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Neosporin Use on Dogs


My 7 year Dachshund has a fungal condition on his paws. I have tried shampoo and oral fungal medication. But it persists. He licks his paws all the time. I want to know if Neosporin is good for this condition instead of oral medications.

By Beatriz from Weston, FL


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By Sherri 10 551 03/09/2010 Flag

Please take your fur baby to the Vet. A fungal infection can be treated with oral medication.

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By Cricket 205 896 03/09/2010 Flag

No, don't apply Neosporin anywhere where he can reach to lick. It's not good for them to ingest. It is perfectly good to use on places where they can't reach to lick though.

I also have dachshunds. One is 7 yrs old and one is 10 yrs old. My 10 yr old constantly licks at her front paw. The vet can't find a thing wrong with it. I found some stuff at the drug store called "Bite the Habit" and it's like a clear nail polish but it's got a horrible taste to it and one lick will keep the taste on their tongue for a long time! Plus the taste stays on the spot where you painted it on for a long time too, so it doesn't require reapplying more than once or twice a week.

I paint my dog's paw with this and she quits licking immediately. And it doesn't hurt her at all. You could try this, or any similar product that's made for teaching kids not to suck their thumbs or for helping people break the nail biting habit. "Bite the Habit" is to break the nail biting habit and does work!

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By Candy Killion 10 408 03/09/2010 Flag

You can use Neosporin on dogs, but in this instance, I'd be concerned that it really isn't what the dog needs. If it's a fungal infection, there are a few different causes (ringworm being one of them, which is also contagious to you!).

Check this link:

It suggests doing what you've already done and possibly also washing the area with diluted warm water and iodine, as well as applying an anti-fungal OTC preparation. Think jock-itch or feminine itch type creams.

It also notes that if two weeks of home remedies aren't working, time to go to the vet. There are also other possible causes for it that can include internal parasites.

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By Maya Lee 14 172 03/09/2010 Flag

There is a dachshund website which is full of information. Can't think of the name right now. Just type in the word dachsund and see what comes up. They were very helpful when one of mine had a ruptured disc.

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By vicki hood 4 564 03/09/2010 Flag

Use Athlete's foot spray, just not in the eyes.

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By Lizzyanny 9 1,237 03/09/2010 Flag

One more thing to consider would be an irritant. It is spring and many dogs' feet and bellies are irritated by fertilizer people put on their lawns. I had a friend that had to put a muzzle on his dachshund because of all the chewing. He changed to organic fertilizer and never had another problem.

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03/09/2010 Flag

My worry is that your baby will lick it off his paws and get sick from it because it's an external only medication :-( If you do use it on his paws please wrap them with bandages he can't chew off. The best thing to do though is call his vet again or even ask another vet or two what to do.

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By Lilac 20 1,329 03/17/2011 Flag

Neosporin does not kill fungus. Please take your pet to the vet. He is miserable.

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By xyz 67 03/17/2011 Flag

Neosporin should not be used on animals where they can injest it. It should only be used when an area can be bandaged. It is an external product only. That said you should research Apple Cider Vinegar as a topical application as well as adding it to drinking water. If he does have ring worm, it will help combat the parasite, it is also safe to use on yourself. Also the ACV will change the Ph of the fungal area and reverse it's growth. Google ACV for dogs, the results are amazing.

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By vicki hood 4 564 03/17/2011 Flag

Athletes foot spray. Old fashioned vet gave me this advice says dogs pick up fungus same as people do. In public shower, in the grass. Simple, you can even use this on ringworm which is a fungus but do not spray into the eyes.

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Archive: Neosporin Use on Dogs

Can Neosporin ointment be used for dogs skin lesions?

By 45nedwards from Indianapolis, IN


RE: Neosporin Use on Dogs

Personally, I would ask a vet. (09/03/2009)

By irisbird

RE: Neosporin Use on Dogs

Neosporin is safe to use, and another product that works extremely well on humans, as well as pets is Bag Balm. It was created many years ago to keep the udders soft and smooth on milk cows. But I keep it on hand for cuts, chapped hands, human or animals. You can buy it at Farm Stores.

Harlean from Arkansas (09/04/2009)

By Harlean from AR

RE: Neosporin Use on Dogs

My vet has given it to me to use on my cats before, so I would think it is probably safe for the dogs since it is a topical and not something they are ingesting. (09/04/2009)

By minnabird

RE: Neosporin Use on Dogs

Yes you can, but I wouldn't use it on deep cuts or wounds, take it to the vet. I use it on my dog occasionally. She has allergies and gets hot spots. I have recently started using 1/3 part Listerine, 1/3 part water and 1/3 part baby oil, works great, no itching in those areas now, I would think the Listerine would work diluted of course on the spot. My vet says it is OK, but not to use a lot of creams on dogs as this doesn't let air get through to heal the areas. (09/04/2009)

By Luvmyjrt

RE: Neosporin Use on Dogs

Call your vet to be absolutely sure that it would be okay. Better to be safe, than sorry, as the saying goes. (09/05/2009)

By Maryeileen

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