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Cup and Saucer Planter Gift

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succulents planted in a cup and saucer

This is a quick easy gardening gift you can make up very easily. Get an old cup and saucer, fill it with dirt and plant chickens in it. I glue the cup to the saucer so it will not move, makes a nice gift to someone who is sick, does not take a lot of care to maintain.

By Phyllis from Roseburg, OR


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By David M. [1]08/02/2007

This is what they look like just a short 2 months later

RE: Cup and Saucer Planter Gift

By David M. [1]08/02/2007

This is what I have done with the saucer from an old plastic post. When I finished planting my hens and chicks I covered the dirt with a light layer of fish aquarium sand. I water them lightly once every two weeks.

RE: Cup and Saucer Planter Gift

By hisham (Guest Post)03/15/2007

a Good job / a new idea

By suzanne [278]01/17/2007

beautiful idea.............

By Paula [14]01/17/2007

I have always called these plants Hen and Chicks because the bigger rosette (Hen) always has little baby rosettes (chicks). It is ideal for this craft because it is a drought tolerant, succulent plant that doesn't require a lot of water. It also doesn't require a lot of soil so the little tea cup full of soil is enough for it to survive. I have even had the "Hen" flower, it grows up on a long stalk, but then the Hen dies off and all the chicks start to grow to take its place.

By Phyllis Powell [7]01/17/2007

Janet, these chicken plants take very little water,so the plants themselves hold the dirt in. I have not tried anyother plants, a small ground cover plant might work, you might ask at your local garden store, I get my chicken's from my Mom who has them all over her yard, I also have them in my yard that I have gotten from her, they spread so always have new ones to work with. Hope this helps..

By Linda in Alabama (Guest Post)01/17/2007

What a great idea -- I'm always looking for clever gifts and this is one clever gift!

By Janet in WI (Guest Post)01/17/2007

Get idea, How do you keep the dirt in the cup from falling out? Where do you find the chicken plant? Never heard of before. Would any other plant work? Thanks for the help. Janet my email is mrse214 AT

By Phyllis Powell [7]01/17/2007

I use a product called Ammazing Goop, All porpose household contact adhesive and sealant. It dries to a waterproof, rubber-like consistency, so it won't break or crack under stress, won't become brittle like super glues.

By Holly [367]01/17/2007

Very nice to look at!

By jeanne from michigan (Guest Post)01/17/2007

absolutely great!!! I remember in high school, several decades ago, we would take a china cup and saucer and put "oasis" in it and put cut flowers in an arrangement in them...but this is fabulous!! Cheers!!

By Paula [14]01/17/2007

I would love receiving a gift like this! Phyllis, do you use a special glue to attach the cup and saucer, or just regular household glue like Elmers glue?

By Carol (Guest Post)01/17/2007

What a clever idea, thanks for sharing.

By Ellie (Guest Post)01/17/2007

That looks very pretty,but I had a laugh when I read 'plant chickens in it" I was thinking ;what on earth are ;chickens' no way can she mean what I think..! Now I've seen the pic. I know.

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