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Selling Crafts With Characters on Them

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I am looking for information about whether it is illegal to use fabrics such as Winnie the Pooh, Clifford, and such character prints to make and sell dresses, tote bags, etc.

Mary from Cooleemee, NC



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By skyer209/16/2013

You can sell an item that you personally have made from the material. You see this at craft shows all the time. It is meaning mass productions.

By denise w (Guest Post)07/17/2008

I checked it with a copyright attorney and yes you can sell items you made and it doesn't matter where you sell them if you actually made it. As the law states that I have a right to sell my artwork. So sew away and feel free as no one can tell you what you can sell or not sell if you made it. The copyright laws are for mass production of a registered trademark so you cannot sell say a purse with John Deere on it as a John Deere licenced purse but you can sell it as a homemade purse, see what I mean? Hope this helps and if anyone else wants to check it out you can google copyrights and trademarks.

By Alice (Guest Post)07/17/2008

I have made and sold and given away many clothing items with licensed characters on them. I have also seen that on ebay a few times. I figure if they didn't want us to do it the they should not make the material. I have also seen products at farmers markets. Good luck

By Phyllis Barton (Guest Post)07/16/2008

If you look closely at the selvedge edge they all say for private home use only. Not to make things for resale.

By Melanie Jackson [1]07/14/2008

Sorry, but it's definitely illegal--you can only make things for PRIVATE use out of such fabrics. Making things for sale is a violation of copyright. It can also get your eBay account suspended, if you try to sell such items on eBay.

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [429]07/14/2008 ... rtZ1QQftrvZ1QQsabfmtsZ1QQsacatZ71183

You can find hundreds of things for sale at eBay that are made from disney, and all kinds of things. You can not be expected to buy fabric with copyrighted images on them, then not make things from them. Good luck!!

RE: Selling Crafts With Characters on Them

By Dena Roberts [31]07/14/2008

It is actually illegal to use these images for resale are expected to use them for your personal use, and not to make items for sale from is being done, but it is still against the law....


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Question: Selling Crafts Using Licensed Fabrics

What licensing steps do I need to take to sell aprons at craft fairs or out of my home? On the bolts of fabric it often says, "licensed for home use only" or "not for commercial use".

By Jody H.

Most Recent Answer

By Carol B.07/12/2015

A company can't dictate how you use an item once you purchase it, which is surely a violation of your rights. You have paid for the licensing by buying the fabric. After purchase, it is yours. If you are not mass producing, their should be no issue. If this issue is keeping you up at night, choose fabric without licensed characters.

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