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Really large cardboard box.

Sources for Really Large Boxes?Large boxes can really useful to have, especially if you are moving. This is a page about sources for really large boxes.


Writing a budget on a notepad.

Living on Very Little MoneyIf you are low on money living frugally is an imperative. Use these thrifty ideas to help get you through times when money is short. This is a page about living with very little money.


Plugged in air freshener

Can You Refill Plug-in Air Fresheners?This is a page about can you refill plug-in air fresheners?. You may be able to refill plug-in fresheners with your favorite scents.


lotion bottle

Getting All the Lotion Out of a BottleThis page is about getting all the lotion out of a bottle. Being able to use the very last of the lotion can be a challenge.


Affording Real Food

Affording Real FoodRecently, I was talking with a friend about the difficulty of feeding our growing families affordably but also in a healthy way. She was talking about the extra cost of buying and preparing "real food", meaning not processed and mostly from scratch. I started wondering if it is really more expensive?


Money Being Cinched by Measuring Tape

Living on a Tight BudgetThis is a page about living on a tight budget. More and more of us are trying to make ends meet on a tight budget.



Dry Erase Markers

Reviving Dry Erase MarkersYou might be able to extend the life of that dry erase marker. This is a page about reviving dry erase markers.


Depression Era Bank

Frugal Living Lessons from the Great DepressionThis is a page about frugal living lessons from the Great Depression. There are many useful lessons that can be learned from how people lived during the Great Depression.


Red bar of soap

Storing Bars of SoapThis is a page about storing bars of soap. There are some good tips for storing backup bars of soap.



Use Wallpaper for Shelf and Drawer LinersWhen you find discounted wallpaper ends, you can use the pieces to line drawers and shelves. This is a page about use wallpaper for shelf and drawer liners.


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Use Electricity at Cheapest TimesMy local electric company just sent out a brochure with the savings I can make from using my electrical appliances in the evening. I save almost 50% by doing baking for the week, washing clothes, etc by planning to do those things after 9 pm.


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Freeze Canned BiscuitsI found out just today that you can freeze the biscuits-in-a-can! Find a sale, stock up, and throw them in the freezer. You can either let the can thaw out, pop it open and then bake the biscuits or (frozen cans will NOT pop) pry the frozen biscuits out of the can and bake them.


Loaves of bread

When is Enough Enough?A friend of mine, for as long as I can remember, would say, "A loaf of bread costs what it costs, and you can eat only so much bread. Why would you buy more bread then you could ever use?". In my younger years I would chuckle to myself.


Box of Bounce dryer sheets.

Alternate Uses for Dryer SheetsThis page is about alternate uses for dryer sheets. These strong smelling fabric sheets are not considered safe by all, but they can be useful for a variety of things.


Liquid Hand Soap

Stretching Liquid Hand SoapThis is a page about stretching liquid hand soap. Stretching the liquid hand soap you use is one way to cut household expenses.


Homemade Wipes

Homemade Adult WipesAdult wipes can get expensive to purchase regularly. You can save some money on these items by making them yourself. This is a page about homemade adult wipes.


glass jar with baking soda and spoon

Reusing Refrigerator Baking SodaThis is a page about reusing refrigerator baking soda. Once a box of soda has been used to absorb odors in the fridge, it can be useful for a variety of other things.


An older woman holding a piggy bank and giving a thumbs up.

Living Better With LessThis is a page about living better with less. Whether by choice or financial circumstance, we are sometimes required to make do with less. Surprisingly, this change in life style can be a very good thing.


A woman clipping coupons for the first time.

Starting to Live Frugally?This page is about starting to live frugally. It's never too late to begin saving money and reusing what you may have trashed in the past.


Putting Money in Change Purse

Living a Frugal LifestyleThis is a page about living a frugal lifestyle. Frugality in your life may be a choice or a way of life made necessary by financial circumstances.


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Favorite Tips from the Tightwad Gazette?What are some tips from the Tightwad Gazette that you love most and still implement?



A cabinet with several types of dishes.

Using Mismatched DishwareYou can set a beautiful unique table using mismatched dinnerware. The many colors and patterns can be very attractive and personalized. This is a page about using mismatched dishware.


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Selling Used VCRs?I have many VCRs with or without the DVD combo. They just need minor cleaning. What would be the best way to sell them? I hate that I just have them sitting around the house taking up space. Most all of them just need cleaning.


Big Mac hamburger and a side of fries.

