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Getting Gum Out Of Clothes That Have Been Laundered

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Washed and dried a load of clothes with gum ,how do I get the gum out?

Bonnie from Winslow, NE



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By missy [1]09/18/2010

Old trick, peanut butter! It's oily and really loosens up the gum when its worked in! Great for getting it out of kids hair too!

By jen (Guest Post)11/20/2008

I just washed and dryer a blanket that had gum on it. I tried a vinegar method and it worked pretty good. The hot vinegar just pulls the gum off.

By Donna6397 (Guest Post)09/10/2007

Just use cooking oil(vegetable, canola etc). The oil will break down the gum as well as WD-40 and should be safe on all clothes. Make sure you scrape off all the gum then rub some dish soap into the oil spot left behind and launder in hot water.

By Sherry [36]09/08/2007

Try putting the clothing in the freezer and after that the gum should pull right out.

By EGRIBBLE [3]09/07/2007

WD-40. Spray on scrape off gum then launder again using as hot of water as fabric will allow.

By (Guest Post)09/07/2007

Try WD-40. Test first in an inconspicuous spot.

By Ruthie AKA (Guest Post)09/07/2007

Try spraying WD-40 on the gum, it really works. Ruthie

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