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Really large cardboard box.

Sources for Really Large Boxes?Large boxes can really useful to have, especially if you are moving. This is a page about sources for really large boxes.


Frugal Living Advice

Frugal Living AdviceReading advice from others who live a frugal lifestyle can be helpful in developing one of your own. This page contains frugal living advice.


Dry Erase Markers

Reviving Dry Erase MarkersYou might be able to extend the life of that dry erase marker. This is a page about reviving dry erase markers.


Writing a budget on a notepad.

Living on Very Little MoneyIf you are low on money living frugally is an imperative. Use these thrifty ideas to help get you through times when money is short. This is a page about living with very little money.


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Favorite Tips from the Tightwad Gazette?What are some tips from the Tightwad Gazette that you love most and still implement?


Putting Money in Change Purse

Living a Frugal LifestyleThis is a page about living a frugal lifestyle. Frugality in your life may be a choice or a way of life made necessary by financial circumstances.


Depression Era Bank

Frugal Living Lessons from the Great DepressionThis is a page about frugal living lessons from the Great Depression. There are many useful lessons that can be learned from how people lived during the Great Depression.


Adult Mother and Daughter Together

Lessons About Frugal Living from My MotherThis page contains frugal living advice. Growing up during or just after the Great Depression, meant that life was tough for many people. One of our users wrote about the lessons her mom shared with her from growing up in a time where it was important to be frugal, waste nothing, and appreciate what you had.


A glass catching clear spring water.

Finding Natural Spring WaterThis is a page about finding natural spring water. Drinking clean, fresh chemical free water is important for everyone's health.


A mom and child walking in the woods.

Living a Simple LifestyleThis is a page about living a simple lifestyle. Modern life can be stressful and living with less things can often be a positive change.


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Frugal Ethics - When Frugal Becomes Just Plain CheapThere are times when it's tempting to lie, steal or break one of the other 10 Commandments to get a good deal but, in living frugally, we all need to stick to being honest. This is not always easy to do, but I want to give some examples that may help you stay honest. Here are some common tactics that some people use that are unethical and sometimes illegal:


Green Dumpster

Dumpster Diving Tips and TricksThis is a page about dumpster diving tips and tricks. There can be treasures found in someone's waste, as long as you have permission to look.



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Ways to Cool Bedroom?How can I cool my bedroom at night without using central air or a window air conditioner? I think the cost is going to get really high this year for running the A/C. Thank you for any help.


A free couch left on the curb.

Curb Shopping Tips and TricksSometimes you run across discarded items on the side of the street that may be useful for you. This page contains curb shopping tips and tricks.


Woman putting money in a piggy bank.

Having A Frugal MindsetEnjoy being satisfied and content. Life is so much more comfortable when you stay within your budget and you are aware of the difference between what you need and what you want. This is a page about having a frugal mindset.


Jar full of coins with the word "save" on the outside.

Frugal Ways To SaveThere are so many creative ways to be thrifty and save time, resources, and money. This page contains frugal ways to save.


Picking an apple from a tree.

How to Find Public Fruit Trees to ForageFinding fruit trees in public spaces can be an easy free way to gather food. This is a page about how to find public fruit trees to forage.


Stylish blue glasses on a blur background.

Buying Inexpensive Reading GlassesThis is a page about buying inexpensive reading glasses. Here is some information about buying inexpensive reading glasses online. Having an extra pair on hand is helpful in case your regular pair breaks or gets lost.


Dollar being stretched by fingers holding it

Stretching the Value of a DollarThere are many ways to get the most of every bit of your hard-earned money. This is a page about stretching the value of a dollar.


Coffee pod on a pile of espresso grounds.

Reusing Nespresso PodsBy cleaning out the used pod and refilling it you might be able to reuse it a couple of times. This is a page about reusing Nespresso pods.


Woman Showing Daughter how to Save Money with Piggy Bank

Our Throwaway SocietyThis is a page about living frugally in a throwaway society. There are many ways to live a meaningful life with less things, and reuse items that many just throw away.


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Frugal Living Ideas?What was the one frugal choice you made this year? I am trying to cut down more on spending. Your answers will help me very much. I am also trying to stockpile, but I am having trouble getting around.


