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Tips and solutions about how to save money by living frugally.

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Plugged in air freshener

Can You Refill Plug-in Air Fresheners?This is a page about can you refill plug-in air fresheners?. You may be able to refill plug-in fresheners with your favorite scents.


lotion bottle

Getting All the Lotion Out of a BottleThis page is about getting all the lotion out of a bottle. Being able to use the very last of the lotion can be a challenge.


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Don't Use Microwave to Melt CandlesI read a suggestion to melt the wax by putting the candle in the microwave. However, I found this was not a good idea. I put it in for only 10 seconds and a FIRE started! Luckily I stayed by the microwave to keep an eye on it.


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Freeze Canned BiscuitsI found out just today that you can freeze the biscuits-in-a-can! Find a sale, stock up, and throw them in the freezer. You can either let the can thaw out, pop it open and then bake the biscuits or (frozen cans will NOT pop) pry the frozen biscuits out of the can and bake them.


glass jar with baking soda and spoon

Reusing Refrigerator Baking SodaThis is a page about reusing refrigerator baking soda. Once a box of soda has been used to absorb odors in the fridge, it can be useful for a variety of other things.


Reviving Dried Up Markers - close up of marker in a cup

Reviving Dried Up MarkersSometimes there is plenty of ink left, but the marker tip has dried out. This is a page about reviving dried up markers.


A collection of costume jewelry.

Selling Costume Jewelry?I have been buying Paparazzi jewelry for over a year. I am not a consultant and need to sell some of it because I have entirely too much. Where can I resell it?


Jar Candle

Jar Candle Tips and TricksThis is a page with jar candle tips and tricks. Candles in jars are a wonderful source of soft light.


Liquid Hand Soap

Stretching Liquid Hand SoapThis is a page about stretching liquid hand soap. Stretching the liquid hand soap you use is one way to cut household expenses.


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How to Make a Candle With Cooking Oil?How to make a candle with cooking oil?


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Attaching Replacement Cushion to Metal Outdoor Swing?How to attach swing set replacement cushion with strings to metal swing.


Price tags on a shelf.

Pay Attention to the Price TagsNormally do you purchase your home air filter as needed or in bulk? At Home Depot, if you stop and look at the second set of numbers - it only makes sense to buy in bulk!



A makeshift shower seat made from a bucket.

Homemade Shower SeatBecause I have several disabilities, I have a hard time feeling safe in a shower. The shower seats are hard to find in thrift shops, as people tend to hang onto them. Buying one new isn't possible, either.


A piggy bank next to change, a calculator and bills.

ThriftyFun TipsI want to share what I do on a normal day, which I have learned or adapted from this site. Here are the things I have learned, which have saved me a lot of money and have helped me to lead a more frugal life, which brings a lot of happiness to me for some reason.


A man giving a pot to a woman at the door.

Giving Household Items Within Your CommunityI am active in my local Buy Nothing group, where members gift furniture, clothing and other useful items to people in their local area. It is run on a Facebook page for my neighborhood, an area is a mile or so wide, bounded by the major streets. There are several different Buy Nothing neighborhoods in my city. This allows the members to be sure they are giving and receiving to their own neighbors, making pickups easy and bringing local communities together.


A flat screen television.

Check Warranty If TV Is Not WorkingWe were gifted this TV and so when the TV started experiencing some issues (ex: not turning on properly, the display would go be blank/black) we just unplugged and set it aside. While cleaning out the garage and planning to recycle this, I decided to check the manufactures date. (You can locate the manufactures date on the back of your tv by the serial number). The date was October 2020 and most TV manufactures last 1 year so I decided to reach out to the company, which was Philips.


A box of Kleenex on a bed.

Take Toilet Paper From Hotel RoomMy frugal tip is always take the toilet paper and kleenex with you from your room when you check out of your hotel when traveling. You paid for those. They are figured into your price you paid for the room. You never know when you may need it,for example the next rest area or a little ones runny nose.


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Restoring a Cool Gel Pad?Two years ago, I purchased rectangular cooling gel pads to insert into my pillow cases to keep pillows cool for summer sleeping. When I wasn't using the gel pads, I stored them lying flat on a shelf. They were never damaged or punctured but this summer, when I tried using them, the gel flattened or may have evaporated, if that is possible.


An Amazon Fire Stick and remote.

Using an Amazon Fire StickThe Amazon Fire Stick is a great way to stream content to your television. It consists of a USB connection and a remote control that can accept Alexa voice commands.


A slip proof lap desk.

Slip-proof Your Lap DeskIf things tend to slide around and off of your lap desk learn how to make it slip-proof. All you will need are some glue sticks and a hot glue gun.


