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Mold on a Bath Mat


I have a bath mat with the suction cups on the bottom. Is there any way to keep this from growing mold? After every shower, I hang the mat up to dry. I leave the shower curtain open for a while to let the air circulate. I soak it in bleach and hot water every so often. This takes care of it for a little while, but the mold is back within a week. Does anyone have a solution for this?

Jessiworm from WI



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By omeggan (Guest Post) 12/31/2005 Flag

One solution would be to take the mat and scrub it with hot water and bleach. I'd add a splash of bleach to a bucket of hot water and use a scrub brush to clean it good. Be sure to wear your gloves, that stuff will eat your skin! I would use the bleach sparingly, it does go a long way. I know when my shower is gross, bleach water will take off all that ick and leave it nice and white. Hope that helps you out. :)

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By Paula 14 328 01/01/2006 Flag

I would give it a spritz of lysol spray after it has dried off then maybe you wouldn't have to do the bleach cleaning as often. You could try Tilex mold and mildew remover, I use this in my shower and it does work well, but the fumes are terribly strong.

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By Holly 367 1,263 01/02/2006 Flag

Possibly your bath area needs a stronger vent to eliminate humidity. Get the most powerful one you can afford.

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By suzi_homemaker01 (Guest Post) 01/02/2006 Flag

You could try that cleaner that is made to spritz the shower after you are done and see if that works. Good luck!

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By B 1 56 01/11/2006 Flag

I use Tilex Mold & Mildew spray. I think it is also used for soap scum too. I spray my bath mat down let it set for a bit then rinse. Every day I hang it to dry. I usually do it every 2 weeks to keep up with it.

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By Paul Davis 1 03/12/2010 Flag

Rather than using a bathmat, try using an anti-slip treatment. I bought InvisaTread online and now we threw away the rubber mat. Safer tub, no worries of mold.

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By Keeper 58 1,055 12/28/2010 Flag

I turn mine suction cup up in the tub with hot water and some bleach. The trick later is to drain the mat after each use.

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