Removing Drinking Glass from Cupboard

Saving Money on GlasswareDrinking glasses and stemware can get broken over time from use and cleaning. Buying mis-matched glassware can save you money in keeping your cupboard stock with glasses to use. This is a page about saving money on glassware.


Saving Coins

Challenging Yourself to SaveSaving money is an important skill to learn. This is a page about challenging yourself to save.


Couple Sunning Backyard

The Non-Vacation VacationSometimes a staycation is exactly what you need to relax with out traveling far away. This is a page about the non-vacation vacation.


Group of young men and woman discussing frugal living.

Start Your Own Frugal ClubWhether it's at a school, church, or local community center; starting a frugal club to help your friends and neighbors save money is a great idea. This is a page about start your own frugal club.



A woman writing a check for a bill.

Being Frugal From NecessityFrugality is a way of life that isn't always a choice. This is a page about being frugal from necessity.


tissue rolling from the top forward

Flatten Roll to Use Less Toilet PaperToilet paper can get used too quickly sometimes. Trying flattening the roll a bit to help prevent too much from easily unrolling. This is a page about keeping the kids from unrolling toilet paper.


Learning Frugality

Learning FrugalityHowever and whenever you learn to be frugal, it will be helpful for your life. This is a page about learning frugality.


Hand holding Social Security Card.

Surviving on Social SecurityTrying to live on your Social Security income alone can be very challenging. It requires planning and creativity, along with obvious frugality. This is a page about surviving on Social Security.


colorful homemade soap

Planning a Bring and Barter EventOften times you can acquire things you need via barter or trade from friends and neighbors, rather than buying new. Planning a bartering event is perfect way to help people get things they need and for others to get rid of things they don't. This is a page about plan a bring and barter event.


An old house in a small rural town.

Frugal Rural LivingLife in the country can give you many opportunities to save money by living simply and growing your own food. This is a page about frugal rural living.


A hand counting pennies on a wooden desk.

The Difference Between Thrifty and CheapFinding the cheapest option is not always the most frugal choice. Being Thrifty takes into account time, money and quality. Learn more about the difference between thrifty and cheap in this page.


When Are You Being Too Frugal?

When Are You Being Too Frugal?We all need to be thrifty to avoid waste and reuse whenever possible, but not be penny wise and pound foolish. This is a page about when are you being too frugal?


A gate on a homestead, at sunrise.

Living on a HomesteadThis is a page about living on a homestead. Starting a home from scratch and living off the land can be a meaningful challenge. It is satisfying to grow a garden and raise livestock for most of your food.


Close up of car rear window with For Sale Sign

Getting Rid of Your CarThis is a page about getting rid of your car. Getting rid of your can can be a life changing decision. Many people find it enjoyable and liberating.


Young boy in diapers drawing on the inside of a box with a crayon

Frugal Toy IdeasThis is a page about frugal toy ideas. You don't have to spend a fortune on toys for your children. Many inexpensive, recycled, and household items make excellent one time and continued use toys.


Woman standing in kitchen holding out a casserole dish

Cooking for Other Families to Save MoneyThis is a page about cooking for other families to save money. One way to save money on groceries is to buy enough ingredients to double a meal. If you can find other families to cook for then both families benefit.


Red bar of soap

Storing Bars of SoapThis is a page about storing bars of soap. There are some good tips for storing backup bars of soap.


Taking Pride in Being Frugal

Taking Pride in Being FrugalThis is a page about taking pride in being frugal. There are many personal rewards that result from living a frugal lifestyle.


Finding Your Posting History on ThriftyFun

Finding Your Posting History on ThriftyFunThis is a page about finding your posting history on ThriftyFun. Looking to find something you posted a while back or just want to review your activity on ThirftyFun? Here's how to do it.



Petroleum Jelly

Uses for Petroleum JellyThis is a page about uses for petroleum jelly. A soft paraffin-like product, commercially known as Vaseline, that can be helpful for many personal needs and around the house.


Shortening with Knife

Uses for ShorteningThis is a page about uses for shortening. Not only is this fat used in baking, it can be helpful in a variety of other ways as a moisturizer and around the house.


rustic wood cabin

Living Without Modern AmenitiesThis is a page about living without modern amenities. More time will be used taking care of your basic needs when you simplify your lifestyle.


