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Saving Money at Walmart

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Walmart may have low prices on some items but not everything they carry is a great value. Shop smart and watch for good deals at Walmart. This is a page about saving money at Walmart.


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If You Are Overcharged at WalMart. For Wal-Mart shoppers, here is a tip if you were not aware of it. When you go shopping make sure you look at the price tag, compare the name, ounces, anything else that is pertinent to the item.

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We all know that Walmart honors other store's sales ads for the same item, but did you know that Walmart also will honor other store's coupons that say they are only valid in that other store?

I had several questions about Walmart's policies, so I went to the service desk and asked. I was told that at the register, just show the other store's coupon printed in their ad and it would be deducted. However, when I actually took the coupon for $2 off of 2 boxes of Ritz crackers, they asked for the coupon to keep and scanned it. As you can see in the photo, it came up as $2 off at the end of the register tape.


At the original store, their Ritz sold for about $3.38 a box so $1 off would have been $2.28. By taking their store coupon to Walmart where the same size Ritz was $2.68 a box, the coupon made the price actually $1.68 per box. I thought others might like to know this as well, since Walmart doesn't actually mention this in their advertising.

One additional tip. Do you see on my receipt where I was charged $2.98 a bag for CF Roasters (Campfire Roasters Giant Marshmallows)? They have been on large displays for $1.00 a bag in that particular Walmart for several months, but every single time the price at the register is $2.98! Every time, I mention it, and they say something like, "Oh yes, they do have them at that price, and don't know why it's not in the computer correctly." They will then remove the charge and manually enter the correct charge for each bag.


Imagine how many people don't watch the prices as they ring up, and how many other items Walmart hasn't "put into the computer correctly" and it'll make you start taking notes of the prices you see on the shelf to compare at the register.

Don't get me wrong, I love Walmart, but somewhere along the line, I guess they had to make up for the great "match other store's sales ads", lol. So now it's a game to see how often I can really save at Walmart! :^)

By Mary LaCaze from Mountain Pine, AR

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If you live closer to a Walmart than to your local fabric store that is having a great sale on patterns (like JoAnn's fabrics) or if your local fabric store is "picked over" and doesn't have many patterns left in your size, simply take the ad up to the register with you (after you've shopped) and Walmart will honor other stores ads for Simplicity or McCalls brand patterns (and other things too!) Just be sure to bring the ad in with you and make sure the sale is STILL going on.


By Cyinda

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Wondering if many know that Walmart will match competitor's sale prices. All you need to do is bring in the ad flier from the competitor and they will match the price at the register. Just a note, they do not honor "buy 1, get 1 free" sales and the item to be price matched.

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I'd like to remind everyone that WalMart pharmacies are offering $4.00 generic drugs. You can find the list on the WalMart website - Just look at the pharmacy section.

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Walmart online has freebies as a part of the site.

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WalMart now has its annual display of grilling items. Grills galore and more. They also have some great deals on accessory items. You'll find a pretty large selection of items for 88 cents.


Grill brushes, tongs, wiener molds, skewers, etc. The tongs were good size and quite hefty for that price.

Bargain kitchen shears and a silicone basting brush from WalMart

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If your local Walmart store announces a "Back to School Fashion Show". Check into getting your children into the Fashion Show catwalk lineup. A friend's children recently participated in one.


Walmart gave each child the clothing and props they used as a gift for walking their 'catwalk' in the show.

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April 22, 2008

Walmart (at least here in Texas) will match most competitor's ads: including grocery stores, drugstores, and other variety stores. So rather than going from store to store to try to get all the deals each week, I make just one trip to Walmart with all of my ads and save money. I can usually save at least $10-15 each week, and I save a lot of time and frustration. BUT, they usually require that you actually bring the ad in, and they will not recognize other store's coupons or BOGO type promotions.

