Hair Dye Stain on Carpet


How can I remove hair dye (black) marks from carpet? The carpet is acrylic.

By Stephanie


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By Lois Kersti Brouillette 13 20 10/15/2006

If none of these suggestions work, and you are not renting, your could cut just the area in the carpet that is affected, but first find the matching carpet, that may be on a closet floor. You would have to use a good cutting blade, of course, with caution and cut out the area, like removing a plug of carpet and cut an exact size to put in the shape of what you cut out. Hope you don't have to resort to that.

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Unfortunately you will not be able to remove the hair dye due to the chemical makeup of the product as it is a permenant dye. I was a hairdresser in a previous life and many an outfit was ruined due to hair dye. You may have to have the carpets professionally dyed a darker color or, if possible, where the stain is you could have the area cut out and have an accent rug of good quality inserted into the bare spot. It will look amazing and as though you had planned the look all along. It is guaranteed to recieve many compliments from visitors IF it is in a location that would accept the look of the " inserted piece" of carpet. As an alternative, possibly have ceramic tile or wood laminate flooring installed in the area of stained carpet.

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By lynda 44 258 09/14/2009

It depends upon the color of the carpet, the thickness and the height of each strand of carpet, as well as the dye color.
If dark carpet, try using alcohol first, then warm water and a clear but cheap "clarifying shampoo" in a strong solution (least amt. of water), with an old toothbrush, scrubbing gently, then blotting with folded paper towel "pads" . (always begin in the least conspicuous place in the room, perhaps near a wall or corner?)

If a light colored carpet, and a light brown hair color, try the shampoo only, leaving it on about fifteen minutes, expecting to have to work a little to remove it, since it's concentrated shampoo and will really bubble, and be stiff when dry if not all removed. But if the hair coloring is lifted out, some stiffness will be not so bad as the stains, right? Be VERY careful that you use only exactly the amount you need right on the spot(s).

If a light carpet and dark hair coloring with no "red" to it, such as black or darkest brown, it may take many tries, much elbow grease, and all day or even several days, but I'd try the above shampoo in near
straight strength, ONLY on the spot, blotting, rather than wiping. Wear gloves, regardless, and you may need a full roll of paper towels. Avoid warmer water if you can, because it will open the fibers of the threads and the color will bleed deeper and the stain will "set into the fibers" making it nearly impossible to remove, without the patience of Job.

As a last resort if there is any red to the hair color, or if the stain has lifted to a red stage and will not lift any more: Try Almay eye makeup remover, (Few others are as good.) if you can find it. It's a clear liquid. Prepare to use the whole bottle and BLOT only, not the brushing, using a whole roll of paper towels, a fresh one for each effort, as long as something is getting on the towel to indicate the stain is still releasing some of its color.

I've moved 22 times and have had most every kind of accident, encountered previous tenants/owner's stains, floor coloring, furniture stains, etc, and was in Real Estate as well as Apt. leasing. These are the only things I can think of.

If the carpet/rug happens to be wool, forget it! lol Pray that it's a synthetic carpet, mostly polyester or nylon and that God will help you remove it. God bless and good luck! : )

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I too am a former hairstylist and this 'might' at least minimize the stain. All beauty supply stores carry a liquid called 'Clean Touch' by Clairol. Squirt a bunch on the stain, scrub with a plastic scrubber and then with a damp cloth. In some cases it has removed the stains from different fabrics/fibers but it will depend on how long it's been there, how much and what color. It's worth a try. Good Luck :-)

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By freebyrdz 4 23 09/21/2009

Before you spend a small fortune getting your carpets professionally cleaned, why not just try washing with shampoo or an oxi clean of some sort and dabbing dry with paper towels. I have many times gotten permanent hair dye on my "white" house cleaning T-shirts and after washing and drying about 4 or 5 times, the stain eventually comes out. This happened to me quite by accident and was surprised because I even put the T-shirt in the dryer. Now, I never panic if I get it on my shirt but painted walls is another story.

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By Catfifty 8 11/14/2009

Goof Off. The single best product to have around the house. It also removes paint from bathroom tile and bathroom porcelain as well as depilatory wax from various bathroom items. Ventilate while using.

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By Wheaty 1 12/31/2010

Thank You, for your help. I will try whatever it takes. Wheaty

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Archive: Hair Dye Stain on Carpet

I have an old hair dye stain on my carpet that I need to remove. Please help.

Marissa from San Diego, CA

RE: Hair Dye Stain on Carpet

I swear by SPOT SHOT. It has taken out everything I have ever used it on; including latex wall paint on carpet. You can find it at most grocery stores, Target, and Wal-Mart. (07/20/2006)

By Marnita

RE: Hair Dye Stain on Carpet

If is very dark dye and on nylon or obviously poly carpet, have about five or six thickly folded squares of paper towels handy to blot:

Try first: Spraying a mixture of Oxyclean/Dish soap formula (1 tsp. Oxy. powder and 3 drops Dawn Ultra II to 1 qt. HOT water). Use hand-pump spray bottle. WEAR RUBBER GLOVES BECAUSE IT IS A STRONG CHEMICAL THAT CAN EAT FLESH! THERE IS NO MEDICINE OR NEUTRALIZER FOR IT AND THE SKIN DAMAGE CAN LAST MONTHS!). Let the formula sit on dye stain for 10 minutes, rubbing in gently one way then another with old sock (USE RUBBER GLOVES!). Begin blotting with paper towel folds by stepping on one then looking to see if significant dye is being released by the Oxyclean. If so, continue until most dye is gone or until no more releases.

If any RED from the stain is left, (PLAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THIS) use CREME Perioxide from Beauty Supply, just on the red, applying straight from bottle to red with q-tip. Test every HOUR by carefully wiping perioxide up and reapplying if SLIGHTLY RELEASED. Cover with an inverted foam cup, IF IT WILL COVER THE STAIN FORMULA ON DYE, OTHERWISE A PAPER PLATE. When released, use Dawn Ultra II (1 drop to 1/2 cup cold water and white vinegar 1/4 cup) to rinse and blot until near clean and dry.

I have had to do this over two LONG days with red stains ON things, finding that Creme Perioxide is the ONLY thing that removes most OR all of it... eventually, and if one has enough patience, not giving up easily as I don't. (If your carpet is white, leave the perioxide on three days then blot and rinse several times when color is released. It might always have a very slight "light pinkish" stain, depending upon the darkness and redness of the dye, be prepared. Clorox type bleaches will eat the backing and padding. I don't recommend bleach, even for white carpet. Also, I use a Rug Doctor when I can for GREAT RESULTS on all carpets. Many rinses is a MUST! (07/23/2006)

Archive: Hair Dye Stain on Carpet

Does anyone know how to remove hair dye from carpet? It is red dye on a medium shade green carpet about the size of a quarter.

Dee from Cape Coral, FL

RE: Hair Dye Stain on Carpet

If none of these suggestions work, and you are not renting, your could cut just the area in the carpet that is affected, but first find the matching carpet, that may be on a closet floor.You would have to use a good cutting blade, of course with caution and cut out the area, like removing a plug of carpet and cut an exact size to put in the shape of what you cut out.Hope you don't have to resort to that. (10/15/2006)

By Kersti

Archive: Hair Dye Stain on Carpet

I do I go about removing hair dye from carpet?


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