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Making Bra Straps Shorter

Making Bra Straps Shorter

Often you can find a bra that fits well, except the straps are too long. This is a guide about making bra straps shorter.



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Question: Making Bra Straps Shorter

I need to modify some of my bra's because I have a short body and full bust. The problem is wearing strappy tops and other sleeveless type tops with my bra's. I cant stop the bra straps from falling out. Even when I hunch my shoulders they are barely tight but I cant move around with my shoulders hunched all the time.

I want to shorten the bra straps as I cannot shorten them enough by adjusting them normally they are of the thin type and elastic but not elastic enough. If anyone knows a good method for doing this I would appreciate it thanks.


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By Pat 1 13 09/16/2004

Try making an S shape with a bit of the strap that doesn't lie on your shoulders (otherwise it would be uncomfortable) and stitching it down firmly at each side of the "captured" strap.

I have used this method to shorten shopping bag handles and it works fine, so might be a solution for your problem.

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By Carol Smith 5 36 09/16/2004

What I do is cut off the excess length and restitch the ends together.

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By jkb113 (Guest Post) 12/03/2008

Have you seen the new Bra Barrette? It's the only functional solution to straps falling down and actually meant to be worn as a fashion accessory for tanks, camisoles, bathing suits and evening wear. The plain clear version is designed to be worn under clothes and is very discreet. Check them out at very inexpensive too!

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