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Freezing Vegetable Soup

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Can you freeze vegetable beef soup?

By jtruscott from Duluth, MN


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By Monica Adam [12]06/22/2009

I freeze soup all the time. After the soup thaws, I do find it to be a little thick, but then I just add one cup of water and one bouillon cube (or canned broth).

By June06/21/2009

I like to make big batches of soups and sauces for the freezer, too. The one thing I don't include in my soups, though, is potatoes. For some reason when they're frozen the texture gets funny.

By Loretta [18]06/20/2009

Funny that I am reading that after just dipping up containers of veg. beef soup two days ago, and freezing. Now, today, I made a super good batch of semi-home made spaghetti sauce. I cooked up some crumbled mild Italian sausage, added onion, one large jar of prego, cans of tomato sauce, diced tomato, and seasoned with garlic, Italian mixed herbs, then a good pinch of oregano, and one of basil. Only mention this because as soon as it cools a bit, it too will go in the freezer in appropriate sized containers. We are in coastal AL., where it is about 98 or 99 degrees by day right now, and I don't want to cook every day. Like others have said, things without cream and such have always done very well for me. Hope this helps.

By Luz06/20/2009

Yes, you can freeze vegetable soup. I usually do it everytime we had a left over suop even chili. It because I don't want to waste the food.

By Candy Killion [10]06/20/2009

Sure can! As "merlene" already said, we make extra big batches around here and freeze the rest, too. I also do this with chicken soup, split pea soup-- and really, anything with a chicken, beef or vegetable broth base, as long as there's no milk, cream or half-and-half in there anywhere.

Been there and done that and all I got was curdling when dairy is involved. The DH says the soup tastes even better the second time around--guess sitting up there in the freezer helps the flavors meld :)

By Melanie [1]06/19/2009

Yes! I have always frozen soups of all kinds. Not too sure about cream of soups, I think the cream would probably separate and go into little white dots through the soup.

By merlene smith [4]06/19/2009

I always make a big pot of vegetable beef soup for my husband and I and then freeze it in meal size containers. It's great.

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