A collection of items on a table at a garage sale.

Selling Household ItemsMost of us end up with numerous items both large and small, never used or gently used that we want to get rid of in our efforts to declutter. This page contains some very helpful tips for selling household items.


A pair of sunglasses used as a cellphone holder.

Using Sunglasses as Cell Phone EaselYou can turn your sunglasses upside down to make a makeshift stand for your cell phone to watch videos. This is a page about using sunglasses as cell phone easel.


dealing with junk mail

Frugal Living ComicsHere is a collection of humorous comics about frugal matters, illustrated by Donny Yankellow. This page contains frugal living comics.


A curtain in a minivan next to a carseat.

Hanging Curtains in a CarAn easy way to add car curtains is with rods, small hooks and semi-transparent kitchen window curtains. They can give shade without obstructing the driver's view. This is a page about hanging curtains in a car.


Make Your Sponge Last Twice as Long - blue sponge cut in half

Saving Money by Cutting Sponges in HalfFeel good about throwing away dirty sponges regularly by getting twice as many with this simple trick. This is a page about saving money by cutting sponges in half.



Close up of a bra on a white table.

Homemade "No Show" Bra InsertsUse a recycled or thrift store padded bra to make these handy inserts. This is a page about homemade no show bra inserts.


Woman putting on panty hose with a run in one leg.

Using Panty Hose with a Run in One LegTo get more use from your panty hose, you can cut off the legging with a run in it, and wear it with another pair with a single good legging. This is a page about using panty hose with a run in one leg.


Baby hygiene products

Uses for Baby OilBaby oil is mineral oil with added fragrance and can be used for nearly any purpose that regular mineral oil could be used. This page contains uses for baby oil.


Closeup of used cardboard boxes piled up.

Finding Free Cardboard BoxesBoxes are so useful for storage and moving but they can be very expensive to buy new. This is a page about finding free cardboard boxes.


Big Mac hamburger and a side of fries.

Saving Money at McDonald'sThis is a page about saving money at McDonald's. By customizing a cheaper sandwich, you can achieve a similar flavor to the Big Mac, without paying the higher price. There are also lots of coupons and an app for your phone to help save you money. Plus there is always a deal at the top of your receipt if you complete the survey.


Some free items from businesses; a calendar, pens and a coffee mug.

Free Items from BusinessesVisit businesses and banks for free items. They offer advertising items to promote or gain new customers. No need to buy pens, calendars, coffee mugs any more. Businesses benefit from distributing their promotional items to prospective customers.


A chain necklace that has been shortened temporarily.

How to Shorten a Chain NecklaceUsing a safety pin you can shorten a necklace chain to the length you want. This is a page about shortening a chain necklace.


Laundry Drying Line in the Garage - bracket with rope for lines added

Installing a Clothes Line in the GarageYou can save energy by hanging your laundry on a clothes line to dry in your garage. This is a page about installing a clothes line in the garage.


Woman hand reaching for a hairdryer

Use a Hair Dryer to Heat Up Cold Body PartsThis is a page about using a hair dryer to heat up cold body parts. If you are prone to cold hands or feet, a blowdryer is perfect for warming them up quickly. It also means you don't need to turn up the heat for the whole house.



Use Wallpaper for Shelf and Drawer LinersWhen you find discounted wallpaper ends, you can use the pieces to line drawers and shelves. This is a page about use wallpaper for shelf and drawer liners.


A candle stub in an old tea light holder.

Using Candle Stumps in Tea-Light HoldersDon't throw out the stumps of your candles, use them in tea light holders. This is a page about using candle stumps in tea-light holders.


stamps on envelopes

Freeze an Envelope to Remove a StampThere are several ways to remove a stamp from an envelope. This is a page about freeze an envelope to remove a stamp.


A paper match split into two.

Splitting a Paper Match for Two UsesIf you want to get more uses from a book of paper matches, you can split them in half. This is a page about splitting a paper match for two uses.


Three pillar candles.

Freezing Candles Before UseStoring your candles in the freezer can help extend their life. This is a page about freezing candles before use.


A mechanic in a garage holding two wrenches.

Referring Customers for Discounted ServicesMany business offer discounts on future purchases when you refer new clients. This is a page about refer customers for free services.



A brown plastic grocery bag.

Keeping Your Feet Dry With Plastic BagsRecycle plastic bags to keep your socks and feet dry when out in the rain and snow. This is a page about keeping your feet dry with plastic bags.


A cabinet with several types of dishes.