Communal Sharing

Communal Sharing and SavingThis page is about communal sharing and saving. There are lots of ways to save money by sharing resources and things with friends or neighbors. It can be done quite easily with some thoughtful planning and consideration.


wood toolbox

Pioneer SolutionismThis page is about pioneer solutionism. You can save money by using something you already own for a new purpose.


A woman holding a help sign.

Finding Temporary Financial Assistance and...This page is about finding temporary financial assistance and housing. There are times when people really need some help.


A family playing in a sprinkler.

Cheap Ways to Beat the HeatThis page contains cheap ways to beat the heat. Try some ways to cool your temperatures and your budget as well.


A mom shopping at the grocery store.

Making Ends MeetThis is a page about making ends meet. Hard economic times or personal difficulties can make it financially difficult to meet your or your family's needs.


Fanning Colorful Paper

Saving Money on PaperThis is a page about saving money on paper. If you look around your house or office you can see the many ways paper is used on a daily basis. This high volume usage can be costly. With some creativity you can devise ways to save money on paper.


An older woman holding a piggy bank and giving a thumbs up.

Living Better With LessThis is a page about living better with less. Whether by choice or financial circumstance, we are sometimes required to make do with less. Surprisingly, this change in life style can be a very good thing.


A woman clipping coupons for the first time.

Starting to Live Frugally?This page is about starting to live frugally. It's never too late to begin saving money and reusing what you may have trashed in the past.


Travel Mugs

Saving Money on Travel MugsThis page is about saving money on travel mugs. Buying an inexpensive reusable cup can save you money on your beverage.


Nail Polish Bottle

Uses for Nail PolishThis page is about uses for nail polish. Fingernail enamel can be useful for many other things.


Cell Phone Batteries

Saving Money on Cell Phone BatteriesThis is a page about saving money on cell phone batteries. Replacing the battery in your cell phone can be costly.


a tent made from flat sheets

Uses for Flat SheetsThis is a page about uses for flat sheets. Sheets are not just for bedding, they can be repurposed in a variety of clever ways.


Computer Mouse and Survey

Earning Income from Online SurveysThis page is about earning income for online surveys. It is important to be careful when considering earning extra money with this kind of activity.


Loose Change on White Background

Finding Loose ChangeThis page is about finding loose change. It can be a bonus to your savings to recover loose change.


Saving Money in Piggy Bank

Living Within Your MeansThis is a page about living within your means. Fewer financial concerns can actually allow you to live a joyful life, with less.


Postage Stamp

Saving Money on Postage StampsThis is a page about saving money on postage stamps. It seems like the cost of postage is constantly going up.


Single Income Mom

Single Income LivingThis page is about single income living. When living on one wage earner's income, it can be a challenge to live within your means.


Getting More Life from Batteries

Getting More Life from BatteriesThis page is about getting more life from batteries. With so many household and personal gadgets requiring batteries, there are ways to save money and the charge.


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Frugal Living Tips?What is frugal living? Where can I learn more about it?


Money Being Cinched by Measuring Tape

Living on a Tight BudgetThis is a page about living on a tight budget. More and more of us are trying to make ends meet on a tight budget.


Piggy Bank Surrounded by Money

Frugal Living SayingsSometimes a saying or quote can help set a course or keep you on task, even when it becomes difficult or discouraging. This page contains frugal living sayings.


bartering hand shake

Bartering for Goods and ServicesThis is a page about bartering for goods and services. Bartering can be a great way to get the most out of things you own, make or services you can provide. Bartering also keeps the value of those goods and services in your local community.


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My Frugal Life: A Winter MiracleI wanted to share with you all what our "stay at home married ladies" group at church did several years ago at Christmas. We were a Wednesday night group of about 15 women who met weekly for Bible Study and grew rather close.


A basket of line dried laundry

Do It YourselfThe old adage "If you want it done right, do it yourself" carries significant merit in the frugal times of a frail economy. Donate some time to completing three tasks yourself, and you'll save money every time. Not enough time?


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Things You Should (And Can) Get For FreeMany banks offer free checking and most with no required minimum balance. All you have to do is ask.


