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Removing Food Stains from Tablecloths

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white tablecloth

Tablecloths do a good job of protecting a dining table. However, in the process they often get covered with food stains. This is a guide about removing food stains from tablecloths.


Solutions: Removing Food Stains from Tablecloths

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Tip: First Aid for Gravy Spills

How many times has this happened: you're hosting a holiday party or attending one and at dinner someone spills gravy on the tablecloth? Well, now you don't have to panic about it staining. Simply grab for the artificial sweetener Splenda. The fine powder absorbs the oil and keeps the greasy goo from making a permanent stain.

By Janus from Gainesville, GA

Tip: Removing Spots from Cloth Tablecloths

To get spots from a cloth tablecloth, dab the spots with dish liquid while the cloth is still on the table. Usually we try to do this with the tablecloth off the table, but the spots are hard to find that way. Also, dish liquid is an economical and safe treatment for food stains.

By Carol from Wyoming, PA

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Here are questions related to Removing Food Stains from Tablecloths.

Question: Set-In Stains on Table Linens

How do I remove old set-in stains from restaurant quality table linens?

By Brenda from Wheatfield, IN


Most Recent Answer

By Pattie McIntyre [37]04/14/2010

I wash with a cup of white vinegar in the water and then lay the item in the sunshine. Works great on perspiration stains, too.

Question: Old Food Stains on a Tablecloth

How do you remove stains from a cotton tablecloth that was washed and stored away for a year? We think it is some kind of food protein. Please help.

Eugene from Newark, OH


Most Recent Answer

By Jen (Guest Post)12/09/2008

Could anyone tell me what 'BIZ' is and where I can find it? Thanks!

Editor's Note: It is a type of laundry detergent. Here is a link with some information, the company website doesn't seem to be working so the product might be no longer available.

Question: Grease Stains on a Tablecloth

I have tried oxy cleaner, dawn, simple green and I still have food and grease stains on table cloths and napkins. Does anyone have any other ideas?

Tammie from FL

Most Recent Answer

By tara73 [3]10/06/2010

Goop! Found in any hardware store. Seriously. It's a grease cleaner, works amazing, little bit goes long way.

Question: Removing Stains On Vintage Table Cloths

I bought several vintage tablecloths at an estate sale. There are old grease stains and other stains on them. Any ideas how to get them off? Most of the table cloths are cotton.

sandytn from Knoxville, TN

Most Recent Answer

By Teresa Schoellkopf07/17/2008


If you have septic, like we do, you know that you can't use regular bleach. Try handwashing in cold water at the sink and scrubbing the stains with a bar of Ivory Soap. This works so great on my daughter's work shirts at Sonic!

Question: Cleaning Stains on a Knit Tablecloth

How do I get egg and coffee stains out of a knit table cloth?

By Jane M.