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Removing Residue Inside Crystal Pepper Shaker

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Ground pepper has left a residue on the inside of my Waterford crystal pepper shaker. Help!

By Catherine


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By leanne chaisson [44]08/26/2011

Fill halfway with water, add a tsp of bleach and let sit. It won't hurt the glass, and it does clean it. You might have to let it sit for a day or two. If this doesn't work, I use the bottle brush (for baby bottles, you can pick one up at the dollar store).


I have always filled containers about half way with warm water, then add alot of salt and shake, shake, shake. Being that the pepper shaker is most likely small I would say about a teaspoon or so of salt. Oh, be sure to cover the shaker holes while shaking - LOL ;-)

By Awzia08/25/2011

It might be complicated on such a small scale, but I use ice and salt to remove any stains inside of glass (like coffee pots, vases, etc). Crushed ice and some salt swirled around vigorously just might remove it. Best of luck!

By mcw [80]08/25/2011

Very simple, use a Q-tip to clean it!

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