Depression Era Cooking With Clara

Video And Link: Depression Era Cooking With ClaraJust wanted to take a minute to recommend to everyone that they go to You Tube and look up Great Depression Cooking. There you will find Clara Cannucciari. She gives wonderful recipes and tips as well as recalling the difficult times during the Great Depression.


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Poor But Proud is on the Move, Again!I planned to spend a year in VA, but fate stepped in and changed the plan! I am flying back to Oregon on Wednesday, so I will be "home" before this is posted.


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Frugal Rule of Thumb: "Is is Necessary?"The best rule of thumb for a frugal life is to ask yourself. Is it nice or necessary? Most of the time one indulges themselves when purchasing something is not really necessary.


Robin's Thrifty Tips: Share With Your FriendsMy husband and I have always had to watch our money our whole married lives, and try to be as frugal as possible. When we had children at home, I had to get as creative as possible, at times, in order to feed and clothe everyone well.


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Make More Than You Need, Spend Less Than You EarnTen words are all you need to be a financial genius!


What You Shouldn't Try Yourself (But Maybe You Have)Chopping the budget is invigorating, especially when extra money can be seen as a result. However, sometimes it can get a bit too invigorating and lead to some over-pruning. Just like the shrub in your front yard, your budget may be more beautiful to look at if it's pruned regularly but over pruning could kill it.


What You Should Be Doing Yourself (But Might Not Be)There are luxuries, but in bad economic times this isn't the time for luxuries. If you're looking to whittle down on your budget, be sure that you're not giving in to luxuries.


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Trade Unwanted Stuff With FriendsOne person's junk is the next person's treasure. The things you don't use around the house anymore and that wind up in a cupboard or garage, may make someone the happy owner of something they can really enjoy and/or use.


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Use It Up, Wear It Out, Fix It or Do WithoutI have a little money saver here. With the recent down turn with the economy, I now live by different rules. Use it up, wear it out, fix it or do without. I have never had new furniture and what I had, I got second hand when I got it and it was all busted down.


How Much Food Do You Toss?The Average American tosses $859 worth of food a year, how do you stack up?


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Bonanza in Town Compost PileFor a penny pinching gardener, the town compost pile is it is like finding the lost city of gold with nary an Inca nor Mayan civilization destroyed in the process.


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The Money That ThriftyFun Has Saved MeI wanted to list the ways ThriftyFun has saved me money over the years. I will itemize the things here ...


thrift week web page

Bring Back Thrift Week!If you're like many Americans, the answer very well might be no. The unfortunate truth is that it seems that some Americans can't even remember the concept of thrift itself! It's time for a change - it's time to bring back National Thrift Week!


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Meet Family in the MiddleYesterday was a fine day. My kids drove south for 20 minutes and we drove north for 20 minutes. We all met at a car show. Perfect weather to wander around and look at over 1000 various cars. Meeting at a place like that saved us all driving time and gas money.


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Using Breakfast Leftovers For Making A Frugal DinnerHubby took me out for Breakfast with a 2 for 1 coupon, I had Ham and Eggs, Took home almost 1/2 lb of ham steak! OK what to do with this ham? On the way home I remembered I had a couple of bags of split peas (of course bought with a coupon).


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A Penny Saved is a Penny EarnedBenjamin Franklin said, "A penny saved is a penny earned." I say a dollar saved is more than a dollar earned because it generates interest and you don't need to pay taxes on it.


Frugal and FoolishMy husband likes to remind me that there's frugal and then there's foolish. It's hard to tell the difference because companies and products want to market themselves, so they claim that they are essential. However, there are foolish ways to be frugal, and many of them end up costing more money in the long run. Take a look at where I've learned not to cut costs.


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Ask Friends for What You NeedNot long ago, we were invited to a cookout amongst friends. During the party, one couple announced their oldest son was going to be moving out and sharing an apartment with some friends. They asked if anyone had any furnishings they no longer wanted.


RCA plugs

Home Electronics: Use What You've GotFriends of ours recently splurged to purchase satellite radio hookups for both of their cars and their home. They also purchased a surround sound package for their living room to give the 'movie theater affect' to their TV.


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You CAN Save $5,000 This Year! - Tips From Woman's DayThese tips are from the Woman's Day website. They were too good not to share:


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Is It A Need Or A Want?When trying to save money, I look at the need or the want. Yes, I need food. No, I do not need that new DVD, because it is actually a want.


