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Crafts Using Neckties

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A Christmas wreath made from neckties.

Neckties are a popular, colorful crafting supply. They can be used in making new clothing, quilts, purses, and other projects. Use the ones you have around the house that are no longer fashionable or check out the thrift store for a new supply. This is a guide about crafts using neckties.


Solutions: Crafts Using Neckties

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Men's Silk Tie Rose Pin

Raid your husband's closet for silk ties he no longer wears and create beautiful silk rose pins from them. You can also purchase them for $1.00 each at Goodwill. Wear them on a blazer, pin on a tote bag or purse, or use to embellish a pillow. The possibilities are endless!

Approximate Time: About 30 minutes


  • silk tie
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • bar pin
  • ruler
  • scissors


    Tie Rose Pin step 1

  1. Beginning at the narrow end of the tie, begin rolling it up, adding a drop of hot glue as you roll. You will want to roll it up about 10-12 inches (that's where the ruler comes in) to create the center of the rose. Tie Rose Pin step 2

  2. Then begin twisting the tie, applying a little glue about every 1.5 inches, and forming it around the center. Your rose will begin to take shape. Tie Rose Pin step 3

  3. Once the flower appears to be the size you want it, trim off the excess leaving about 2 inches to fold to the back. This creates a nice, smooth backing. Tie Rose Pin step 4

  4. Glue down the portion that is folded back, then glue on your pin back. I have also used the entire tie to create a larger flower which I pinned on a pillow (see photo). As you can see, I left the pointed end sticking out from it.

By Rachel's Mom from Wilkesboro, NC Finished Tie Rose Pin 1 Finished Tie Rose Pin 2 Tie Rose Pin on Pillow

Tip: Neck Tie Belt

Want to keep up with trends, but don't have the bucks to spare? Here's a real hot fashion trend that you can spend no money on! Grab one of your husband's ties or one of your own and use it in place of a belt. Thread it through the belt loops and tie it in a Windsor knot (or any you prefer) to the left or right side. You are now officially in trend. And it didn't cost you a penny!

By Suzanne S.

Sneaky Snake

Snake Wrapped on BedpostIf you have an adult male in your home, you are bound to have a huge array of ties. And if it is anything like at my house, I'll bet that many of those ties go unworn year after year! Don't let those old ties go to waste - instead, create a quick, easy, and adorable snake for your child's stuffed animal collection!


  • Old tie
  • Polyester Fiberfill
  • Wire coat hanger
  • 2 googlie eyes
  • Pipe cleaner


  • Needle and thread
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors


The body of the snake is first:

  1. Unbend the wire coat hanger so that you have a long, relatively straight piece of wire. You may need to clip off the hooked end of the coat hanger if you can't get it undone.
  2. Lay the tie on a table, face down. You will see that the tie is hollow. Start pushing fiberfill into the hollow of the tie starting at the wide end.
  3. As you get more fiberfill into the tie, you will need to push it down to the other end using the straightened out coat hanger. Be sure to fill the entire tie with fiberfill.
  4. Once the entire tie is filled, thread the coat hanger into the tie. This will allow your snake to be twisted and posed.
  5. Now it is time to create the head and the tail:

  6. The wide end of the tie has a lining. Pull the lining away from the tie and stuff this area with fiberfill.
  7. Using your needle and thread, sew the lining edges together so that no fiberfill can leak out.
  8. Repeat STEPS 5 and 6 on the small end of the tie to create a tail.
  9. Using the hot glue gun, glue on two googlie eyes.
  10. Cut your pipe cleaner in half. You will only need one of the halves.
  11. Bend the pipe cleaner half in the middle.
  12. Using the hot glue gun, glue the pipe cleaner on the point of the head to create a tongue.
  13. Once the hot glue is dry, you can coil your snake! My daughter coils hers around her bedpost and it is a great conversation starter when she has friends sleep over!

    Sneaky Snake (Made With Men's Ties)

    Additional Ideas: Add dried beans to the tail instead of fiberfill to create a "rattle" snake!

    © 2005 ThriftyFun

    By Teri Clark

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Here are questions related to Crafts Using Neckties.

Question: Pattern That Uses Men's Ties

I am looking for a pattern to use my Dad's ties. If any one can help please let me know.

