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Enzyme Cleaner Didn't Completely Remove Urine Odor

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We tried the Nature's Miracle enzyme cleaner and steam cleaning to get dog urine smells out of our carpet. It helped but didn't take it away completely. Are we doomed to just tear up the carpet and start over? Or is there a last ditch effort we can try to banish the smell for good?

As it stands right now, you can only smell it if you have your nose right up to it but if we can smell it then the dog surely will and we don't want her to be tempted. Has anyone tried anything that got rid of the odor for good?

Debbie from Garden City, MI



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By DonnaT06/26/2011

I tried the vinegar and it set the urine stink. Now the carpet smells terrible, not vinegary but like dog urine. Tried the enzyme treatment and it smelled great until the next morning. Now the ammonia smell is back. Any ideas?

By Anna (Guest Post)08/15/2008

I don't know if you've found anything yet, but we use "Kids n' Pets" instant all purpose stain and odor remover". We moved into a rental home that had the most offensive, overwhelming cat urine/dog smell I have ever smelled. I thoroughly saturated the carpets and let it air dry, with in an hour it was already smelling better. It is amazing stuff. You can get it at Walmart or Target or It's less than 5 bucks for a bottle that does like a whole bedroom plus some left over.

By JB07/23/2008

There is a product called BioWorld Odor Neutralizer that is REALLY good at taking care of any type of odor. I have been using it for YEARS! I just got a new puppy in March and it took a while to potty train her. We are still having a few accidents. Whenever she has an accident, I get out Spot bot on it right away and I put some of the Odor Neutralizer in the solution and it takes care of the smell. My house she really stink right now with as many times as she has gone but you cannot tell!

By Christine (Guest Post)07/08/2008

Apple Cider Vinegar does something to the PH of urine and removes the smell--you can use a syringe to insert some into the padding under the carpet and clean the surface with it--also a combination of peroxide, baking soda, and a tablespoon of liquid dish soap does wonders for removing urine smell and stains--I got cat pee out of a mattress that way--it was amazing!

By linn (Guest Post)07/08/2008

I use Biozyme from Cavalier or Attack! available in the west coast. Both are enzymatic cleaners that janitors use for lavatories. Attack! is my favorite has a pleasant smell and definitely gets rid of cat urine odor.Try a janitorial supply company.

By Janet [7]07/05/2008

At the Dollar Tree Dollar Store, I bought a bottle of Urine Smell Begone for $1.00! It does seem to work for me.
I used vinegar like one of the other posters on my last puppy, it also seems to work.
Resolve Carpet Cleaner didn't work.

By ellen wagner [18]07/04/2008

I use hydrogen peroxide. It work with anything organic. Soak the spot with peroxide, Let it work until it stops foaming, or for 10-15 minutes. Blot until dry or shampoo.

By Sandy (Guest Post)07/03/2008

There was an article in the paper tonight that suggested a product called Nok-Out. It said it could be purchased at I haven't tried it yet, but the lady that writes the column has never been wrong yet.

By Joan [13]07/03/2008

Vinegar worked well for me, also. I have hard wood floors and ceramic tile in the breezeway. From cleaning these 2 places my mop heads smelled awful. Was suggested here to soak them in vinegar, then wash them. I now put about 1/2 cup white vinegar in the bucket with some liquid soap. No more smelly mop heads, ceramic tile or wood floors!

By kristi [3]07/03/2008

Wal-mart has some stuff called Odo-Ban. We just finished training our puppy and this is what worked for us. She acted like she didn't like the smell, cause she'd go up to the spot that was wet and sniff, then turn and run. I also sprayed it on my couch and now she won't get up on it.

By Judi [17]07/02/2008

I'm afraid if Nature's Miracle didn't do it you may have to replace tha carpet pad in at least that spot. However, we used to instruct people to cover that spot with something the dog couldn't scoot away for a few days or weeks until the smell had totally gone and then you can move it and the dog has forgotten. May look funny to see a floor lamp right in the middle of your living room but sure beats a big urine spot! I would also try pouring soda pretty heavily on that spot and leaving it there until memory has faded. My dog had some accidents (not sure that's the right word!) and I just cleaned with Nature's Miracle and she never went back to those spots...that I know of.

By Julia (Guest Post)07/02/2008

When we had puppies, I used diluted vinegar. That seemed to work, plus its a lot cheaper than all the fancy products you can buy.

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