Food Cooked in New Electric Skillet Tastes Like Plastic


I'm having trouble with a new electric skillet that I got for Christmas. I have washed it several times and can not get the "new smell" out of it. It's making everything I cook in it have that "new smell" taste. I have even cooked onions and garlic in it thinking that would do it, but to no avail. I have heated it with and without oil and even tried bacon grease.

I just don't know what else to do. I thought I had conquered it last week and made fried potatoes and onions in it and they too tasted like burned plastic. I have never had this happen to me in all the years of cooking with new items. I am at the end of my rope and my daughter thinks I don't like it (she got it for me). Please help me out with this one.

By Marisa from MD


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By kathleen williams [76] 01/22/2010

I suggest to return it to the place she got it from, good luck.

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By Melanie Jackson [1] 01/22/2010

Probably one of those "Made in China of Inferior Materials" appliances. I agree, return the skillet, and buy one of another brand. That bad taste could be a dangerous chemical being emitted by the skillet, for all anyone knows.

So play it safe, and get something better. :-)

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By marisa [3] 01/23/2010

Just so you all know this is a name brand skillet,it's a Hamilton Beach.I also contacted the company but haven't heard back from them yet.I have never had any trouble with these products before.

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By Cajun [59] 02/06/2010

All is not lost and you can make your daughter a happy camper. Fill the skillet 3/4 full of a 50/50 solution of Vinegar [clear one] and water; place cover, bring to a boil and let set covered overnight [min. ~8 hours]. Pour into sink; wash skillet and let air dry for 5 minutes. If there is a vinegar smell, it'll only be a short term (5-10 minutes) issue and your skillet will bond the family once again.

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By Vi Johnson [286] 03/17/2010

I have to agree with the other posts, Is there an 800 number on the box? Call it and tell them the problem. Sounds like you have a defected one.

Here is the information to a company that is U.S.A. made cook/bakeware. And no, I don't have stock in this company,wish I did. I'm making my Christmas list early. Buy U.S.A. when you can. Great Granny Vi

Nordic Ware ~ Makers of the original "Bundt Pan"
Phone 1-877-466-7342 m-f 8am-4pm CST
Nordic Ware
P.O. Box 16132
Minneaoplis, MN.

FAX 1-952-924-8561 24 hours a day

ONLINE- www.nordicware.com

Nordic Ware
5005 hwy 7
Minneapolis, MN.

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