Using Mismatched DishwareYou can set a beautiful unique table using mismatched dinnerware. The many colors and patterns can be very attractive and personalized. This is a page about using mismatched dishware.


cleaning with vinegar

Frugal Uses for VinegarThis common fermented liquid can be an inexpensive product for many household uses. This page is about frugal uses for vinegar.


Pair of wool socks isolated on white

Uses for Wool SocksThis is a page about uses for wool socks. Once your woolen socks are worn out, you can repurpose them in a variety other ways.


Use Body Splash as Air Freshener

Use Body Splash as Air FreshenerThis is a page about use body splash as air freshener. You can save money on aerosol air fresheners by using old body sprays to scent the air.


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Ways to Have ThriftyFunTake time to count your blessings. Hug someone and warm a heart. Remember to balance your checkbook. . .


dress shirt

Collar Stay Replacement IdeasThis is a page about collar stay replacement ideas. When cleaning a dress shirt, the collar stays are removed and can be misplaced. A replacement may be needed to keep the collar stiff and lying flat.


hand soap dispenser

Refilling Hand Soap DispensersThis is a page about refilling hand soap dispensers. With a little ingenuity, liquid soaps can be used to fill an empty soap dispenser and save you money on refills.


A deflated beach ball used as a wedge pillow.

Uses for Beach BallsThis is a page about using beach balls. When your beach toy looses its bounce, there may be other ways it can be of use.


US currency in block of ice

Spending Freeze TipsThis is a page about spending freeze tips. Sometimes it just makes sense not to spend any money if you can figure out how to get by on what you have.


hands washing a cup

Saving Money on Dish SoapThis is a page about saving money on dish soap. There are a number of thrifty ideas to use less dishwashing soap when cleaning the dishes.


Bumper Stickers on Car

Using Bumper StickersThis page is about using bumper stickers. Applied stickers on your car can be difficult to remove. You may want to discover a new way to display them or find other uses for them.


Pouring Shampoo

Uses for ShampooThis page contains uses for shampoo. When you have shampoo that you don't like to use on your hair, there are other ways to use this product.


Box of Bounce dryer sheets.

Alternate Uses for Dryer SheetsThis page is about alternate uses for dryer sheets. These strong smelling fabric sheets are not considered safe by all, but they can be useful for a variety of things.


A recycled tin can man.

Waste Not, Want Not Tips and TricksThis page contains waste not, want not tips and tricks. Frugal is being thrifty, recycling and using things up as much possible.



Uses for Q-TipsThis page contains uses for Q-tips. Cotton swabs can be useful for many personal and household situations.


Feminine Hygiene Products

Saving Money on Feminine Hygiene ProductsThis page is about saving money on feminine hygiene products. Buying products for a woman's menstruation can be expensive.


Electrical Timers

Uses for Electrical TimersThis page is about uses for electrical timers. There are many ways timers can be used for safety, security, and convenience, as well as, to save on electricity.


Freebies wrapped as gifts.

Collecting Freebies for GiftsThis is a page about collecting freebies for gifts. There are many opportunities available for collecting freebies or promotional gifts throughout the year. These items can be used as small gifts or grouped together to make gift baskets and other gift packages.


Padded Envelopes

Saving Money on Mailing SuppliesThis is a page about saving money on mailing supplies. There are a lot of ways you can save money on mailing supplies.


Bottled Water

Saving Money on Bottled WaterThis is a page about saving money on bottled water. Bottled water is often purchased for its convenience factor. However, often times it is nothing other than filtered tap water.


Spending Money

Spending Money to Save MoneyThis is a page about spending money to save money. Sometimes you can save money over time, by spending money now. Whether it is by buying a new more energy efficient appliance or planting a vegetable garden, your initial expenses may well be more than paid back.


Frugal Bathroom Tips

Frugal Bathroom TipsThis page contains frugal bathroom tips. Save money in every room of your house.


Panty Liners

Uses for Panty LinersThis page is about uses for panty liners. These absorbent pads can be helpful for a few other things.


Little Girl using Kleenex Facial Tissues

Saving Money on Facial TissuesThis is a page about saving money on facial tissues. Kleenex or other brands of facial tissues are commonplace in our homes. Like many other staples the cost of tissues has been rising over time.


putting a penny into a pink piggy bank

What Have You Done to Save a Penny?This is a page about "what have you done to save a penny?". Frugal living tips and lifestyles never go out of fashion. Many people have great advice about how they save money and cut expenses.


girl brushing her teeth

Saving Money on ToothpasteThis is a page about saving money on toothpaste. In addition to shopping for the best price at the market, there are other ways to save money on toothpaste.


Power Meter

Reading Your Power MeterThis page is about reading your power meter. Knowing how to read the electric meter can keep you informed of your power usage.