Lee from Paragould, Ar


Most Recent Answer

By Patsy [5]05/02/2008

Martha Stewart had a special on using silk ties to dye eggs for Easter. The larger end of the tie can be used to make a holder for your cell phone, even to wear around your neck fashionably.

Question: Memorial Crafts Using Men's Ties

A family member recently died and left quite a few men's neckties behind. We are looking for a craft or something that can be made from them for his four children. (Please don't suggest the necktie skirts, that idea didn't fly). Maybe something like a picture frame, wreath, or something to hang. Any ideas? This would be for an adult male and 3 older teen girls.

By April from Plattsburg, MO


Most Recent Answer


There is a really cool necktie wreath that someone posted here about three years ago and it doesn't need to be used simply for Christmas or only to hang on the front door. I can't find the instructions for it now but I know it's somewhere in the ThriftyFun archives. Maybe someone else remembers it and knows how to find it? Contact ThriftyFun through their contact button and they should know how to find the original instruction link for it.

RE: Memorial Crafts Using Men's Ties

Question: Craft Ideas Using Men's Ties

I have a collection of old ties and would like new ideas for using them in sewing or quilting projects.

By Kathy E.

Most Recent Answer

By Mary Lou [14]08/25/2011

Grandmothers Fan quilting pattern lends itself nicely to the use of ties, also dresdan plate. I recently saw where ties were used to cover the shade of a bedside lamp and it looked lovely. I myself am going to try making wind socks with some ties I have collected with a christmas and halloween theme.

Question: Preparing Ties for Quilting

I was wondering if you wash the men's ties before cutting and sewing them together? If so, do you use hot or cool water and do you put them in the dryer? What other process would you go through before cutting them into strips or what ever design you choose?

By Carol F. from Mesa, AZ

Most Recent Answer

By Carol Overholt [5]09/24/2012

Always check the fiber content of the tie; some are silk some polyester, etc. wash in cold if possible and line dry. some fabrics may stretch when washed. Good luck!

Question: Crafts Using Men's Ties

What can I make or do with lots of men's ties that I have?

By GL Langston

Most Recent Answer

By HJ [10]06/12/2012

I saw a picture of a Christmas wreath made from ties having red designs in them. The ties were wrapped around a styrofoam form with the pointed ends on the outside edge. It was very pretty. I have not made one. It's on my list to get to someday.

Question: Making a Name Badge Holder from a Necktie

Any ideas on how to make a name badge holder from a man's necktie?

By Carol O.

Most Recent Answer

By gem [150]08/31/2011

Not sure how the tie would be used but if it is worn like a tie try adding a clear plastic piece to the front by machine stitching and then leaving the top open for the badge.
Good luck!

Question: Crafts Using Men's Neckties

I recently saw at a craft fair flowers (maybe roses) made using neckties. It looked like it had been folded and wrapped around itself several times, and the two pointed ends stuck out to the side. Anyone have any advice how to make this?

By Christine from Busan, SK

Most Recent Answer

By Diana [38]04/02/2011

Check out the book "My Daddy's ties" it has great creative craft ideas...

Question: Crafts Using Neck Ties

I saw a Xmas tree skirt made from silk ties on Facebook. It was posted by Paula Dean. I sure would like to find a pattern for it.

By Irene

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [422]11/10/2010 ... EGHbTMSnOJXEiQPf4LiiCwAAAKoEBU_Qhp3c

I found this by putting in neck tie tree skirt. Good luck!!

Question: Cell Phone Cover Made from Neck Ties

I would like a pattern for cell phone covers made with neck ties.

By srbarton from Corning, IA

Most Recent Answer

By Brenda J. Moore [1]06/27/2010

2 easy methods:
1: Slip your phone into the middle at the widest end of the tie, and stitch up the sides to the correct length/height to form a pocket.
2. You will likely need to sew up that middle seam in the wide end front a bit, to close it up.
3. Flip the top over the this pocket, and cut off the excess tie. Sew up your seams
4. Either use velcro dots to close, or add a snap to close.
5. Sew a clip onto the top or a top edge so you can clip it onto your purse straps, a pant belt loop etc.
Embellish with whatever makes you smile.

Second version:
1. Fold the widest end of tie up as far as required to create the pocket for your specific phone.
2. Flip over the other end of the tie down until you have the correct amount of fabric to cover and close it properly.
3. Cut the tie at the right length, sew the seams to create your pocket, and lid cover
4. Add a snap or velcro to the ends as a quick method to keep it closed.
5. Embellish to your hearts content and you could add a length of cord -sewn tightly onto each top end, so you could wear this around your neck.

