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Allergic Reaction to Polyester Blanket from Walmart

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I bought a $5.00 100%polyester blanket from Walmart to cut up and use for a lining as I normally use batting, but this was thicker. I had itchy burning eyes, runny nose, my head arms face and hands were itchy. I took a allergy pill and that didn't help.

Today I still feel a bit itchy and my nose is irritated. Has anyone else ever had this happen? I am going to try washing them first and see if that will help. Any suggestions or answers will be great.

By Vickie from Oregon, OH


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By shari_peterson06/05/2014

I bought a King-sized velour blanket (burgundy) from Walmart, washed and dried it but didn't use it during the winter because, for some reason, I didn't like the feel of it on my skin. I've always loved the feel of velour, but with this blanket, things were different right from the start. Because it never touched my skin for an extended period of time, I had not noticed anything dramatic before. But last night, it was the only blanket that I used to cover me, and I was awake all night long with extreme itching despite taking Benadryl. I didn't realize what was wrong with me until I finally dragged myself from bed this morning and sat on my sofa for a while. All night long I wondered if someone had infested my bed with lice or some other biting bug during the night! It was unbearable!

I have hives that are calming down somewhat, but my throat feels weird, I'm feel some restriction with my breathing, and I feel so sick that I fear I will vomit. I now realize that it is the blanket that made me ill.

Although I no longer have the receipt or the packaging that this blanket came in, I intend to take it back to Walmart. If they refuse to give me back any money for it, I have to leave it at the store as I will not allow this hideous thing to remain in my house any longer. Who knows what noxious fumes this thing has been emitting?

I read from one of the posts that it might have polyester and perhaps people are allergic to polyester. Well, I've never been allergic to polyester, but I have had reactions to chemicals before and have gotten very sick. I really think there must be chemicals in this blanket that are unhealthy if the blanket touches the skin and/or if they are breathed in.

By christine k wilde12/26/2011

I gave my boyfriend a new 100% polyester blanket for Cristmas and his face, eyes and lips swelled and his skin turned bright red a couple hours after using the blanket. It turns out that it wasn't the polyester but the chemicals they spray on the blanket to keep the color from fading. We washed it 3 times and he took 2 benadryl and he's fine now.

By Peg06/24/2010

Was it blue camoflage? I just had an immediate reaction where my eyes swelled as if to a cat. We received it as a gift to my child from a vacation bible school. The family he went with all have eye infections, now. I'm waiting to hear back on where it was purchased. Just curious about more specifics on yours.

By Dot03/01/2010

My son has the same allergic reaction to polyester/fleece style blankets. He gave his to the dog.

By Lilac [18]02/18/2010

Since you only paid 5.00 for it, I would throw it away. You will spend more than that on allergy meds and why give it to someone else who might have the same reaction.

By Vickie [1]02/16/2010

I use polyester batting all the time for my projects. And i did wash these blankets and started from scratch making another poncho for the same wheel chair student and i was fine. Just as a note it states on label it was made in the USA. Thanks to all who responded and now i have a few more ideas from you in case it happens again. I invite anyone who would be interested to view my home made items on my face book page.
Vickie Menter Oregon,Ohio is the needed info to look me up.

By Melanie Jackson [1]02/15/2010

Have you ever had a reaction like this to anything else made of polyester? I ask, because a lot of what Wal-Mart sells is made in China, of inferior materials. So maybe you're allergic to polyester, but you might also be allergic to some unknown contaminant in this particular item.

By Marjorie C. Woodworth [82]02/14/2010

Been there, done that got the tee-shirt. If after washing the polyester blanket, you still have the same reaction, you are allergic to polyester.

I'm allergic to all polyesters and have to wear 100% cotton clothing.

By Cajun [55]02/14/2010

I would suggest that you let the blanket soak in a solution of water & vinegar. An allergic reaction from the polyester or dyes, the vinegar should eliminate it. Let the soaking last over night. (I'd recommend at least 1/2 gallon of vinegar as a minimum; after soaking run it through a cycle in the washing machine; cold water)

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