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Recipe For Feeding The Homeless


It takes: 8 loves of bread, 3 gallons of tuna, 3 heads of lettuce and 2 quarts of mayonnaise for 100 sandwiches,

AND 4 -6 sets of caring hands.

The Churches in the area took turns making sandwiches for the homeless. My Mom gave me the recipe to pass along several years ago.

Source: Church ladies

By Great Granny Vi from Moorpark, Ca



By Chris (Guest Post) 01/01/2007 Flag

It's a good recipe. Peanut butter sandwiches, and peanut butter and jelly would be good too. I like this direct approach. I am going to organize this in my corner of the world, up near Boston. Thanks for the thought, Great Granny.

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By josie (Guest Post) 07/24/2008 Flag

I feed 60-75 homeless women per day, Monday thru Friday. Because it was very hot this week, we had "cool" meals: leftover chicken in BBQ sauce on a bun (with salad); chili dogs and salad; fish, rice and a cold corn salad, turkey breast and roast beef wraps, stuffed with zucchini, cucumber and carrots; and tomorrow we're having sausages and a cold pasta salad. Tuna sandwiches are great, but there's an endless possibility for variation. If anyone out there needs recipes for a crowd, just let me know.

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By (Guest Post) 07/24/2008 Flag

I'm glad to have this opportunity to share the IDEA of sharing. Josie, this is a good place to start. Add some recipes here at Thriftyfun to share your knowledge of feeding a group.

And Chris, you go for it. You will find it rewarding. Spread the bread. GG Hugs,Vi

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By connie 1 03/23/2010 Flag

I would be most grateful for any recipes for feeding a crowd. Our church is now feeding between 55-75 homeless people every other week, and I am running out of ideas. Thanks so much, Connie

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By MsArmyVet 1 5 01/01/2011 Flag

Nutrious Meal for 20-30

disposable turkey roasting pan
spray inside with vegtable oil
4 cups cooked and cubed turkey or chicken or any meat
6 cups uncooked rice
2 cups frozen peas
2 cups frozen carrots, chopped
4 cans cream or celery or cream of chicken soup
2 1/2 soup cans of milk
3 cups grated cheddar cheese
Aluminum foil

Preheat oven to 350

Cook rice according to directions in a larg pot. In large bowl, mix soup, milk and add rice. In disposable pan; layer 1/2 of meat, rice mixture, peas, cheese. Repeat with remaining. Cover with foil and bake for 30 minutes or top layer of cheese melts.

This is an easy to transport meal and is also great for large gatherings.

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By LaurieS 11 37 02/17/2014 Flag

Love this idea and thanks for the recipe for the tuna sandwiches.

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