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Baby Lambs Eating

If for some reason you find yourself having to care for a young lamb there are ways to help the baby eat and thrive. This is a guide about feeding a baby lamb.



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Question: Feeding a Baby Lamb

I need help please. I have a 1 day old baby lamb that I am bottle feeding and it doesn't want to eat. It only takes a couple sips at a time. What do I do? Help.

By Linda

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By gail [6] 03/01/2011

I think that its the temperature of the milk is the key test it on the inside of your wrist after you have warmed it up, if you can't feel it it is the right temperature. Try mixing powdered milk 1cup to 2 cups of water keep in the fridge till needed. Did you get a lamb teat? they are a bit longer and thinner than goats teats good luck keep trying it may just be tired sometimes they don't drink straight away. Also put some in a bowl it may drink that way, I some times just dip my finger in the milk and get it sucking that way. Try ringing someone in the area that might help.

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