Saving Money at McDonald'sThis is a page about saving money at McDonald's. By customizing a cheaper sandwich, you can achieve a similar flavor to the Big Mac, without paying the higher price. There are also lots of coupons and an app for your phone to help save you money. Plus there is always a deal at the top of your receipt if you complete the survey.


Adult Mother and Daughter Together

Lessons About Frugal Living from My MotherThis page contains frugal living advice. Growing up during or just after the Great Depression, meant that life was tough for many people. One of our users wrote about the lessons her mom shared with her from growing up in a time where it was important to be frugal, waste nothing, and appreciate what you had.


Saving Coins

Challenging Yourself to SaveSaving money is an important skill to learn. This is a page about challenging yourself to save.


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Determining the Best Price on Toilet Paper?How do you determine the most economical price for toilet paper? Is it by the square feet on a roll, number of sheets on a roll, single or double ply, etc? I am wanting a formula I can use at the store, to determine if I'm getting a "bargain".


Pouring Shampoo

Uses for ShampooThis page contains uses for shampoo. When you have shampoo that you don't like to use on your hair, there are other ways to use this product.


A woman writing a check for a bill.

Being Frugal From NecessityFrugality is a way of life that isn't always a choice. This is a page about being frugal from necessity.


Reviving Dried Up Markers - close up of marker in a cup

Reviving Dried Up MarkersSometimes there is plenty of ink left, but the marker tip has dried out. This is a page about reviving dried up markers.


An old post marked envelope with a postage stamp on it.

How to Remove Stamps from EnvelopesWith a little steam and some care, stamps can often be removed from envelopes. Use these tips to learn how to remove stamps from envelopes.


Electrical Timers

Uses for Electrical TimersThis page is about uses for electrical timers. There are many ways timers can be used for safety, security, and convenience, as well as, to save on electricity.


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Thrifty Living Advice From World War II Survivors?Could we please have information from survivors of WW II on thrifty living? - before there's no-one left to pass on the information?


Laundry Drying Line in the Garage - bracket with rope for lines added

Installing a Clothes Line in the GarageYou can save energy by hanging your laundry on a clothes line to dry in your garage. This is a page about installing a clothes line in the garage.


A brown plastic grocery bag.

Keeping Your Feet Dry With Plastic BagsRecycle plastic bags to keep your socks and feet dry when out in the rain and snow. This is a page about keeping your feet dry with plastic bags.



An old house in a small rural town.

Frugal Rural LivingLife in the country can give you many opportunities to save money by living simply and growing your own food. This is a page about frugal rural living.


tissue rolling from the top forward

Flatten Roll to Use Less Toilet PaperToilet paper can get used too quickly sometimes. Trying flattening the roll a bit to help prevent too much from easily unrolling. This is a page about keeping the kids from unrolling toilet paper.


A couple walking and holding hands.

Thrifty Love StoriesBeing thrifty doesn't prevent a person from being romantic. This page features thrifty love stories. Feel free to share you own!


Father Helping Daughter Put Money in Piggy Bank

Enjoying Being FrugalLife is always subject to change. Learning to live within your means can be a challenge and very satisfying. This is a page about enjoying being frugal.


Couple Sunning Backyard

The Non-Vacation VacationSometimes a staycation is exactly what you need to relax with out traveling far away. This is a page about the non-vacation vacation.


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Frugal Ethics - When Frugal Becomes Just Plain CheapThere are times when it's tempting to lie, steal or break one of the other 10 Commandments to get a good deal but, in living frugally, we all need to stick to being honest. This is not always easy to do, but I want to give some examples that may help you stay honest. Here are some common tactics that some people use that are unethical and sometimes illegal:


Pair of wool socks isolated on white

Uses for Wool SocksThis is a page about uses for wool socks. Once your woolen socks are worn out, you can repurpose them in a variety other ways.


A row of canned goods at the supermarket

Buying Food for Two Years With $5 a WeekSetting aside a small amount of food for long term storage every week can add up to a lot extra food over the course of a year. This is a page about buying food for two years with $5 a week.


Dresses on a clothing rack at a thrift store.

Buying Evening Wear at a Thrift StoreWhen you need some clothes to dress up, you can save lots of money and look great too, when you shop at a second hand store. This is a page about buying evening wear at a thrift store.


Taking Pride in Being Frugal

Taking Pride in Being FrugalThis is a page about taking pride in being frugal. There are many personal rewards that result from living a frugal lifestyle.


A frustrated woman looking at her laptop computer.

Surviving an Economic CrisisLiving a frugal lifestyle can help you live comfortably during tough economic times. This page is about surviving an economic crisis.


