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Reuse Glass Candle Containers as Glasses


When I am finished with the small glass containers that candles come in, I wash them in the dish washer and then use them for milk or juice glasses for my toddlers. They are small and easy to hold, and this way I can re-purpose them instead of recycling them.

Source: I saw kids using small jelly jars and thought of this.

By Erin from Blue Bell, PA



By Joan 14 122 04/03/2009

After I burn candles in their containers, I use an old knife and scrape out any wax left that won't burn and thoroughly wash the container. I put a new wick in the larger glass container and add the 'old' wax until it is about 2/3 full, then put it on the 'candle warmer' or ones that are used to keep your coffee warm in an office [was only $2 at WalMart!] and let wax melt completely. Turn off the warmer and add a few drops of essential oil. When the wax has melted, there is more space to repeat the steps again. I do this til the wax is about 2 inches from the top and let it sit for about a week, then light it and enjoy!

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By helen 70 81 08/30/2009

Hi, I will try this as candles are not cheap to buy not the nice ones anyway. Many thanks

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