Uses for Paper Plates

Uses for Paper PlatesThis page contains uses for paper plates. Besides using in craft projects, these plates can be helpful for a variety of things.


Laundry Hamper

Uses for Laundry HampersThis page contains uses for laundry hampers. These containers can be useful for other things besides holding dirty laundry.


Post-It Notes

Saving Money on Post-itsThis is a page about saving money on Post-its. Those cute Post-it notes while useful can be rather expensive to buy.


Uses for Masking Tape

Uses for Masking TapeThis page contains uses for masking tape. Besides masking edges when painting, there are many ways this tape can be useful.


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Homemade Spray ChalkThis page is about homemade spray chalk. When you need a quick non-toxic outdoor marker, you may have what you need.


Stack of Magazines

Saving Money on MagazinesThis is a page about saving money on magazines. Full fare magazine subscriptions can be quite pricey. There are a variety of ways to save money on magazines.


Uses for Toothpicks

Uses for ToothpicksThis paged is about uses for toothpicks. Besides cleaning teeth, toothpicks can be helpful around the house and for many craft projects.


Bugs on blue upholstery.

Watch For Pests In Secondhand ItemsSo many people like to "dumpster dive" or find furniture that needs to be picked up and hauled away. I moved into an apartment building which has been infested with several types of bugs, bed bugs, cockroaches, and who knows what else.


Old cell phones on wood desk

Sell Your Broken or Unwanted ElectronicsThere are a number of online services that accept your broken or unwanted electronics and give you money in return. My son has a number of cell phones. For two of them, he can get $30.


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Sell Empty Ink Cartridges?Is there a place that will pay for empty ink cartridges?


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Ordering Books from the LibraryI love reading books and spent a fortune in used book stores. Then I developed a back problem and could not leave the house. I started ordering all my books and DVDs from the library, my library had a program where they mailed all the books directly to my home, free of charge.


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Use Electricity at Cheapest TimesMy local electric company just sent out a brochure with the savings I can make from using my electrical appliances in the evening. I save almost 50% by doing baking for the week, washing clothes, etc by planning to do those things after 9 pm.


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Buy Coupons On EbayTo get more money for your family, remember coupons are money. Why not go to eBay and purchase coupons there? Or sell your time to clip coupons?


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Use Envelope Labels As Return LabelsYou don't have to get return address labels specially printed. Cut out the typed address block from business envelopes/letters sent to you. Stick them on your out mail with glue or tape where you usually put your return address.


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Use Rags Instead of Paper TowelsIf you use paper towels, think about going green and switching to rags. You can make your own non-paper towels with your own old t-shirts, baby blankets, flannel shirts, etc., or you can find them cheap in thrift shops.


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Wash Clothes with PlungerWhen I want to wash a separate article by hand or do not want to use the washer for a few black socks, etc., I use the "plumber's friend" or plunger. Just swish the plunger up and down like a washing machine.


Hot Water Bottle to Reduce Heating BillsBrrrrrhh! It's so cold at night now in Southern California - low 40s. During the winter months for the past seven years, we use the plastic water bottles.


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Frugal Laundry DetergentI go to Winn-Dixie and buy a box of 20-Mule-Team Borax washing powder and a box or Arm and Hammer washing powder. Next I go to Save A Lot and buy a bar of Zote bathing soap. Use 8 cups of each powder and grate-up the bar of soap, like cheese.


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Make Stickers Out of Free Address LabelsIt's getting to be that time of year again, when you get loads of those free address labels from charities, etc. Make them work double duty for you by cutting the cute little graphic off and using those "stickers" as envelope seals, or give to your kids for chores well done!


Making Quick Curtains With SheetsWhen I have a sheet that is too nice to use in dog kennels, I make it into a double sided small window curtain. If you have a smaller window in your home, garage, or office, this idea would be perfect since you don't need a large amount of material.


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Reuse Paper to Print CouponsI've seen lots of tips about couponing and using coupons printed from computer sites. My tip is to save paper that is printed on one side (scrap paper) and use it to print those coupons.


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Free Tuesday Movies And Other Promotions From CablevisionFor the people who live out here in the east and happen to have Cablevision as their cable supplier, PLEASE take advantage of their free movie Tuesday offers!


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Jazz Up Inexpensive ItemsQuite often inexpensive items can be jazzed up to look much nicer! I picked up a fan for $1, but the print was a bit garish. I used my permanent markers to "color in" the flowered pattern and now it's gorgeous and doesn't look like it was a cheapo.


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Make Your Own Slide and Negative ViewerTurn your expandable extra leaf table into a slide and negative viewer. Use a 3/8 inch; Plexiglas sheet you cut to the size of the table leaf. Underneath the table, place a converted table lamp.