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Looking For Plans For A Buggy?I'm looking for free plans for a two seater buggy. Full working plans preferred. Ta!


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Dress Well For Less MoneyJust got dressed up to go downtown to a concert I was invited to; wearing my $7 silk pants, my $5 nylon top and silk jacket ($5 too, I think) and my $7 thrift shop purse.


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Thrifty Magazines, Books and PuzzlesBooks and puzzles can be purchased cheap at yard sales. Once you are done using them, store in the closet and in spring, have your own yard sale or sell items at consignment shop. You can also trade in to used book stores for credit towards other books.


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Win/Win SituationsRemember all exchanges are not monetary ones. There is something which, in the non-profit sector, is called non-cash donation - which is sort of like barter.


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Being Frugal Is FunLove what you are doing, being frugal, is such fun! Stay focused on living frugally. Don't give up, saving money in today's world takes time, but I feel my time is well invested.


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Creative BarteringWe have a pal who is having trouble with her car. She knows a fellow who makes cabinets and will also work on her car. He will possibly buy it from her, in exchange for making her new kitchen cabinets.


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Reduce Energy CostsReduce Energy Costs. I have done this a few times. Ok, my friend said to cut down on electric costs, he shuts off his electric box. This is when he is out for a few hours, and at night before bed.


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Something Frugal and CaringWhen looking for something frugal to do or somewhere go, take into consideration that there are people that could use some company. Don't overlook the elderly or handicapped. A small gift of your time could brighten someone's day.


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Clipping UPC CodesClip all UPC codes and file away (name brands only) for future reference when entering contests. By myz


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Learn About Things You OwnLearn as much as you can about all the things you own. There are many times that you can fix things yourself when they break, instead of paying someone else to do it.


My Frugal Bathroom

My Frugal BathroomHere are some of my favorite money-savers for the bath: I keep a spray bottle of homemade cleaner in the tub; I use vinegar, a little dish soap, and, perhaps some "this and that".


A dress bought at a thrift store

Using My Clothing Budget WiselyI am often asked where I bought one thing or another. The answer is almost never as simple as just a department store.


Hoarding: Too Much Stuff

Hoarding: Too Much StuffThere are many programs to watch these days on bachelors, dancers, singers, racers, survivors, and the like. But, there are none so compelling as those that dissect a little known malady known as hoarding.


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My Frugal Life: Is the Season Beginning or Ending?Oh, but it's getting ugly around here. I am speaking of my garden of course. For one thing, about this time I lose interest in it. The magic of watching the plants grow and the tasty garden treasures for is long past.


The weekly ad section of a Sunday newspaper.

Money Saving Ideas for My DaughtersMy husband and I have never had a lot of money. Our whole married lives, we have had to watch and constantly be careful. We were married and started our family very young, and neither of us has a college education.


Learning Frugality

Learning FrugalityI have always been a pretty frugal person, but I'm finding later in life that I don't need as much as I once thought I did. When you are young, you are led to believe that those pretty new shiny objects you see on TV or someone is wearing is something you just can't live without.


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Finding a Swap or Barter Group?I would love anything for household supplies. I am looking for a swap or barter group in Westchester County, New York. I can't find a group anywhere.


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Removing Stamps from Envelopes?I have some stamps that are stuck on old letters and was wondering how to get them off.


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Life of Watch Battery with Stem Pulled Out?Can a watch battery go dead with the stem pulled out? I replaced a bunch of watch batteries and left the stem out on all of them. They went dead after 2 years. How long should they last with stem out? I kind of forgot about them, so was surprised when they were all dead!


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Refreshing Dry Erase Markers?My Expo Dry Erase markers are not old, but one just dried up and the lid was on it. Is there anything you can do to "rewet" them?


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Taking Firestone Tires in Garbage Bin?In the state of Ohio, can I go to Firestone and get used tires out of bin outside of the shop for my car? I really need tires but I don't want to go there and get in trouble.


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Looking for Our Homestead?We are just in the planning stages. We live in Georgia and aren't sure what's legal as far as going off the grid. Do we just need to get land way far out in the middle of nowhere? We are preparing the current place for sale, there are too many peeps and traffic.


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