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Keeping Fruit Flies Away From Fruit


I have read that many fruits and vegetables do not need to be refrigerated and have better taste if they are not. When I leave fruits and veggies out, I notice a few (1-3, I think) small flies/gnats, especially around aromatic fruits. It seems like I swat one and another shows up. So I end up putting my fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator since I'm concerned about food safety. What are these? Fruit flies? How do I avoid them? I have found that if I don't put the food in the refrigerator, these flies/gnats become more numerous. Thanks!

Fran from Dallas



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By Arleen 1 06/18/2008 Flag

If you fill a small dish with cider vinegar near your fruit bowl it will draw the fruit flies away/also a small bit of wine will do the same.
Also, fruit flies can be eliminated by running bleach or baking soda down your kitchen drain.
Have tried these methods and they do work.

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By Chris Richman 10 106 06/18/2008 Flag

It's not very attractive but I have had sucess using old fashioned fly paper. Fruit flies have a very short lifespan so catching most of them on the paper seems to keep them down until nature takes its course.

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By Amp427 1 10/11/2008 Flag

Fruit flies are terrible! In our old apt they were horrible and we never had any fruit around. I looked them up and found that they like to stay around drains and standing water. One suggestion was to take a plastic bottle and put about a cup of juice (i used a 2 litter with orange juice) add some dish washing detergent (doesn't matter the brand) and set the bottle out. It may take about a day or two, but they will go for the juice and the detergent makes them "stick" to it. It solved my problem, I hope it helps with yours! :)

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By Septic Man (Guest Post) 02/23/2009 Flag

It is not recommended to pour bleach down your drain as it will kill the bacteria in your septic system, preventing its ability to function normally.

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