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Permanent Marker on Vinyl Couch

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I have permanent marker on my tan, vinyl couch. I have tried everything under the sun to remove this artwork.I have tried Oops, goofoff, WD-40, magic eraser, 409, Soft Scrub, OxyClean, Lava Soap and rubbing alcohol.

Any more ideas? Help.



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By hinrichs11/26/2013

Butter! Really did work. My granddaughter used a silver permanent marker on my new brown leather/vinyl couch seat. I was going to try the stuff that was suggested but it all sounded harsh. The one that sounded the most absurd worked. Butter took it all off, and it doesn't hurt the fabric.

By nawllinsmama (Guest Post)09/21/2008

Be careful. I tried the coppertone sport sunblock spray as many recommended to remove sharpie marker from my leather car seats. It removed some of the marker but also took off some of the finish on my leather so now I have sharpie marker plus a dull spot. Do not rub too much as I was being gentle and it still took the finish off of my seats. I will have too look for a leather repair person and see if this can be fixed.

By Bobbi (Guest Post)04/19/2008

I just used the most awesome stuff to take permanent marker off a vinyl folding chair! It's called Goof Off - the Ultimate Remover and is available at Home Depot, Lowe's and most paint stores for about 5.00 a can. It took the marker off without any scrubbing or damage to the chair - good as new!

By cindy (Guest Post)02/21/2008

You could also try the magic eraser.

By Debbie Curnes (Guest Post)09/23/2007

Comet on a scrub sponge

By Anna (Guest Post)12/17/2006

Hi..I read in a women's magazine that BUTTER will get ink and marker off of vinyl and says to apply it generously and let it sit for about 45 minutes. The fats in the butter displaces the ink and absorbs it. I tried this trick on my daughters Barbie doll face...after trying everything else to no avail and worked like a charm.
Good Luck

By Rhianna (Guest Post)02/12/2006

My daughter scribbled permanent marker all over my leather car seats. Nothing is working. Can anyine help?

By Do dah day (Guest Post)01/17/2006

I'd like to know. Have marker on vinyl sneakers. Bleach didn't work. May try oven cleaner. Knew someone who cleaned tennis shoe soles with same and worked perfectly.

By kat [6]12/12/2005

I went to sleep last nght with permanent marker on my arm and it seems to have rubbed off onto a linal cat doll of mine.
How do i get it off?

I have used, clothe stain remover, toothpaste, hair spray, baking soda, & nailpolish remover. none of which have got it off.

Please help

Permanent marker on linal doll

By Lisa (Guest Post)08/21/2005

Acetone....comes is a metal can like paint thinner. This is very strong so test a spot first. I just finished cleaning my husband's boat seats....attack of daughter with a ball point pen. No elbow grease needed. Wash promptly with water and then we conditioned with some "armor all" like you would a car. Acetone can dry things out. (Your hands too.)

By guest (Guest Post)07/20/2005

try nail polish remover or hairspray.

By guest (Guest Post)07/20/2005

I have tried nail polish remover, alcohol and hairspray. Any other suggestions?

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]05/31/2005

How can you get sharpie marks off plastic or vinyl seats. I have tried several things and nothing seems to be removing them.

bls23 in KY

By Debbie03/20/2005

try a spray at walmart called oops located in the paint aisle


Try antibacterial hand gel.

By Barbie (Guest Post)02/03/2005

Have you tried WD-40 I use it to get marker off of many things but never tried it on vinyl seats but Iused it to get pen off a vinyl purse once.....I think it should work.....

By Mary E (Guest Post)02/03/2005

Have you tried non-acetone nail polish remover?
I had sharpie marks on antique furniture and the polish remover brought it right off. Just be sure it is NON-ACETONE.
Hope that helps.

By (Guest Post)02/03/2005

Rubbing alcohol or hairspray (it has alcohol in it).

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