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Something Is Eating My Pepper Plants


Something is eating my bell pepper plants over night. It has not touched my tomatoes, squash, jalapenos, or cucumbers. I also have pictures of the poop it left under the plant.

Hardiness Zone: 7a

By Kim from Suffolk, VA


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By Mary Lou Zeeb 3 1 07/20/2010 Flag

I had the same thing hear in MI. @zone 5. First I used Seven Powder, no help! Then I used Insecticidal Soap maid by Ortho, this really helped alot. After this I made a mix of used coffee grounds, ground up egg shells, chopped up bannana pells, bone meal,and tomatoe fertilizer then poured boiling water over mix and let it cool. Then I put it around pepper plants and watered real heavy.Think it was 7 or 10 days and there was a great improvemeant / new growth & blooms. Still have a small leaf issue , but nothing like it was! If it keeps up I'm going to boil some hot peppers, leafs and all, let them cool, spray the plants. Hope this helps! Louie #7

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By Grandma J 54 1,040 07/20/2010 Flag

Snails and slugs. Get stuff, just for them at the nursery. This is the first year I had to doctor for them before my tomatoes, peppers were on the plants, and so sure they will be ravaging soon on those. They love to take bites out. And can leave trails.

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By judy oliver 13 27 07/20/2010 Flag

Check for earwigs, to do this, go out at night with a flashlight.

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By LeeAnn 1 8 07/21/2010 Flag

Is this a trick question? There is a picture of a tomato worm on the plant. It is being eaten by a tomato worm, just pick it off! Check your plants daily for these worms, you will notice little black pellets (poo) on the leaves below the caterpillar. If you have way to many worms to keep up with; but is a good solution, get it from your local garden center.

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By Sandi 7 182 07/26/2010 Flag

I think it is slugs which are eating your plants. In the heat of the day they hide under rocks et to keep cool. Leave some flat boards out in the garden. Turn them over to see what you find. There are slug pellets which work, but they are toxic to frogs. Try wood ash around the plant. In wet humid weather these creatures thrive. Good luck, and keep on top of it. Slugs can ravage a plant down to nothing in a day or two.

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By Dale Duane Klein Jr. 1 08/09/2013 Flag

My pepper plants look exactly like this....except for the ones they pulled up whole little buggers!

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Archive: Something Is Eating My Pepper Plants

What is eating the leaves of my pepper plants? It seems to happen overnight and the leaves seem to be taken as if with a scalpel. The cuts are clean and not chewed or shredded. The stems are left alone. This has gone on for several years and I can't find the culprit. It is not slugs, deer, or rabbits. Is there any night time winged bug that could do this type of damage? It does not go after my tomatoes, beans, and so far squash. It has left my eggplant alone this year and they are a healthy size right now.

Hardiness Zone: 6a

By aamul47 from Eagleville, PA


RE: Something Is Eating My Pepper Plants

Try putting some cut hair, yes, I said hair, human hair around the plants and make an outside ring also about 6-8 inches out with the hair, and see if that helps. Also look under the leaves and see if you have a green caterpillar. I found one on my tomato plants and they are very hard to see. They just strip the leaves and everything else except the stem. (07/10/2009)

By bookcollector

RE: Something Is Eating My Pepper Plants

The foolproof trick for any pest is one part hot sauce to two parts water, applied every two days and after rain. It seems to literally burn anything that eats it up. Human hair sometimes works, but the sun burns the oil out fast, and re-application makes for a weird garden. Hot pepper spray is nontoxic and doesn't leave any trace behind. (07/13/2009)

By damaged05170

RE: Something Is Eating My Pepper Plants

Sounds like cut worms. They like tomato plants, too. This year I have some containers with bell peppers on the porch. My husband found 2 giant cut worms on them. They had already cut the tops and leaves off some of my plants. They were green, same as the plant and so hard to see. Cut worms have what looks like two horns on the top of their head. They are easier to find on the plants early in the morning and late in the evening. Pull them off and kill them. If you have a lot of plants, dust with Sevin Dust. It will kill them. I am surprised they have not been after your tomatoes. Once they strip the leaves and tops from a plant they will move to the next. (07/14/2009)

By Cindy in Texas

Archive: Something Is Eating My Pepper Plants

Something is eating the leaves off my hot peppers in my garden. What could it be?

Hardiness Zone: 7b

By Denise from north Little Rock, AR

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