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Are Toads Harmful To Dogs?

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My dog recently caught a toad and after spitting it out starting foaming at the mouth. On a recent post about what foods are poisonous to dogs there was a tip to go to the ASPCA site. The have a list of warm weather hazards, and toads are on that list, but it doesn't say what will happen if your dog bites a toad. The consultation fee to call the poison center at ASPCA is $55.00! Would anyone know what happens to dogs after biting a toad?

Paula from Christmas, MI


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By David T.11/14/2013

My Jack Russell Fox Terrier, Hamish, two hours ago mouthed a QLD Australian Cane Toad. The initial symptoms were: foam at the mouth, shaking his head, I ran water over a bath towel and using a different section of the wet towel for each wipe of Hamish tongue, gums, teeth and lips-repeating the wipe four times over these parts.

It wasn't easy, Hamish became aggressive and his jaws were tight, but, I persisted and won! Hamish cont to lick a lot, so I ran the baby shower head, water through his mouth, directing the flow of water over his tongue, outward toward his snout, but only for 10 seconds, as you can accidentally drown your canine, if your not careful.

About 1 hour after the incident, Hamish stopped his out of character licking, looking to be hyperactive, like we do on red cordial for the next 15min, then a good sign of recovery, Hamish for the last 1/2hr, drank from his water bowl about 5 times and eat some wet & dry food.

I'ts been 2 hours and 18 minutes now, and hes finally settled down for a sleep. I continued to wipe his lips every 15 minutes throughout from start to now, and also checked his gums for redness, his gums continue to be normal-pink. Well I hope this helps!

Finally going to bed myself, was going to sleep at 11pm and now its 1:23 am. I do have one Question: How long before you can have a reasonable idea, your canine is out of danger, and if they eat and drink, is that a good sign that the danger is over?
I pray my baby will be okay and yours,

RE: Are Toads Harmful To Dogs?

By Stacy R.07/15/2013

I live in Michigan and suspect my boxer ate a toad. She has been vomitting and has severe diarrhea for over a day now. I called the vet and he said if she doesn't improve in 24 hours to bring her in. Well now she has stopped drinking and is so lethargic. She literally got up laid flat on top of me and just collapsed. When my newborn started crying she didn't even attempt to get up and when I got up to get the baby she just rolled off of me.

I'm terrified. I'm almost 100% sure she ate a toad and although we don't have the deadly toads here, I'm sure she is suffering from some type of poison. I'm taking her in first thing in the morning because I am worried sick. Has anyone in Michigan experience anything similar with a toad and their dog?

By Tundra09/10/2011

I live in Michigan and my dog just licked the toad, put it in his mouth and immediately dropped it. However, I do not know if he bite it or not and my dog appears to be fine but I am very concerned. Now I do not know even if I live in an area where poisonous frogs are. I tried rinsing his mouth out with a hose and he is a stubborn little dog. I am having a really hard time doing this he will not open his mouth. I am not sure what to do.

By cynypo06/02/2011

This just happened to my Jack rat about 20 mins ago and it terrified me. Followed the instructions on these posts, rinsed her mouth out with water and the foaming stopped. She seems to be fine, just had a treat and is back outside looking for the damn toad! Errr! Thank you to everyone who posted with advice! I was on my way to putting her in the car for a costly trip to the vet. How great is the internet!

RE: Are Toads Harmful To Dogs?


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Archive: Are Toads Harmful To Dogs?

My dog recently caught a toad and after spitting it out starting foaming at the mouth. On a recent post about what foods are poisonous to dogs there was a tip to go to the ASPCA site.


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