trish

Archive: Removing Nail Polish From Clothing

Both my daughters managed to get nail polish on their clothes. The dress is thin cotton, and the skirt is tracksuit material. What can I use to remove the nail polish?

By Titsa from Athens, Greece

RE: Removing Nail Polish From Clothing

Here is a trick that is new to me for removing nail polish from clothing: (05/08/2009)

By Anonymous

Archive: Removing Nail Polish from Clothing

My daughter spilled nail polish on her shirt. Is there any way that I can remove it? I tried nail polish remover and that didn't work, it just smeared the nail polish a little. Thanks for any help I can get, as this was a shirt that she got from my mom for Christmas.

By Crystal from LA

RE: Removing Nail Polish from Clothing

The nail polish remover will most likely smear the polish further over the fabric. Is the polish in a place where you could sew a flower type patch, cute little bug, etc. To cover it? Try the notion section in the sewing department to find these. Good luck to you. (01/07/2010)

By Amandablue

Archive: Removing Nail Polish from Clothing

I spilled purple nail polish on my new white pants. I need a way to get it out without costing a lot. I found out nail polish remover smears and my mom put some face cream on it that bleaches clothes, but I need something to get it out completely.

By Rebecca from Colorado Springs

RE: Removing Nail Polish from Clothing

Being it is white, it should be easier. Keep using non acetone nail polish remover, turn it inside out and remove that way. You don't want to push it through the layers of fabric, have a wash cloth on the part to absorb it, use a small size rag, finger dip and rub. Then when done, rub liquid like Era, or Wisk on it, then wash. (06/02/2010)

By T&T Grandma

RE: Removing Nail Polish from Clothing

If you can't get it out, try covering it up with a sewn on applique or other decoration. (06/03/2010)

By ChloeA

Archive: Removing Nail Polish from Clothing

Anyway to remove fingernail polish from clothes and a rug?

By Stacey from Reno

RE: Removing Nail Polish from Clothing

I spilled hot pink nail polish on my beige carpeting and used regular shaving cream to get it out. It worked like a charm! (09/02/2010)

By beththechef

Archive: Removing Nail Polish from Clothing

How do I get nail polish off clothes?

By Gretchen from Darien, CT

RE: Removing Nail Polish from Clothing

My daughter got black nail polish out of her beige Berber carpet with Windex by soaking the spot, blotting with a clean rag and repeating until it was gone, Then she shampooed the rug to get the residue out. This might work on clothes. If the garment is unwearable, you have nothing to lose. If you decide to try this, test the Windex on an unseen part of the garment to make sure it won't fade the color. (12/13/2010)

By Omanana

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