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Make Panty Liner Work for Thong UnderwearI like to use panty liners every day but I wear more than one style of underwear. For the thong style, I just partially fold in the bottom edge of the liner.


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Reusing Hi-LitersI recycle hi-liters. It's best to do this before they completely run out of the original fluid. Add food coloring and anti-freeze in a 5:1 ratio to the worn out hi-liter. The quantity required depends on just how dried out the chamber is and the volume of the pen.


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Buy Magazines Used at Garage SalesI go to yard sales and garage sales and sometimes they have used magazines. I buy them for five to ten cents each. Sometimes they even give them away. They have really nice recipes and fresh ideas too. Cheap is good.


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Use Broken Flip Phone TemporarilyDid you know you can still use your flip style cell phone if it breaks in half? Well mine did and I'm using it until my replacement gets here. I don't have use of the display but I am able to put it on speaker phone and I'm using the speech commands.


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Buy Books and Audiotapes At Yard SalesI read a lot and travel a lot. I find most of my reading material at junk sales for $.25 and $.50. That's a great deal when paper backs now run around $8.00. The biggest bargain I've found is on audio books for my long road trips.


The Thrifty Mailbox Post

Thrifty Mailbox PostMy husband and I love to take drives into the countryside. While we're driving around we also love to stop and take pictures. Recently, while we were out. I noticed this "thrifty" mailbox post and just had to get a picture of it to share.


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Extending the Life of Perfumed GelHere is a tip to increase the life of your perfumed gel. When it's just a thin dry skim around the top and bottom of the jar, add warmed up coconut oil. Shake, allow to cool and use as you did before.


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Add Sterile Water To SoapI keep reading about people adding water to their soap to be more frugal, but the problem is that when you add water to a bottle of soap, it breeds Pseudomona bacteria. If you want to keep from breeding germs in your soap. you will need to add sterile water to your soap.


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Reviving Dried Up Markers - marker in a cup

Reviving Dried Up MarkersMy son loves to color, he is constantly asking to get the markers out. I noticed that some of his favorite colors were starting to run dry. I was thinking I ought to buy a new set, until I remembered there was a way to get them working again!


Tips for Keeping Cool in the Summer

Tips for Keeping Cool in the SummerCool off with these 30 fun and easy tips: 1: Run through the sprinkler with your kids, get out the slip and slide, the super soaker or the kiddie pool (add ice cubes). 2: Have a water balloon fight. . .


Woman writing a check.

Spending Money to Save MoneyMy husband spent extra when he bought my new vacuum cleaner to get a bagless. It is now well over a year old, and I have probably saved at least $30 on not having to buy bags. That was the price I spent buying the HEPA filter bags from my old vacuum.


Colorful Shredded Paper

Save Money on Packing MaterialsAs I packed my latest my latest USPS shipment, it occurred to me how much money I spend on packing materials. They eat into my sales profit, and they're creating landfill chaos. Both my frugal and my environmental consciences spoke up and motivated me to create some alternative packing materials.


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My Frugal Life: Surviving the Current Economic TimesI'm surviving the current economic times by using coupons on everything I can. One grocery store puts out a $10 coupon off a $50 gas card if you purchase $25 in groceries in their store. That is not difficult and you can use coupons on the $25 order.


board game

Cheap or Free Retro ActivitiesIt saddens me that we have come to a place in our lives where we can't live without being "connected" to everything and everyone 24 hours a day.


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How to Fix Flarp Noise Putty?What if the lid is on my Flarp noise putty and it was hard, dry, and somewhat sticky when I opened the container. How do I fix it and turn back to how it was originally?


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Veteran's Discount At Lowe's?In order to get a veteran's discount at Lowe's I must present my veteran's card. Do I actually have to pay for the item or can someone else pay?


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Restoring a Cool Gel Pad?Two years ago, I purchased rectangular cooling gel pads to insert into my pillow cases to keep pillows cool for summer sleeping. When I wasn't using the gel pads, I stored them lying flat on a shelf. They were never damaged or punctured but this summer, when I tried using them, the gel flattened or may have evaporated, if that is possible.


What Is This Metal Structure?

What Is This Metal Structure?I need to know what this is for 25$. Please help me.


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Printing a Recipe Book Cheaply?I am trying to put together a recipe book for a family reunion. Does anyone know a company that would print them for a low cost?


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Heating Your Home With Your Clothes Dryer?Use the dryer vent to raise the temperature in your house in cold months. Do only with an electric dryer! Close off and seal the vent that goes to the outside, so you don't lose heat through that 4 inch hole to the outside.


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