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John Deer Mower Won't Stay Running


I have a John Deere 1500 series lawn mower. I can get it to start but as soon as I start the blades it cuts off. Does anyone know why? I have already checked to see if there is something caught in the blades.

By jenniferneal0927


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By Myrna 16 1,082 05/26/2009 Flag

My husband's guess is the PTO switch has a short in it. You may need to replace the switch.

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By Deanj 917 05/26/2009 Flag

There are a lot of safety switches. For example when my John Deere is running and I get off the seat the mower automatically stops. I would check to make sure all the saftey connections are connected.

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By jean 14 05/29/2009 Flag

My husbands guess is to check to make sure the belts are on the pulleys...ot , as the previous person said, the PTO switch.

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By jim 15 3 04/02/2010 Flag

Usually there' a bad safety switch causing the problem. These are usually gray in color and look like a push button. Like the one you can easily see under the seat. Also a bad PTO switch will do this. There even a safety switch attached to the transmission on a JD tractor! See the loose wire?

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