Sure hope this makes sense to you. Have the tie and cell phone in your hand and do the steps with them as you read along, it may help clarify.
Best of luck. You can do this!

Question: Making a Necktie Christmas Wreath

Did you remove the lining? And how long is the tie in the front, from the outer metal ring?

By Joann from Minoa, NY


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Crafts Using Men's Neckties

I am trying to find photos of a rug or quilt made from men's old ties. Will someone mail me a photo and an instruction book? I'm 77 and need a post retirement project. Thanks.


RE: Crafts Using Men's Neckties

There are probably all sorts of different styles but here is how one quilt was made with ties:

For inspiration there is a photo group at flicker where everything is made with ties. Just click on the particular "tag", like quilt or rug.

This blog is all about things made from ties:

Good Luck on your project! (12/17/2008)

By Kaelle

Archive: Crafts Using Men's Neckties

I need patterns to reuse or re-purpose neckties. Thanks.

By C.L.

RE: Crafts Using Men's Neckties

I have a an 8 page booklet of "Create a Tie Doll" and also a one page leaflet to make a pet "snake". If you are interested, let me know and I can scan and send via email. Thanks.

Elaine aka myantoo (04/09/2009)

By myantoo

RE: Crafts Using Men's Neckties

I just read about men's silk neckties. If they have an interesting pattern on them you can use them to dye your Easter eggs. They said to wrap your egg in the tie using rubber bands and let them sit in boiling water that has 1 Tablespoon white vinegar added for 20 minutes. This is of course if you can't find any uses for the ties. (04/10/2009)

By castleberrycc

RE: Crafts Using Men's Neckties

I read somewhere that you could take old silk ties, rip out the seams, iron the tie flat, then piece with another tie prepared the same way and stitch together. Continue the process until you have a nice quilt top or wall hanging. (04/10/2009)

By Dibbs

RE: Crafts Using Men's Neckties

Make a vest out of them. Take your vest pattern, cut it out of polycotton or interfacing, etc. Fabric shop can help with ideas. Then take pieces of the ties and over lay like quilting, many ways to finish them. I have some beautiful vests done with little pieces of special fabrics. Lining should be a plain polyester that can give structure. (04/13/2009)

By TandT Grandma

Archive: Crafts Using Neck Ties

Craft tips using old neck ties from the ThriftyFun community. Just a caution for all those gorgeous and lovely ties, be sure whatever you make uses ties with the same washing instructions.


Archive: Crafts Using Neck Ties

Does anyone have any craft ideas and instructions for reusing or recycling silk ties?

By sumarks from Minneapolis, MN

RE: Crafts Using Neck Ties

Make skirts with them. (12/24/2009)

By kffrmw88

Archive: Crafts Using Neck Ties

I am looking for uses for men's ties.

By Janet from Indianapolis, IN

RE: Crafts Using Neck Ties

Wow! I was about to post this neat craft I found before I saw your question. (I was searching for a craft question about Valentine's boxes that I saw a few days ago). Anyway, here's a really pretty bag you can make, called a Neck Tie School Bag (it looks like a clutch purse) at (I'm a member there, and it's great! There is a growing supply of crafts there!)

God bless you and Happy Valentine's Day! (02/08/2010)

By Erin813

RE: Crafts Using Neck Ties

RE: Crafts Using Neck Ties

I've done dyeing the Easter eggs using silk ties. Wrap the egg(s) in silk tie using rubber bands. Boil eggs for hard boiled eggs. The pattern on the tie will be on the egg. And I found that each tie will make 10 eggs. Also, you could make a skirt or a quilt out of ties. (02/14/2010)

By castleberrycc

RE: Crafts Using Neck Ties

I used to have a book called Daddy's Ties that had a ton of ideas and instructions. Hope you can still find it! (02/15/2010)

By elle1972

RE: Crafts Using Neck Ties

Here's a cute heart pin made from neckties. I would wear it all year long, not just for Valentine's Day. Good luck! (02/15/2010)

By Momof1

RE: Crafts Using Neck Ties

Here is a neck tie wreath that was posted a couple of years ago and I absolutely love the idea! (02/15/2010)

By Deeli

Archive: Crafts Using Men's Neckties

I am looking for ideas with using neckties. Making angels, etc.