My Frugal Life: Every Penny CountsBeing a single mom, being frugal is not just a term, it's a way of life. To save money on groceries, I emailed all the companies I could think of and asked to be put on their mailing list. Almost immediately I started receiving coupons and samples.


A mom and child walking in the woods.

Living a Simple LifestyleThis is a page about living a simple lifestyle. Modern life can be stressful and living with less things can often be a positive change.


Jar Candle

Jar Candle Tips and TricksThis is a page with jar candle tips and tricks. Candles in jars are a wonderful source of soft light.


Bottled Water

Saving Money on Bottled WaterThis is a page about saving money on bottled water. Bottled water is often purchased for its convenience factor. However, often times it is nothing other than filtered tap water.


A freshly made bed.

Thrifty Living Could Mean EverythingThrifty living does not mean you have to avoid the good and healthy things that cost a lot. Sometimes, it also means self discipline. For me, policies are indeed useful for disciplining myself.


The app being used as a remote.

Fire TV App as RemoteFor some reason our Amazon fire stick remote stopped working. I changed the batteries several times and tried troubleshooting before thinking of purchasing a remote replacement. Guess what? A remote replacement ($20) is almost the same price as purchasing a new Amazon fire stick with remote ($20-30).


Monk holding a monkey on his lap

My Frugal Life: Buddha's ExampleThe Gautama Buddha, over 25 centuries ago, commended frugality. As an example, he taught the first monks and nuns to make their robes from "pure cloth" that is cloth that no one wanted.


An abandoned grocery cart on the road.

My Frugal Life: Price Hike"Hey, Bob, look!" I said as we neared a bus stop in my neighborhood. "Now why would anyone want to do that?" he grumbled, outraged at the eyesore we'd just driven past, a gang of abandoned shopping carts.


A small Christmas tree being decorated.

My Frugal Holiday: Our First Family Christmas StoryOnce upon a Christmas time in a little college town there lived college couple with a baby son. In between classes and jobs and studying late, they had bought gifts for parents, sisters, brothers and baby too, of course.


A blue summer sky with white clouds and a tree.

My Frugal Life: Compromise and CompensateAs children, we grow up not ever paying attention to advice or knowledge provided by our elders, usually on a frequent and routine basis. Going along with our childish and playful days, knowing it all, and living the racey lifestyle, along with making unattentional choices, with little regard to our bodies limitations of the aging process.


Tomatoes growing in a garden.

My Frugal Life: Saving Money is FunI still live in the same house I did when my first child was born. That was 37 years ago. What does that have to do with anything? Well, at first it wasn't intentional; staying here I mean.


Ground coffee next to coffee beans.

My Frugal Life: The Coffee TestI have found it helpful, thriftily-speaking, to take a look at all the necessary things in my life and make a list of those that I just can't scrimp on.


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My Frugal Life: If In Doubt, Don't!I have been working since I was 15 years old and I am now 51. Knowing how to stretch a dollar is a lesson I learned early. My older sister was a seamstress and she taught me how to sew.


A pile of shredded paper

My Frugal Life: Of Misers and MotherhoodMy father shared the title of his self published book "The Miser's Muniment." In the mid eighties, with freewheeling credit within the reach of practically everyone, hardly anyone was interested in reading about misers.


A woman looking at her shopping receipt.

My Frugal Life: Grocery ShoppingI make it a habit of being open to food-shopping deals whenever I go anywhere. Today I stopped in at an independent dollar store, where I found a quart of lemon juice at 2/$1.00. That'll last a good long time.


Taking a check out of an envelope.

Frugality And A Question Of MoralsI recently voiced my opinion, maybe too loudly, on a post about asking for extra condiments when dining out. I felt keeping extra condiments automatically given to you was OK, while asking for extras to increase your at home stockpile was not.


Woman opening the refrigerator.

Do These Little Things Really Add Up?We're governed by our habits, and while some of them are simply irksome, others serve a purpose. After coaxing the last spurt of shampoo from the bottle, do you add water and swish out whatever is left?


A slip proof lap desk.

Slip-proof Your Lap DeskIf things tend to slide around and off of your lap desk learn how to make it slip-proof. All you will need are some glue sticks and a hot glue gun.


A woman using coupons when grocery shopping.

Living on a BudgetMy boyfriend and I live in Southeastern KY. We are both disabled and living on disability. We have to budget everything, from electricity to groceries, every month. We are members of several store loyalty programs that automatically apply coupons to your purchase, which helps a lot. You can also use clip coupons along with that to add extra savings. Just about every store has a loyalty program now and you should be able to easily sign up online or at the store itself, just ask a clerk.