By thriftyamy from Austin, Texas


Walmart Matches Competitor's Ads

Do you have to go to customer service to get the reduced price or just show the ad to the cashier as you are checking out? (07/27/2007)

By Holly

Walmart Matches Competitor's Ads

At the WM's around me, you just have to show the cashier. I am also in Texas. (07/27/2007)

By Ashley Foster

Walmart Matches Competitor's Ads

Yep, I saw that in AZ at my Mom's TWO! (it's a "small" town for 2) but was surprised when I saw that they don't do it here (or at least don't advertise but I don't think they do) in Central/Bay Area CA in our "new" SuperWalMart. I do the WalMart trip once a week, cuz' I know some things I can get cheaper there but I wish I could do all my shopping in one place instead of 3 different grocery stores (and during summer it's that and local produce places, not that I mind supporting them but it's a lot of running around!). (07/27/2007)

By Michawn

Walmart Matches Competitor's Ads

At my local Walmart, I don't have to take the competitor's store sales flyers as the cashiers have them at their check stands, already. I do pricematch at our Walmart on a regular basis, to save time and money. I have found they will not pricematch cuts of meat, say if another store has corned beef flat cut on sale, Walmart will not let their corned beef flat cut go for the same as other stores, nor will they pricematch other store's prices on deli items. Recently Albertson's had a certain brand of roast beef cold cuts on sale in where the slice the meats for you. I knew WalMart had the same brand, so I got some at WalMart, only to find at the checkout, they'd not pricematch. This was one purchase that I'd have not purchased there, if I'd have known they'd not pricematched. But for the most part, Walmart does pricematch and I've saved a lot of time and money there. (07/27/2007)

By badwater

Walmart Matches Competitor's Ads

Lots of stores will match competitor's prices if you ask. Some advertise the policy, some do not. Ask. You might save yourself some running around. (07/28/2007)

By Janice C.

Walmart Matches Competitor's Ads

Eastern Pennsylvania Walmarts have the same pricematch policy, printed on their sales flyers, they require the competitor's ad. (07/28/2007)

By kidsNclutter

Walmart Matches Competitor's Ads

I have done the Walmart price matching with the ads a few times. But I have noticed WM does not always have the cheaper stuff on lots of items. Also you are putting the other stores out of business if you don't spread it around some. If we put the other stores out to business then WM has more or less a monopoly for the area. Seen them put too many mom and pop stores out of business, even the smaller chain grocery stores. I actually hate the place myself and go there only when necessary. The checkers at ours are rude and slow, don't talk to you. I had one not say one single syllable to me one day. I was in a speed lane the other day and it took the little girl so long my husband was parked out in the lane in front of the store, the security guard told my husband to move, TWICE. I am disabled, and slow, and I still move faster than she did. What a deal! So, I go maybe 5 miles out of my way, spend a buck or two for gas, and go to my favorite store and get their sale items, and get treated like they are happy to see me, and get carry out to boot! pooh on WM. (07/29/2007)

By lori macDonald

Walmart Matches Competitor's Ads

Is this on any ad, or only ones with coupons?
Shirley (08/04/2007)

By Shirely R

Walmart Matches Competitor's Ads

I tried to get a competitors price to purchase a Wild Thing Polan Pro chainsaw with an ad. They got nasty with me. I thought Walmart matches any competitor. That's a lie. Batesville, Mississippi will not honor this at Walmart. (02/09/2008)

By steve

Walmart Matches Competitor's Ads

Next time, if there is a next time, speak with the manager. Frequently the clerks are not informed, or forgot. (02/10/2008)

By Holly

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January 7, 2010

Saving money shopping with ads and on gas/time too. Don't run around to the various stores to buy sale items. Walmart does not advertise this - but if you take the competitors flyer and place the flyer with the sale item - Walmart will give you the same price for the exact same brand. Some Walmarts limit you to stores in a 50 mile radius. No one believes me when I tell them to do this until they try. You don't have to say a word - just put the ad on the counter with the item. I often wonder if they train their employees not to respond as not to spread the word because cashiers never say a word to me, they just look at the ad and adjust the price. Note this does not apply to coupons - only to ads placed in flyers. Saves you on gas and time too - no running around town for the better deal!

By Tracey from Thomasville, GA


Walmart Matches Competitor's Ads

I work at Wal-Mart in Northern Indiana. Yes, we price match exact prices for the exact same item. We don't require customers to bring their ads, but if you ask to match a price and we don't happen to have the ad at our register, we are not required to match it. Unfortunately people lie all the time: "Oh, milk is on sale" or "24 packs of pop are on sale". So, bring your ad, be polite and tell the cashier you have some items to price match. If the cashier says they can't match an item, politely ask why. Is it not the same exact item, is it a different brand or model number, is it a BOGO or percentage off? If you insist on the price match, ask to speak to a CSM or CSS (managers for the front end).

