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Using Pool Chlorine Tablets in the Toilet

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Is it safe to use the big chlorine tablets for a swimming pool in the toilet? Like the Clorox tablets only larger? I buy them by the bucket full in the summer and wondered if it is safe in the commode, too?

By ladylynnk from South Texas


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By Duane T.04/30/2015

DO NOT USE chlorine tablets! Every toilet manufacture and toilet trim manufacture will post warnings and warranty statements telling you to not use drop-in tablets. Chlorine is highly corrosive. Using tablets in your tank will cause the premature failure of the flapper and gaskets. This can cause internal tank to bowl leaks as well as external leaks.

The biggest concern with chlorine is the gasses. As Chlorine dissolves in water is dissipates and turns into a gas. This gas collects under the lid of the tank. Chlorine gas is also highly corrosive and will eat away at the plastic fill valve and the tank lever. I have seen tops of fill valves break off due to chlorine attack. Once this happens, the water pressure from the incoming line will shoot out of the top of the fill valve, blow the tank lid off the tank and turn your bathroom into a swimming pool. Pray nothing like this happens to you while you are away for a weekend. It only takes seconds to create thousands of dollars worth of property damage.

Use tablets at your own risk. All insurance companies will deny your property damage claim once they see evidence of chlorine in and on the tank parts. Believe me, they will check.

By Nan Corpe [6]08/18/2009

Those 3" pool tablets are far too strong to use inside the house. It's not safe to inhale that much chlorine throughout the house. You could use a piece of it, however, maybe 1/4. FYI - I used a chlorine tablet (normal toilet tablet) and it plugged up my toilet. I had to call a plumber. Now I just clean my toilet with vinegar and baking soda because I catch my dogs drinking from the toilet now and then.

By REE [1]06/07/2009

Absolutely yes!Been doing it for years. You need to change the flapper to the yellow or orange one for chemicals. Pull when going on vacations.

If you have hard water, it is wonderful. I used to use ONE bottle a week of Lime Away, now I put in one tab. Will eventually clean the old sewer pipes in house of build up too. The toilet will flush better.

If you want you can use an onion bag with a knot on top and cut small hole on side to hold the tab up where you can reach it easily.It usually lasts us about a month.

No scrubbing, no fuss. Ria

By Kim Churchman [3]05/28/2009

Wouldn't liquid bleach in the bowl be enough? I used to use those dispensing pills in the tank but they corroded the parts, despite the reassurances on the label.

By LMay [7]05/28/2009

Thanks for all the hints. I did try the big tablet yes it cleans but the fumes are strong. Guess I will go back to the little ones. Thanks for all the hints & ideas.

By deborah tipton05/28/2009

Do NOT use the pool tablets in the toilet. Remember those big tablets are for about 20,000 gal of water.
My mother in law used a pool tablet in her toilet once while on vacation; It ruined all the rubber workings inside the tank and the the fumes just about knocked them down!

By Sandy Brewer [2]05/28/2009

I am not sure about the chlorine tablets, but I drop a generic brand denture cleaner tablet (it has the identical ingredients as the pricey name brand) into my toilet each day and it keeps it sparkling clean.


Keep lung health reasons in mind before using any chemical in your home. Other than keeping that in mind, as long as you don't add any other chemicals, which could cause dangerous gases and possible explosion, it would be safe to use chlorine.

I was recently diagnosed with COPD and used to use bleach which contains chlorine. I now use good old fashioned vinegar which is safer for the environment and safer for the lungs to clean everything. But on the humorous side, I know vinegar wouldn't keep a swimming pool clean nor be fun to swim in ;-)

By kathleen blakley [5]05/23/2009

I would think it would be the same as those drop in tablets for toilet tanks. Try it and see.

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