A wood burning stove in the kitchen.

Living in the BoondocksWe live in the country and it is 45 miles away from any grocery store. The first thing we do is to make a shopping list and only go shopping once a month. Our doctors are 180 miles from our home so, when we have a doctor's appointment, we check the shopping ads for the stores in that town and buy what we know we will use and stock up on those items at those stores. We go to a Sprouts at those times and stock up on sale meat items because they are organic or Kosher, due to my allergies.


A set of organized small shelves in a bathroom.

RepurposeAn artist at heart, my brother loved doing home renovations. He also loved teaching me the basics, like how to use a power drill. This skill has played an essential role in my frugal living. Many of my frugal habits center around repurposing. It is finding another meaning in something, whether it retains its current form or not, and whether it is carefully preserved or eventually discarded.


I Hope You Dance to HeavenMy sister was diagnosed with cancer in the year 2000. She was not expected to live over one year, but God gave us seven years to watch her journey through this cancer and her spiritual journey to Heaven. The last Thanksgiving that my sister was on this Earth, she was wheelchair-bound and I was asked by her to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for her and her family.


A finger and thumb pinching a penny.

Pinch Those Pennies When You're YoungMy great aunt and uncle were very frugal. They made their own furniture out of pressed wood. They had a schematic of the property, where every wire was buried outside, location of all piping, cable etc. They ordered kitchen cabinets to put together themselves and bought parts for repairs in bulk; plumbing, sprinkler, electricity, basically anything that could break and need repaired. They bought the best quality gloss enamel paint so everything was easy to maintain with washing.


A rainbow over some fields.

Country Meets CityWhen I was five, we would travel from Hamilton to Roebuck to see my dad's parents. We loved it there, even though there was no running water or any thing fancy. There was a built in toilet, like an outside outhouse. I remember my aunt carrying the pail to dump, she hated it. She would have to feed the pigs and other animals. We would follow her around.


A jar of change being saved.

Finally Starting Out Being ThriftyMy partner and I are on SSDI with SNAP and I am enforcing a budget for 4 people in this household. We consume a lot of tea so we get the gallon bags on our main shopping trip. My partner brews it up in a large Dutch oven like pot and makes 2 gallons out of that, one for him and one for the rest of us.


A man holding open an empty wallet.

A Fortnight's Lost IncomeThis is a story from my past, which taught me that when you have to you can do it! It was the day after payday and I had the cash on the table, working out where it would be going. There was a knock at the door so I hid the cash. It was an hour or so before I got back to my budgeting task. Unfortunately, I had forgotten where I'd put the money!


A sad and small Christmas tree.

The Christmas Tree GrinchMy father bought our Christmas tree every year on Christmas Eve. My father, well, he was a bit of a Grinch when it came to purchasing a tree. He didn't want to spend money for a tree that was only going to be up for one week. It was his money; after all, we were spending.


A free couch left on the curb.

Curb Shopping Tips and TricksSometimes you run across discarded items on the side of the street that may be useful for you. This page contains curb shopping tips and tricks.


A collection of items on a table at a garage sale.

Selling Household ItemsMost of us end up with numerous items both large and small, never used or gently used that we want to get rid of in our efforts to declutter. This page contains some very helpful tips for selling household items.


Making a Stir Fry

106 Ways to Save in the KitchenThere are numerous ways you can save money with regards to your kitchen including reducing the cost of food, eliminating the use of disposable items such as paper napkins, growing a veggie garden, and more. This page contains several essays that outline 106 ways to save in the kitchen.


A collection of baking ingredients on a white background.

Lessons From BakingShare your love of baking with others. Cooking can teach us all sorts of life lessons, such as following directions, measuring, caution and patience. Your family also gets to enjoy the end product too.


A pair of sunglasses used as a cellphone holder.

Using Sunglasses as Cell Phone EaselYou can turn your sunglasses upside down to make a makeshift stand for your cell phone to watch videos. This is a page about using sunglasses as cell phone easel.


dealing with junk mail

Frugal Living ComicsHere is a collection of humorous comics about frugal matters, illustrated by Donny Yankellow. This page contains frugal living comics.


A curtain in a minivan next to a carseat.

Hanging Curtains in a CarAn easy way to add car curtains is with rods, small hooks and semi-transparent kitchen window curtains. They can give shade without obstructing the driver's view. This is a page about hanging curtains in a car.