Lastly, don't judge a whole store or a whole company on one experience with a rude or quiet cashier. I've had people yell, scream, swear and try to get me fired for simply doing my job. I had to go to work last week when I was experiencing a frightening medical problem. I had to wait several days for results from my doctor. I was trying to be as friendly and courteous as I could but I was very worried and not very smiley. I was told, "You could be friendlier" in a snotty tone by a customer. Yes, I could be but I'm doing the best I can. Another cashier's father died on Thursday and she still had to go to work Friday and Saturday. Do you know how hard it was for her to hold it together those two days? She had to keep going to the bathroom to cry. I'm not trying to excuse all rudeness, but understand that your cashier is a person with feelings, a personal life and problems that you don't know about. Maybe a friendly word or smile from you could change the tone of her day. (04/22/2008)

By samaree

Walmart Matches Competitor's Ads

I used to take all of the competitor's ads with me. I went through before grocery shopping and made a list, and put what store the sale was from so when I had to show them, I would just know where to find it and what page it was on, it indeed saves big bucks! (04/22/2008)

By Diana Albers

Walmart Matches Competitor's Ads

All of this is true and Wal-Mart is a great place to shop. However, one must realize how much money Wal-Mart is saving on ADVERTISING! Really, do you realize how expensive advertising is? What better way to pull in customers without advertising expenses than matching the competitors prices from THEIR OWN ADS! It's really just a great marketing move!

By Nolasandy

Walmart Matches Competitor's Ads

Walmart does match but it must be EXACTLY the same item advertised, same size, model number etc. Alot of times, this is what happens. For example, The model number printer tha Store X advertises for $30 is Model XJV5000-ABC and WalMart has what appears to be the same printer, with the same features, but they won't match the price, because it is Model XJV5000-ABX. A lot of times on the more expensive items, this is what happens, technically it is exactly the same printer, but different stores receive boxes with different model numbers on them, and therefore they are not "identical products" and won't be price matched. (I worked at Walmart for more than 2 years, and I had to enforce this) (04/24/2008)

By Jana

Walmart Matches Competitor's Ads

I went to the Atlanta, Tx Walmart to with an ad from Hancock Fabrics. There are 3 Hancock stores within 50 miles. The items I tried to purchase were McCall's patterns. They were on sale at Hancocks for $.99. Regular price at Walmart is $6.95. I took all of my items to the cashier and she read the ad. She was unsure whether or not they could honor it because of the price difference. She called a manager and she argued with me that because the ad said in store only they could not honor it. I tried to explain that only meant they couldn't be purchased online it had to be in the store. This manager called another one. I also told them my mother had been last night with the same ad and had no problem with the ad. The 2nd manager said he had called 2 other people and the said they could not honor them. I asked what part of their policy allowed them to deny this ad. He couldn't answer. He just said he had called 2 other people and they said, "No!" I had $35 in other items including fabric I had gotten cut, I left them with the cashier and told them they could put them up. I drove back to my local store which is 20 miles away. Its a small store no grocery and I know everyone. I asked the on duty CSM about the ad and she said they only honor ads up to 20-30 miles away, but the Atlanta store should honor up to 50 miles away. There is a Hancock store less than 20 miles away. She said if there were one close enough she would have honored the ad. I told her about my experience in the other store and she said they should have honored the ad. I called the 800 number and someone should be getting back with me. Does anyone know what the policy actually is? (06/29/2008)

By sterry

Walmart Matches Competitor's Ads

Bull, even though Black Angus meat is the same meat they will not honor local Black Angus meat prices because they do not carry the brand name. Must be some kind of caste system we live in. (12/17/2008)

By Maryme

Walmart Matches Competitor's Ads

I have been using "comp" ads for years. When I first started about 15 years ago, the cashier said that the item had to be the exact brand etc. I asked to speak to the Manager, he agreed that it didn't have the same brand and have occasionally had problem with new managers of the years until I got them "trained". Recently they have told me that they no longer match seafood. Got to check this out. (08/23/2009)

By sammy

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