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Silverfish in My Bed

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Now and then I am finding silverfish in my bed. I didn't think much at first but it's continuing and I'm getting worried. What can I do to stop this?

Disgustedii from Metairie, LA



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By Daniel Dutton03/01/2012

Vacuum up as many as you can and squirt cockroach spray in the crevices they're coming out of. The are attracted to damp areas so make sure you don't have any problems, damp or standing water to stop them coming back.


By alp (Guest Post)02/27/2009

I have found bed bugs in my bed several times and I am so disgusted. I called the exterminator more than once and they still come back.

By grossed out (Guest Post)08/03/2008

We found some silverfish in our bed and called an exterminator. He sprayed the whole room and I washed the sheets,pillow cases and blankets. Even after that we still found them so we called the exterminator again. He sprayed the whole room and STILL saw them. The silverfish seemed to be directly under our spot lights in the ceiling. We covered the spot lights and since then we haven't seen any silverfish! Could they be coming from the lights?

By Ginny (Guest Post)02/21/2008

I have not tried this but it was recommended by a friend.

Silverfish seek out food sources that are high in starch -- particularly books, magazines, and wallpaper. They'll also munch on flour and cereal, starched clothing, and some synthetic fabrics. Reducing paper and properly storing clothes and pantry items will make your home less appetizing for them.

1 cup oatmeal, ground to flour in a blender
1/2 tsp. white sugar
1/4 tsp. salt
1 Tbsp. powered boric acid

Mix all ingredients well and put a teaspoonful in a couple of shallow containers placed near hiding spots. Cover bait with crumpled pieces of paper. The silverfish will eat the bait along with the paper and then die. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after mixing. This is poisonous -- keep the bait away from children and pets.

By Dean (Guest Post)02/21/2008

I looked up on google "getting rid of silverfish" and several sites came up with instructions on how to get rid of silverfish.

By Cathy from Townsville, QLD (Guest Post)02/20/2008

Apparently they do not like bay leaves (not one hundred percent sure on that though). Maybe sprinkle some bay leaves around, or pin them in a gauze bag onto the side of your sheets.

By Joyce (Guest Post)02/20/2008

I have them too in my house, but I don't usually get them in my bed. Don't let your bedclothes drag on the floor, don't have a long dustruffle, keep bed away from walls, etc. Wash sheets often. They could be dropping from the ceiling, but I have them on my ceiling and never get them in the bed. There are products available (Dekko Silverfish Paks), and the website has a recipe for making your own drawerliners, etc., using boric acid among other things. Good luck!

By Christine A Gasparino [1]02/20/2008

A little bit about silverfish from wikipedia..
"The favorite food of silverfish is any matter that contains starch or polysaccharides, such as dextrin in adhesives. These include glue, book bindings, paper, photos, sugar, hair, and dandruff. Silverfish can also cause damage to books, tapestries, and textiles. Silverfish will commonly graze in and around showers, baths, and sinks on the cellulose present in many shampoos, shaving foams and so on. Apart from these cases, the damage caused by silverfish is negligible and they have no direct effect on human health beyond psychological distress to those who are frightened or disgusted by their appearance. However, they also have a bite which may cause irritation but has no long term effects. Other substances that may be eaten include cotton, linen, silk and synthetic fibres, and dead insects or even its own exuvia (moulted exoskeleton). During famine, a silverfish may even attack leatherware and synthetic fabrics. In extreme cases, silverfish may live for a year without eating."

My suggestion is to clean up that attic or basement if you have one. Place your starches in the kitchen in resealable containers, and change your sheets often. My house was built in 1920, we have them in our attic. I found one under my pillow once and and I complained to my husband. He told me I shouldn't go to bed with wet hair. I havent since then, and I have never found another one in our bed since. Their not a scary bug, but definitly not something you want as a snuggle companion! I have goosebumps for ya!

By LuvMyGingerKids [46]02/20/2008

Call a professional pest control company and ask them how you can deal with the situation.

You don't want these bugs multiplying any more than they already have.

Good luck!

By mcw [80]02/20/2008

Oh, yuck those are awful critters. Are the silverfish coming into your house from the outside? You will have to find the source of entry. If your bed is infected with them, you might have to replace your mattress. Before you go through the expense of replacing your mattress, call an exterminator, and if you rent, call your landlord. Just a thought.

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