Make Your Sponge Last Twice as Long - blue sponge cut in half

Saving Money by Cutting Sponges in HalfFeel good about throwing away dirty sponges regularly by getting twice as many with this simple trick. This is a page about saving money by cutting sponges in half.


Woman putting money in a piggy bank.

Having A Frugal MindsetEnjoy being satisfied and content. Life is so much more comfortable when you stay within your budget and you are aware of the difference between what you need and what you want. This is a page about having a frugal mindset.


Father and daughter putting money in a piggy bank.

Developing a Frugal LifestyleDid you know that a frugal lifestyle can become a way of life that allows more time for relaxation, less stress over money, and daily expenses in general? Budget, organize your home, reuse and recycle. This is a page about developing a frugal lifestyle.


Jar full of coins with the word "save" on the outside.

Frugal Ways To SaveThere are so many creative ways to be thrifty and save time, resources, and money. This page contains frugal ways to save.


Close up of a bra on a white table.

Homemade "No Show" Bra InsertsUse a recycled or thrift store padded bra to make these handy inserts. This is a page about homemade no show bra inserts.


Picking an apple from a tree.

How to Find Public Fruit Trees to ForageFinding fruit trees in public spaces can be an easy free way to gather food. This is a page about how to find public fruit trees to forage.


Stylish blue glasses on a blur background.

Buying Inexpensive Reading GlassesThis is a page about buying inexpensive reading glasses. Here is some information about buying inexpensive reading glasses online. Having an extra pair on hand is helpful in case your regular pair breaks or gets lost.


Woman putting on panty hose with a run in one leg.

Using Panty Hose with a Run in One LegTo get more use from your panty hose, you can cut off the legging with a run in it, and wear it with another pair with a single good legging. This is a page about using panty hose with a run in one leg.


Baby hygiene products

Uses for Baby OilBaby oil is mineral oil with added fragrance and can be used for nearly any purpose that regular mineral oil could be used. This page contains uses for baby oil.


Dirty hands holding a cardboard cutout house.

Transitioning from HomelessnessIf you can look at possibilities without preconceived ideas, you can have a comfortable life without spending a lot of money. This is a page about transitioning from homelessness.


Closeup of used cardboard boxes piled up.

Finding Free Cardboard BoxesBoxes are so useful for storage and moving but they can be very expensive to buy new. This is a page about finding free cardboard boxes.


Dollar being stretched by fingers holding it

Stretching the Value of a DollarThere are many ways to get the most of every bit of your hard-earned money. This is a page about stretching the value of a dollar.


Family paying for groceries at supermarket

Shopping with Less MoneyIt can be a challenge to buy everything you need without having a lot of money. This is a page about shopping with less money.


Some free items from businesses; a calendar, pens and a coffee mug.

Free Items from BusinessesVisit businesses and banks for free items. They offer advertising items to promote or gain new customers. No need to buy pens, calendars, coffee mugs any more. Businesses benefit from distributing their promotional items to prospective customers.


A chain necklace that has been shortened temporarily.

How to Shorten a Chain NecklaceUsing a safety pin you can shorten a necklace chain to the length you want. This is a page about shortening a chain necklace.


Several credit cards cut into pieces.

Cut the CardThis was the best decision I could make during this time. I have worked hard on my budget and trust me. If there is a fee to even have the card, I don't want it. I did many reviews on Creditone bank. Not to be cruel but they are not a nice company. I found one of the hardest parts of reading the reviews was cutting off the card.


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A small leather pocketbook.

Gratitude Not AttitudeGratitude, not attitude. Last week Lowes was giving away gift cards in denominations from $5 to $1500. As to be expected, most cards were $5, which is what I got. I saw some posts from people saying they "only" got $5. I felt it was $5 that I did not have before.


A set of organized small shelves in a bathroom.

RepurposeAn artist at heart, my brother loved doing home renovations. He also loved teaching me the basics, like how to use a power drill. This skill has played an essential role in my frugal living. Many of my frugal habits center around repurposing. It is finding another meaning in something, whether it retains its current form or not, and whether it is carefully preserved or eventually discarded.


A crazy quilt made from scraps of material.

The Most Frugal Of All, Free MemoriesWhat is your earliest memory? I will tell you three of mine as I don't know which is earliest. When I was little, the house was not heated past bed time. If the temperature was 10 degrees outside, it was 10 degrees inside, not long after we all went to bed.


