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Keeping Bananas from Turning Black

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How do you keep bananas from turning dark?

By Jean from Saxe, VA


Recent Answers

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By Laura [2]04/25/2009

Regular plastic bags also work well for keeping the bananas from turning brown. Just tie the bag and leave on the counter.

By lisa Hegewald [3]04/04/2009

Are you talking about AFTER you peel them?
If you dip them in a citrus (orange, lemon, or grapefruit) juice or pineapple juice after they are cut they will not turn black.

By Grandma J [46]04/03/2009

If you want to let them ripen to the desired sweetness, the stick them in the fridge. My husband likes a slightly green banana, as they ripen HANGING ON A BANANA hook on the counter, they get ready for the grandchildren to eat. Then the really ripe ones get peeled and put into bags (4 make a banana bread recipe) to put into the freezer. So start to finish, someone likes them here. Needless to say, you did not hear me say I LIKED THEM. ODed as a child and can't go near them!

By Barbara [15]04/03/2009

Yes. I agree. I love the Debbie Meyer green bags. I put all my produce these days in the bags and put them in the refrigerator. I leave the bananas out on the counter in the bags. What a money saver as well my produce lasts longer, less trips to the store and less wasted produce going bad. Great investment.

By Barbara Snyder [9]04/03/2009

Try those green bags from Debbie Mayer they are 10. dollars here but they work great. I sometimes forget what is in the fridge and when I buy my fruits and veggies they keep really good.


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Question: Keeping Bananas From Turning Black

Why do bananas turn black and how can we stop it from turning black?

Which place can we put the bananas to keep it from turning black the longest?

By Isabella S.

Most Recent Answer

By Marie Brack03/25/2013

I keep bananas in the refrigerator because even though that makes the skins go black faster it also makes the actual fruit stay good even longer.


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Archive: Keeping Bananas From Turning Black

I am making a desert called "Easy Southern Banana Pudding". My question is: How to keep the bananas from turning black?


RE: Keeping Bananas From Turning Black

Dip them in lemon juice. (09/03/2005)

By Annette

RE: Keeping Bananas From Turning Black

My grandmother, mother, and I have made hundreds of banana puddings over the years. We have never done a single thing to the bananas to keep them from turning black, and they never have! Either dumb luck or something in the pudding keeps them looking good til it's eaten up (which is never long). I never even considered the question though. The way we made the pudding, the bananas were totally covered by pudding so maybe no air could get to them and make them oxidize. Susan (09/03/2005)

By Susan

RE: Keeping Bananas From Turning Black

Try making it the same day it is eaten. (09/04/2005)

By snigdibbly

RE: Keeping Bananas From Turning Black

Dip them in pineapple juice. It tastes great too! (09/04/2005)


RE: Keeping Bananas From Turning Black

I've heard that if you dip fresh cut slices of apple in 7Up that it will keep them from turning dark, maybe this will work on banana slices, too?

Also, if it were me making the banana dessert to take somewhere, like for a potluck, or to a pal's home, etc. I'd make sure to use nice yellow bananas. I would not use ones either starting to spot or already spotted, as the yellow bananas will stay fresh longer, and not turn dark for several days. The spotted or already spotted will turn dark faster. (09/05/2005)

By badwater

RE: Keeping Bananas From Turning Black

Run the banana under hot water for a couple of minutes before peeling the banana and slicing it. This may sound strange but it works. (07/13/2006)

By Carol

RE: Keeping Bananas From Turning Black

The recipe is inside of the box of Nilla wafers. Also add cut strawberries when you are doing the layers and it is amazing. (05/31/2008)

By Erin

RE: Keeping Bananas From Turning Black

When using in pudding or a pie, let the pudding cool for 2 hours in the refrigerator, then add the bananas. They will not turn black. It's the heat from the puddings that advance the ripening. (01/08/2009)

By Kathy

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