A single layer chocolate cake

Baking LessonsA hearth is timeless. In days past, of the likes of Little Women, warm flickering light from the stove used to brighten up evenings for families coming together over a meal. What would they talk about? Maybe the ships coming in from sea, slow telegraphs from a father far away, the newspaper picked up for a dime from the little boy at the market? After the dishes were put away, a child like Beth might play hymns on her old upright, several decades before the radio was ever invented.


A woman using coupons when grocery shopping.

Living on a BudgetMy boyfriend and I live in Southeastern KY. We are both disabled and living on disability. We have to budget everything, from electricity to groceries, every month. We are members of several store loyalty programs that automatically apply coupons to your purchase, which helps a lot. You can also use clip coupons along with that to add extra savings.


Tomatoes growing in a garden.

A Green Frugal LifeI've always been a frugal person, following in my Grandma's footsteps. She survived the Depression yet fed her family well. Even a teaspoon of leftover corn at dinner was put in a homemade soup. Pastry scraps were made into the most delicious treats, spread with either cinnamon sugar or jam, then rolled, baked and sprinkled with powdered sugar. From her, we learned how to make delicious meals cheaply.


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Reviving Dried Up Markers

Reviving Dried Up MarkersTry reviving your dried up markers before thawing them out. Check out this video and learn how we did it.


Depression Era Cooking With Clara

Video And Link: Depression Era Cooking With ClaraJust wanted to take a minute to recommend to everyone that they go to You Tube and look up Great Depression Cooking. There you will find Clara Cannucciari. She gives wonderful recipes and tips as well as recalling the difficult times during the Great Depression.



A wood burning stove in the kitchen.

Living in the BoondocksWe live in the country and it is 45 miles away from any grocery store. The first thing we do is to make a shopping list and only go shopping once a month. Our doctors are 180 miles from our home so, when we have a doctor's appointment, we check the shopping ads for the stores in that town and buy what we know we will use and stock up on those items at those stores.


Taking a check out of an envelope.

Frugality And A Question Of MoralsI recently voiced my opinion, maybe too loudly, on a post about asking for extra condiments when dining out. I felt keeping extra condiments automatically given to you was OK, while asking for extras to increase your at home stockpile was not.


Hand holding a home name disinfectant wipe

Make Your Own Disinfectant WipesIt's easy to make your own disinfectant wipes at home. These are great when the stores are selling out because of the Coronavirus. It's also a convenient way to refill wipe containers so you can get more uses out of them.


An unpaved country road.

Silence Is GoldenWhen I was a child, I would take long walks down unpaved, winding country roads. Much of the land was undeveloped and sometimes there was two, three miles distance between houses. Often, I would hear a cow mooing in a pasture to my right or left, tiny birds chirping happily, even the occasional buzzard or chicken hawk overhead.


A slip proof lap desk.

Slip-proof Your Lap DeskI bought a lap desk the other day. It was in sorry shape, so I got it for $1.00. I came home, re-snapped the bean bag in one place, and cleaned it. It worked great until my plate almost slipped off!


Using foil in a battery compartment to enable AAA batteries to work in a AA slot.

Triple A Batteries to Save the DayHave you ever needed AA batteries but only have AAA on hand, don't worry. AAA will save the day, you can use them when your device requires double A. Simply fill in the gap with foil on the contact the positive terminal. So if you're ever in the store and forgot which one to get, go for the AAA.


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Frugal Living Ideas?What was the one frugal choice you made this year? I am trying to cut down more on spending. Your answers will help me very much. I am also trying to stockpile, but I am having trouble getting around.


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Removing Stamps on Envelopes?How can I remove stamps on an envelope that have not been canceled by the post office?


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Looking for Our Homestead?We are just in the planning stages. We live in Georgia and aren't sure what's legal as far as going off the grid. Do we just need to get land way far out in the middle of nowhere? We are preparing the current place for sale, there are too many peeps and traffic.


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Need Help with Plumbing?I'm having trouble with my plumbing and winterizing my home. I'm out of water as of now. I'm a one income household. Trying to live on $8.35 a hour. I'm attempting to pay heat, mortgage, electric, and all other bills.


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Life of Watch Battery with Stem Pulled Out?Can a watch battery go dead with the stem pulled out? I replaced a bunch of watch batteries and left the stem out on all of them. They went dead after 2 years. How long should they last with stem out? I kind of forgot about them, so was surprised when they were all dead!


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Finding a Swap or Barter Group?I would love anything for household supplies. I am looking for a swap or barter group in Westchester County, New York. I can't find a group anywhere.


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